The Team Behind The Scene

Here is a list of all the PowerSoccer Extra RA Team and former RAs too.

I started to play Power Soccer since March 2009 and stuck to it. One year later in February 2010, I joined the admin team as a Chat Admin. After that, I started to get interested in one role after the other and in February 2011 I was CFLRA. In March 2011, I got my promotion to be FMA. I received the request to switch the teams and take over PSE and PSI and to build up the sites again. So I accepted and am RMA since September 2012. What I like about being a RA and RMA is that there is a big variety of articles. Even if you have only one topic, everyone would write it differntly and that is what brings enjoyment. Also the fact that a lot of creativity is needed, in order to survive as RA for a long time, makes this job interesting.
They call me washy, washa, washe, wash and even slacker. I like those names ^^. I started playing this game since December 2006! Became a RA in 2008. Then took a long break and came back to this game, only to find my self tangled with 3 admin roles, Chat Admin, Forum Admin and Reporter Editor – CFRA Editor. Mr. No lifer… I know, but hey it is fun! The best thing about me and possibly the funniest thing is that it took me just over 6 and a half years to reach level 99. Making me the record holder of the slowest ever 99er in PS!
 Hi, I’m nev72 (real name Sean Nevin) and I’m a 16 year old from Cardiff, the capital of Wales (the one next to England.) I’ve been playing Power Soccer since the 5th September 2008, nearly 5 years now, and I’m currently an FRA Editor. In my real life, I am a season ticket holder at Cardiff City who were promoted to the Premier League last season! I currently play in a 5 a side team with my mates where I play either in defence or in goal. Aside from football, I regularly attend stand up comedy gigs and I’m an aspiring Sports Journalist. I still haven’t reached anywhere near level 99 so it looks like I’ll be hanging around for a while yet!
Hi! I’m teachersgang, 14 , and I have been a proud RA since 25/4/13. I have been in this game for five years. My task as RA is to write articles for the community. Through my articles, I hope to spread a message and information to all readers. Outside the game, I love playing football in my free time and also writing. Being an RA is really fulfilling!
My name is Ellis Jo Patterson, and I am an RA as of 12/06/13. I have played Power Soccer for just over 6 years, on an account I have now forgotten. I believe I was around 9 years old when I signed up, finding this game through I work as an RA to help out the PS Community by informing them about the latest news on PSE, along with writing some nice articles for you guys to enjoy.It is a demanding job, don’t get me wrong, but in the end it’s worth it. I work with a great team of RA’s who are helpful but are also able to have an interesting chat with now and again.

Want to be part of this wonderful team?

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