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August 2013 – Monthly Recap

Hey everyone and welcome to the monthly recap PSE article. Here you will be able to know what happened in the last month in Power Soccer, so keep reading!


New Administrators

Chat Admins (CA): topaz97 (United States), skilly_bully (India), robbie.o. (Germany) and lokmen05 (Poland).

Forum Admins (FA): hubalczyk (Poland).

Reporters (RA): razor-edge (Argentina) and naruto_ball_irc (Colombia).

Two former MAs returned as CAs: lokmen05 y robbie.o. Also, hubalczyk, the Polish admin has become a CFA. Also we were able to see naruto_ball_irc’s (former CA and FA) return.


Teams [As of August]

The Romanian user love.session became inactive and, therefore, disappeared from the individual ranking. welcome_qx_xp_joker_star_, who had been in the first position about a year ago, did a very good job and returned to that spot. The Brazilian rulesborn_ occupies the second position with ten RPs less than him, so things can change at any time. As regards -blazingstar- of Germany, he maintained his position since last month after being very active, especially in clan cups. Finally, e_pic and biggy0003 are battling again and will surely be trying to get to the top spot.

Here you can see the best users in the tournament’s ranking:



In Power Soccer’s history there has never been a clan that remained for a year or more in the first position. Many users thought Alexander the Great would break that record, but no, they did not. Although that now we can see them above in the Top 10, in the middle of August they were surpassed by World of Brothers, who currently occupy the last place on the podium. † Tricolor Heroes †™, one of the newest members of the prestigious Clan League, are located in the second place. Skenderbeg has been hovering in Top 10’s last places in this thirty day period, therefore we can say that, despite being a powerful clan, they are not as good as before. DiRtY SoUtH had a month of low activity and that is the reason for their current position in the ranking. It is remarkable robines’ return to “the list” and the appearance of soccersouth, a clan formed by a legion of new players which will undoubtedly give plenty to talk about.


What is new in Power Soccer?

Important news:

Clan league’s second season has begun: this great competition has already kicked off. Note that this time the league will last only three weeks, which means that there will be two cups per week. Visit the Clans League’s page and find out when your clan will play!

Summer Trophy 2013 has finished: Romanian user elvispresley77 beat reprezentant_polski in the final round of this exciting tournament that had over 11,000 participants. He received a club membership for a length of six months.

99 Cup: the contest has been extended: as from now, the best ten users in each 99 Cup will be given points and a list with them will be made. The first three of that list, at the end of the year, will receive impressive prizes that you cannot get at store.

PSI/PSE – Contest [Important]: Crew together with PSI and PSE people have organized a contest for people to have fun in it and win prizes. Get to know everything about this topic by reading the PSE articles about this: Part I, Part II and Part III.

Forum Champion Award – Rebirthed: HFMA jefco decided to bring this contest up again. Each three months some forumers will be nominated, and the winner (chosen by the people) will get 1000 tickets and a special cup or tournament in his name.

This has been the monthly recap. We have gone through the major events of August, I hope you enjoyed the article. See you next time!

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Clan league Weekly Recap: Season 1 – GW3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Clan League Weekly Recap series, where every week, we update you on all the newest, and most exciting CL news. Two heart-stopping weeks have left us on a mind-blowing cliff hanger. The competition is tight, all teams making a great effort, striving to reach the peak of the table in their division, but only one clan per division will do that (plus the runners up), consequently causing the first edition of the Clan League to be took to the extreme.

Get the latest Clan League news!

Official Twitter: @ psclanleague
Facebook: Power Soccer

A drum-roll would be preferable right now, but as there is none, then I guess we’d better get on with re-capping the last game week!

Season 1 – GW3

World Classic 2 – 32 ATG

Skenderbeg 40 – 16 Fratelli Italiani

Chelsea -Fc – 1-58 DiRtY SoUtH

TVST 22-0 moon star

Rota Mortal 42-15 We A®e Legend!™

World of Brothers 15-18 Just Do It

! Polish Team ! vs Leave Us Alone™  (Leave Us Alone won via W/O)

robines 23-35 ╬ẴLIAЛZA►▼◄LAŤIЛA╬™

Misfits 21-11 La Selecc10n Argentina

PL = Played Matches; PTS = points.

Halfway through the clan league, each division is still up for grabs, any clan could win it! It seems that the majority of clans have gotten themselves above the relegation zones with wins, while for some, there is plenty of work left to do. Once again, I’d like to point out that we are halfway through the clan league already, so it would only be fair to mention the leading clans at the halfway stage. They are Skenderbeg, Rota Mortal and ╬ẴLIAЛZA►▼◄LAŤIЛA╬™. So far, these three clans have been dominant, none of them losing a single match so far in the league. Will they be able to continue their winning ways, or will the pressure of dominance get to them?

Q = Quantity (Of MVP’s)

We are now entering the heated stages of the competition, all the clans will surely be feeling the pressure, as will they be attempting to strive to victory. Next week, titans will clash as the top two teams from division 1, and the two top teams from division 3, go head to head, in matches which may possibly be decisive in who the victor will be. I just can’t wait a second longer to find out who will prosper!

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Clan league Weekly Recap: Season 1 – GW2

Hey guys, welcome to the 2nd ever edition of the CL Weekly Recap. As you can tell by the title, this article will be focusing on the 2nd game week of the clan league, where we are currently in season one.

Get the latest Clan League news!

Official Twitter: @ psclanleague
Facebook: Power Soccer

So, without further a-do, lets get on to recapping the last game week!

Season 1 – GW 2

Skenderbeg vs Chelsea -Fc-  (Skenderbeg win via W/O)

DiRtY SoUtH 25-25 Bharat Legends 

Fratelli Italiani vs World Classic (Fratelli Italiani win via W/O)

We Are Legend! vs Eh (Eh win via W/O)

Just Do It 14-44 TVST

Rota Mortal 52-7 World Of Brothers

! Polish Team ! 3-30 robines

Leave us Alone™  26-8 ™Retired™ 

╬ẴLIAЛZA►▼◄LAŤIЛA╬™ 29-29 Misfits

PL = Played Matches; PTS = points.

So, after the second game week, tables show that each division is still extremely tight. The current leaders are Skenderbeg, Rota Mortal and robines, though nobody knows who will prosper and end up victorious when all is said and done. Notably, the highest win of the week was the astonishing scoreline of 52-7 that Rota Mortal achieved against World Of Brothers, though this doesn’t at all mean that WBWB are out of the competition, as the unpredictable nature of the Clan League insists.

Q = Quantity (Of MVP’s)

So, after another successful and exciting week of the Clan League, we are all left anticipating the obvious. What will happen next, who will prosper, will we be able to choose a clear winner? We’ll have to endure an anxious wait, as next week ponders. What do you think will happen, and what do you make of this weeks results? That’s all chaps! Check back here next week for another update! Ciao.

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Clan league Weekly Recap: Season 1 – GW1

Hey guys, welcome to the beginning of a series of articles which, as you may be able to see by the title, will be focusing on the all-new ‘Clan League’. Each week, PSE will be delivering you news of teams, scores and standings, so be sure to visit here every week for more info!

Below, there is an FAQ to what the clan league is all about. If you think you know all this information, read on and see if there’s anything new to you. This FAQ is only exclusive for this first article of the series, the next few won’t contain these.


What is Clan League?

The Clan League is a new league system for clans presented by Crew some weeks ago. It consists of three divisions with seven clans in each and has got a promotion and relegation system. Even though this season will last seven weeks, usually its duration will be of four  weeks and the last week of every month will be taken as an off-season, in where clans will be able to rest and prepare themselves for the next one. To find out more go to the Clan League Page.

What clans can participate in it?

There was a registration period and this will be held again before each new season. The top 21 ranked clans were chosen who qualified and registered for this league tournament. If you want to register your clan you will have to wait for the next season and register then as the first season is already underway.

How do we play against other clans in the league?

Through cups,they are always between two clans. The ideal quantity of players for each one is five, although the number can increase if users want to or decrease to 2v2 . If you show up with less than five players, there will be some consequences, you will lose 2 cup points from overall score for every missing member.

When do we play these cups?

It is best to play your cups at the scheduled time, though you can play them before the scheduled time, any day on that specific game week, as long as you call a game host to the cup and both clans agree.

Who are responsible for making this Clan League?

The Crew along with game hosts who helped make the league. The game hosts are:

1st division GHs: eefjo (Holland), washeka (England), landa02 (Argentina).

2nd division GHs: marci-fcm (Germany), nev72 (Wales), bennaidu (Malaysia).

3rd division GHs: camiventa (Uruguay), norwegian (Norway), skylimit-is-back (Romania).

You can also learn more and know more about the rules in the Clan league rules thread made by Pow here.

Get the latest Clan League news!

Official Twitter: @ psclanleague
Facebook: Power Soccer

So let’s recap on what happened last week in the league!

Season 1 – GW 1

Alexander the Great 51 – 6 Chelsea -Fc –
Skenderbeg 41 – 17 DiRtY SoUtH
Bharat Legends 21 – 33 Fratelli Italiani

moon star 7 – 19 Rota Mortal
World of Brothers 17 – 50 We A®e Legend!™
Eh 24 – 33 Just Do It ®

La Selecc10n Argentina 20 – 11 ! Polish Team !
robines 20 – 5 Leave Us Alone™
™Retired™ 9 – 63 ╬ẴLIAЛZA►▼◄LAŤIЛA╬™

PL = Played Matches; PTS = points.

As only one gameweek has been played, we can find in the three divisions three clans tied in first place, and three in the last one. The most notable fact is Alexander the Great‘s overwhelming victory against powerful Chelsea-Fc in the the competition’s first cup. Also it is necessary to emphasize ẴLIAЛZA ► ▼ ◄ ╬ ╬ ™ LAŤIЛA ‘s great victory. At the beginning they had lost the first two matches but later were able to give their best and accomplish a final score of 63-9. Beyond that, nowadays there is not much to say as there is not a clear leader yet, not even in one division – We just have to wait and find out which clan can hold it till the end.

Q = quantity (of MVPs).

So, it looks like the league is going well so far, each division is quite tight at the top and bottom, so we will have to wait and see what next week has in store for us! A question to finish off, who do you think will win the most MVPs? and what are your predictions for each division? Let us know in the thread in GD forums!



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What did I miss?

Hello again guys! Yes, it is a interesting title this one, isn’t it? Well, this article I thought i would write, to recap what has been happening around Power Soccer recently. It may not cover all of everything, but I will try to cover as much as I can. So let’s get started on “What did I miss?”

Contests with Prizes on the line:

  • Funniest Goal Contest – Held by me and Dad65, entries being judged and winners will be announced later.
  • Goal Of The Month – girl8888 wins the Februrary contest with an amazing overhead kick, March contest is being judged right now and the contest for April is on right now and you can enter your goal here.
  • PSG are holding 2 contests, “Most Active User” and “Best Badge ratings”. The contest starts from April and you can get more information in this thread.
  • PS – World Cup 1st Edition – Contest is unfortunately over now, it was a tough contest, and yes even I participated :P. The winner in the end was skilly_bully beating gamer009 7-2 in a 0.4+ ping game. For 3rd place, bennaidu will play against jennifer.lopez, find out more here.
  • skilly_bully is on a CM giveaway frenzy, with holding his own contests in the offside section. The first contest is about Predicting which team will win the match in IPL (Indian Premiere League – Cricket). The second contest is a Quiz about PS and General Knowledge.
  • 3 Months CM Contest – Amontiliadito is still waiting for more entries and the prize is something the hard work is surely worth for! All you have to do is just write a short essay about your town and include some pictures.

Other things you might have missed:

  • After the success of Ireland Cup event, ATG winning it with their 4 star players and -blazingstar- with the MVP. RPA (Romanian Poison Angels) have decided to celebrate their 3 years of activity and hold a similar clan cup event this Sunday 6PM CET. 15 day market player and few hundred tickets up for grabs for the winner clan and additonal 1 motnh CM for the cup MVP!
  • Easter Classic Tournament! – Yes, the Easter Classic tournament is back on and under way! Previously it was cancelled due to too few participants. The winner will get “Colin Wakefield” for 2 months, 300xp and 30 tokens!!! Not only that, the winner also gets a chance to play a match with PS Producer Powdersnow, and if they win the match, they will win 3 months CM!!!

A quote from Powdersnow after he reads that: “I´m still here, still former number one. That means I used to be the best, you hear. And I can take any of you, anywhere, anytime (of 2009). You have no chance with a superior PS player like me, I will show you what this game is all about. You call yourself a PS player? Prove it!”

~ washeka (RA Editor)


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