Useful links

On this page you can find any important addresses and links in case that you need any help.

Power Soccer – The official Power Soccer Site.
PowerSoccer rules – Here you can find the rules for Power Soccer
PS Youtube channel – Our youtube channel, where PSE and PS Crew upload videos for you
Admin Application form – The general application form for all roles.
PowerSoccerGoodies – A site where users share and create badges
PSstereo – A radio for PS users from PS users
PS al Instante – The spanish PS News site, like PSE but in spanish. – The PSE e-mail, in case you need to contact us about anything regarding PSE. – In case you have questions or problems with payments, purchases or your packages, you can contact our payment service over this email adress – For all questions about your account, bans and suspension or to report admins you need to send an email to this address – If you have to report a user and can’t find an admin online please send an email to this address with proofs attached.


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