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World Cup Interview with PS users (Part 1)



It’s 6 days to the 2014 World Cup! It’s finally here after a long wait, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, there is a growing debate as to which team will win the World Cup title which will be held in Brazil in just a few days’ time. I managed to spend some time and have a quick interview with a few experienced users in Power Soccer regarding their view on the upcoming tournament. Credits to them for giving swift but constructive replies, and here we go:

 washeka –MA

Q: Which team do you support for the World Cup next week?

A: Well, I hate to say it but I am not that much of a big football fan as a stereotypical Englishman as I used to be, after Ronaldo left Man United, I kinda stopped watching football as a whole. But If I had to choose on the international stage, England definitely, otherwise I would be betraying my country 😛

Q: England must be proud of you 😛  So, do you fancy them winning the world cup this year? Do you rate them as the ‘underdogs’? Or are they considered as a genuine title contender?

A: Well, I think many England fans will agree when I say that we didn’t have the best times in World Cups in the recent ones at least, I don’t really expect them to be top four, maybe top eight, as I said, I haven’t really been following football, so all of this might be totally wrong. But with teams as strong as Brazil and Spain, I don’t think England has a chance, therefore I will class them as Underdogs 😛

Q: Fair answer. Are you expecting an outstanding performance from any individual player throughout the tournament?

A: Well, I think there are a fair few individuals to look out for, Robin van Persie, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q: Alright, last question for you, which English player do you like the most, and what’s the reason?

A: To be honest, I think Rooney is underrated at times but quite inconsistent, he isn’t what he used to be but still can surprise us, that’s why I would have to go with him.

 play42 -MA

Q: Bonjour play, who do you support in the World Cup?

A: I support France of course.

Q: Cool, why do you support France?

A: Cause I’m french ^^

Q: Ahh I see. Which player do you like the most?

A: I like the young players in the French team: Raphael Varane, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann etc. They are the future of French football. Generally, I like Messi very much, he’s an artist!

Q: Do you think they can win the World Cup this year?

A: No, it’s a young team you know… I just hope they will play well and do not repeat what happened in South Africa… I think they can reach second part of the competition, but it’s hard for them to even reach the quarter-final. Anyway it’s just my opinion, and if I’m wrong then I will be very surprised.

Q: Your thoughts on the potential title contenders?

A: Difficult question… I see Brazil as they’re playing at home, but there are also Germany, Uruguay, Argentina… I don’t think Spain can win again. My outsiders are Belgium, Croatia, Portugal and France 🙂

gamer009 –CA

Q: So, who do you support for the World Cup this year?

A: Since my country Turkey has been not qualified, I am supporting Spain once again. 🙂

Q:  Alright, personally do you think they will be able to defend the World Cup title?

A: Humm, it’s a bit hard to imagine it, since there are very good teams like Brazil who are playing in their own country, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay etc.. But why not, everything is possible.

yop123456 – club member

Q: Who do you support for the upcoming tournament next week?

A: I am from Serbia and since neither Serbia or Canada made it to the World Cup finals, I will be supporting Chile, Greece and also Japan.

Q: Wow, that’s an odd choice. Do you agree that they are they are the ‘underdogs’ of the tournament?

A: Yes, they are ‘underdogs’. But i find it to be more fun if they go far or even win the World Cup. The obvious favorites are Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Portugal.

Q: Right, which of the star players you think will stand out from the rest during the World Cup?

A: Ronaldo, Messi, Shinji Kagawa, Georgios Samaras, Luka Modric, Edin Dzeko, Arturo Vidal, Neymar, Luis Nani, Rooney, Iniesta, Xavi, Suarez are all examples of spectacular players that will participate in the World Cup. But, winning the tournament is a team effort, individuals can’t do it alone.

It will only get more interesting to debate and discuss about the upcoming World Cup isn’t it. In my opinion, I view Brazil (with home advantage), Germany, Spain and not forgetting the superb Belgium who have shown marked improvements as a whole as the potential title contenders. But the question remains unanswered, who will win the World Cup 2014? Only time will tell. 



To conclude this interview, this is the official song for World Cup 2014 for those who are not aware of it. Stay tuned for Part II and enjoy the song!



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World Cup 2014 – Brazil’s squad

Brazilian manager Luiz Felipe Scolari was among the first of national managers to announce his final squad for the World Cup to be held at home ground in about a month’s time. He has made a few clever selections, but dropped several players to stir controversy as well. After all, FIFA limits the number of players in a squad to 23, so obviously harsh choices have to be made.

Scolari picked three goalkeepers in the squad, including possible first-choice Julio Cesar, Botafogo’s Jefferson and Atletico Mineiro’s Victor. He has opted to drop Fluminense’s Diego Cavalieri, although Cesar would most likely be the first-choice goalkeeper due to his vast experience playing at the top level.

In defence, Scolari has opted for experience over youth. His youngest defender is David Luiz, at 26. Luiz is likely to be paired up with captain Thiago Silva in defence, flanked by Marcelo and Dani Alves, both of whom are extremely offensive-minded. Their deputies will be Maxwell, Russ Henrique and Dante. Among those dropped are the young defensive prospect Marquinhos, Rafinha, Dede, Marcos Rocha, Rever and Atletico Madrid’s Filipe Luis.

Three Chelsea midfielders have been picked for the squad, they are Ramires, Oscar and Willian. Paulinho, Hernanes, Fernandinho and Luiz Gustavo have also been picked to provide cover in central midfield and speedy Bernard down the wing will definitely provide a threat to opponents.

Brazil’s talisman Neymar has also been included, as are his striker partners Fred, Jo and Hulk. Neymar has an incredible scoring record for Brazil, at the age of just 22, he has scored 30 goals while amassing 47 caps. Fred, too, has a decent scoring rate, scoring 16 times in 31 internationals.

Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho and Lucas Leiva have been surprisingly dropped despite being key men in Liverpool’s charge towards a second place position in the English Premier League this season. Coutinho has fallen behind Oscar and Willian in the pecking order and was thus dropped. Lucas was injured for the earlier half of the season and Scolari probably did not see the point of picking a sixth central or defensive midfielder.

Ronaldinho and Kaka have been denied chances to win World Cup glory this year, as they have been dropped despite their illustrious careers seeing both players win Ballon d’Ors. Lucas Moura, Alexandre Pato and Fernando have been dropped despite having their careers ahead of them. Robinho has been dropped after unconvincing form. Despite being picked for the Confederations Cup last year, Jadson and Leandro Damiao have too been dropped.

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