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Monthly Recap – March 2014

Hey guys! It’s me once again for another Monthly Recap, so let’s look back at what happened in March this year.


It was an amazing month for various users in terms of achievements, as many achieved milestones never or rarely reached before.

CFA: nev72

CLA: lewpiotr

FA: difranc

LRA: nicolito909

100000 Cup Points: Alexander the Great

15000 posts: someb0dy

10000 posts: haifisch87

7000 posts: marci-fcm

5000 posts: zy.

3000 posts: dxdj2

1000 posts:, chocolate_10

500 posts: jerseybaby

99er: -.number88.-, xphoenix


Happy birthday to all who celebrated theirs in March!

3: pmystic60, ecuador92

5: gordonst4

6: scorcherbg

8: sir.alex.ferguson, la_vinotinto007, acidman123

9: syetro, Italyl

10: nousnous

12: gaziantepbld

13: gamer009

17: pravin17

18: keston3

21: gaziantep27, kinkazma

25 varadarajankrishna

27: yashnaruto


  1. Maniek6941
  2. Polishplayer71
  3. Leonardogarrido9
  4. Ramot
  5. Rick24
  6. Kodaky

User Rankings

  1. _aleksandra_
  2. Atmosphere.
  3. Mellowdrone
  4. Xolt
  5. Ali711
  6. Rob.zombie
  7. Rafalbe
  8. Ian.vinicius
  9. Jerseybaby
  10. deerulz

We have a new number one, _aleksandra_ had been a constant face in the top ten, but finally this month, he has taken the helm.

Country Rankings

  1. Brazil
  2. Poland
  3. United States
  4. Romania
  5. India
  6. Turkey
  7. Argentina
  8. Italy
  9. Colombia
  10. France

Clan Rankings

  1. Chelsea –Fc –
  2. Robines
  3. LKS ZUL
  4. Bharat Legends
  6. DiRtY SoUtH
  7. Alexander the Great
  9. Dream Golden
  10. Olympic Gods

FIFA Country Rankings

  1. Spain (-)
  2. Germany (-)
  3. Argentina (-)
  4. Portugal (-)
  5. Colombia (-)
  6. Uruguay (+1)
  7. Switzerland (-1)
  8. Italy (-)
  9. Brazil (-)
  10. Belgium (+1)
  11. Netherlands (-1)
  12. England (+3)
  13. Greece (-1)
  14. USA (-1)
  15. Chile (-1)

PS News

Cup fees/rewards balanced

Club members can now create and join cups for free, while non-Club members need to pay 75 tickets. The prize for winning a cup has been reduced from 150 to 100 tickets.

Gifting returns

It is now possible again to hold your own prized competitions, as the crew has brought back the highly-popular gifting system. Users can gift Club Membership, Skill Packages and the 3 Day Pass.

Olympic Relay ends

Leonardogarrido9 and atmosphere. won the Olympic Relay in style by raking up 4285 points, with both of them ranked third and fourth in the user rankings. They win themselves 6 months of the Club Membership package, and if that is not enough, the Skill Package lasting just as long. Coming in second is kodaky and -ar-, ranked 8th and 10th in the world. They win 3 months of both packages.

Goal of the month February

Nicolito99 beat off competition from 101 other highlights to win the Goal of the Month of February 2014 competition. This is the comment from the jury.

The midfielder passes the ball to the striker who makes a wonderful fake to avoid the defender and be face to face with the goalkeeper. The action ends with a powerful shot under the top left corner of the goal. Great action.

That’s all for March. What’s in store for us in April?

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Weekly Recap

Welcome to the final weekly recap of the year!


Congratulations to the following users for their achievements this past week.

CA: snuggie

Power Soccer News

New Year Cups:

With 2012 approaching rapidly, cups to celebrate the new year have been announced.

  • Saturday 31st – 4pm CET (Find your local start time here)
  • Sunday 1st, 2012 – 7pm CET (Find your local start time here)
  • Monday 02nd, 2012 – 7pm CET (Find your local start time here)
 Also, the 1st 4 users to past a new year greeting in the following thread in 2012 (CET) will win a months worth of CM: /?p=forum&sub=topic&topic_id=283517&forum_id=106733
Best of luck to all participants!

December GOTM contest:

It’s your last chance to submit your entries for this month’s GOTM contest. If you’ve scored a wonder goal this month and you have it in your highlights section then submit it in the following thread:


PSE Christmas Contest:

It is also your last chance to enter our Christmas contest. If you haven’t entered already then be sure to check it out, you never know, you could win. You have until December 31st though so you have to be quick!

View this thread for all the details:



We want to wish the following users a happy birthday:

  • 24th – selbstzerstörung
  • 25th – 7dayz.; doublea1200; neamtzu
  • 26th – 11_sercan_11
  • 27th – kecker
  • 29th – alex-1990; jamalaka

Happy birthday to you all!

If your birthday is not in the Birthday list of the community thread, you can add it at the following thread and you’ll get a nice shout out on your birthday :)


World Rankings

The following statistics are correct at 19:42pm BST.

Team Rating
1 bennaidu 2303
2 dugganduryea 2246
3 fitao. 2180
4 lol18 2177
5 sanranas 2162
9 mancilla9 2115

Country Rankings

Country Rating
1 Brazil 163534
2 United States 156865
3 Poland 155936
4 Mexico 144989
5 Italy 144195
6 Argentina 139905
7 Romania 132901
8 India 132812
9 France 132598
10 Turkey 131789

Clan Rankings

# Clan Rank points
1 robines 5773985
2 RUSSIA2018 4066920
3 Skenderbeg 3428832
4 Fratelli Italiani 3050045
5 Extreme Force 3008403
7 Alexander the Great 2802816
8 Rota Mortal 2728019
9 The Brotherhood 2469528
10 Sons of Anarchy 2065647

That’s it for the last recap of 2011. All of us at PSE wish you a happy new year and all the best in 2012.

nev72 (RA)

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SOTWB Weekly Recap (November 2011)

After a month off, I am back with another SOTWB recap! There has been a huge amount of  changes and action in the board so please read on!

Before we tell you about the changes, we have news of Coilz entitled “Gone.” In this emotional thread, Coilz says goodbye to the game that he’d been a fond member of for 3 years. He left tributes to his best friends in PS and and he also talks about the lessons the game has taught him and why PS has the best community on the internet. The board were unanimous in giving this thread a star and the board said he left with a bang and it was a quality thread. Coliz will be missed in the forums.

Unfortunately, the board lost 4 members this month: TheMonsterKing, born-to-try, Skryllex and Desmondnew2. TMK and BTT chose to resign from the board, Desmond and Skryllex became CA’s so they were no longer able to stay on the board.  Because of BTT’s resignation as VP, we needed a new VP and gunmasterg9 was chosen to become the new VP.

We have also welcomed revengers123 to the team.

Finally, we have the results from last month’s riddle contest from board member Karunmalik:

1) 2 seconds ( accurate)
2) 231 handshakes

Winner: no one….

Two more riddles:-

1) If 5 flies can catch 5 spiders in 5 mins. how many flies can hundred spiders catch in 100 minutes?

2) A family has several children . Each boy in the family has as many sisters as brothers both, each girl has twice as many brother as sisters. How many brothers & sisters are there in the family?

a) 3 brothers,4 sisters
b)4 brothers,4 sisters
c)4 brothers,3 sisters
d)cannot be determined

That is all for this month, we look forward to the last recap of 2011 next month!

nev72 (RA and SOTWB Member)

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Weekly Recap

Welcome to this week’s weekly recap!


This is where we look at YOUR achievements over the last 7 days in PS!

CA- Skyrellex

FA- Bladesman1

RA- nev72

99ers- Def1, Norwegian

10,500 Posts- Dainsanefh

2,500 Posts- Bennaidu,  Themonsterking

1,500 Forum Posts- psplayer4

Congratulations to you all for your achievements!

Power Soccer News:

GOTM is back!

The goal of the month contest is back with new features  and of course prizes!  One of the new features is the highlight compilation which will be posted on Youtube at the end of the month!

The best goal, as picked by a board of XA’s, will receive an  item from the store so good luck!

Check out This thread for more info: /?p=forum&sub=topics&forum_id=4

99er Cup #30!

The 99er cup is back for its 30th edition. The last 29 editions have thrown up some phenomenal competition and there is also the small matter of the rarest prize in PS, the “Champions Mark Tattoo.” If you are a 99er, it is a great chance for you to play users of the same level and for the many of us that are not,(ahem….) it is a perfect chance to watch some of PS’ most iconic player take to the field of play.

The cup will be held on the 19th November at 8pm CET, check out the PS Homepage for more info.

Spooky Story Winners!

The ghosts and ghouls were out recently and the results of the Spooky Story Contest are now out, congratulations to andreiradan who won the contest with the story “Petition of Mercy”

The runner up sports went to the 2 Trinidadians, Lol18 and Keston 3 for their stories “The Hijack of Powersoccer” (lol) and “The Protector” (Keston). Read the stories in PSE!


We wish to wish the following users a happy birthday from the last 2 weeks.

  • 5th – redcountry; tyssia (CA)
  • 6th – fux44; kelogs_cornflaks
  • 9th – kreisliga
  • 10th – ronaldostyler9
  • 13th – parkermonster81
  • 14th – salvesh
  • 16th – supra.
If your birthday isn’t currently in the birthdays thread, you can get it added at this thread: /?p=forum&sub=topic&topic_id=262879&forum_id=9
The following Statistics are correct as of 10:06pm GMT Thurs 17th Nov.
 Top 10 users!
Top 10 clans!
# Clan Rank points
3 robines 4565814
4 XAVIER 2010 3910053
5 Nopor-GoDs 3609376
6 Extreme Force 3534280
7 ┼Sangr€ Inĸa™┼ 3406698
8 Fratelli Italiani 2939628
9 Sons of Anarchy 2788220
10 NEW BALANCE 2656962

That is the end of my 1st recap, I hope you enjoyed it and we all look forward to another action packed week of PS action!

nev72 (RA)

Do you have a suggestion for the weekly recap that you would like seen in future editions? Comments on a recap? Notice a Mistake? Drop us a line in the forum, or PM a Reporter or email We’ll reply to it A.S.A.P. Suggestions will be voted on by All Reporters.

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99, 100! Poland are there!

If you are on PSE then you will see this in a bit of red and White especially for the Polish flag because records come in all shapes and sizes. That’s not just me counting to 100 for the first time in the title. Poland have achieved a great feat for any nation, it’s believed they’re the first to do it too (shout up if you think it has been done before!). So what is this great feat I here you ask?

Well, quite simply, they have 100 players who have reached level 99!

Congratulations Poland! I don’t know about you, but for me this is a huge achievement for the Powersoccer world. They’re organised too. In the Polish forums they have a complete list of everyone who has achieved level 99! I don’t want to take away the glory of anybody so here is the list in full!

1. andrzej81dg

2. blazejtorca

3. bigkozi

4. blip_artosz1907

5. byron1982

6. _casey_

7. cezarx

8. count5

9. 1987daniel2

10. 6ded

11. darro55

12. dr.joint

13. ergo2

14. eristov1977

15. furtok(The first Polish 99er, he is now inactive)

16. geniusz_84

17. gratis_advesarius_g3

18. grzes113

19. gucio300

20. hassasinstriker

21. hunter300

22. ikar_pl

23. iwkawro

24. jadanek

25. janko-muzykant

26. jezier86

27. kano888

28. killerek71

29. _konrad_

30. kryhan85

31. krzysss8989

32. kwitek44

33. kupaburger

34. krzysss8989

35. lejte8

36. lexios

37. lokmen05

38. lucyfer08

39. macior5

40. maksimowicz

41. manieczekmc

42. marcin34142

43. mariokempes71

44. mariuszyn

45. mar44a2

46. mateusz03041996

47. mati1919

48. mati97r10

49. mattii22

50. mauser97

51. maymayek

52. mefiaczek

53. meve1

54. metal1991

55. mfedak

56. michnej14

57. misiek00001

58. mrson2

59. nasiek

60. niko2013

61. panban

62. pan_jot

63. pan_konrad

64. patmar666

65. patriko1910

66. patryk0o02

67. pawcio2009

68. pily-_-cob

69. piotr_eg_a4

70. piotrekmatuszek96

71. pltosie

72. pmart_69

73. pszczolka4

74. rafaello1115

75. rafi85awp

76. rafalbieniek1

77. ramot

78. robecho30

79. rolexanka15

80. roluczak

81. roylitergeln

82. szarak

83. szeryf84

84. shahermaher

85. shrek25

86. sir_ryszard2

87. smatt

88. supertorca

89. szopenek2

90. twojastara1

91 tur_bos

92. turbo_miazga

93. ultrashools

94. warjet

95. 1_white_eagle_1

96. wisla222222

97. wksszymciok1

98. qwqw6

99. xxxkreskaxxx

100. xmen400

 Those of you who are eagle-eyed may have spotted a couple of exceptions to the rule. Tur_bos and eristov1977 aren’t actually in Poland. Tur_bos lives in England while Eristov1977 lives in Canada. Although they don’t live in the country, they are from it and are therefore counted in the list. Another point of interest is that not all the accounts belong to separate people. Here are the people who have reached the feat not once, maybe twice, thrice and so on! (thanks again to a very well organised list from the polish forumites!)


3(ultrashools), (mar44a2), (1_white_eagle_1)

2(marcin34142), (_casey_)

2(pan_jot), (warjet)

2(mattii22), (smatt)

2(patmar666), (pmart_69)

2(pan_konrad), (_konrad_)

2(macior5), (janko-muzykant)

2(lokmen05), (count5)

2(szarak), (dr.joint)


This was only going by a forum list so although we can be sure that one of the polish users has 4 accounts at level 99 (WOW!) there may be others who are have not told the world that they are level 99. For all we know, Poland may even have more than this amount! A Polish 99er and chat admin, lokmen05, managed to catch up with the most recent Polish 99er, Maymayek.

[Chat Admin]what is the feeling when you reached level 99 and at the same time you’re 100th pole who did it?
maymayek: rather exciting
[Chat Admin] lokmen05: how long did you play to reach 99 level?
maymayek: 3 months with CM help although it wasn’t very essential, essential is possibly playing matches with other opponents regardless of level difference.
[Chat Admin] lokmen05: ok what is the best thing which you like in this game?
maymayek: Playability is sensational. Power soccer has a big playability , I guess it is even better than renowned soccer games in market . I have some reservations but they aren’t important now.
[Chat Admin] lokmen05: Good answer
[Chat Admin] lokmen05: would you like to add something more?
maymayek: improve clan cups
maymayek: Something similar like in official games
[Chat Admin] lokmen05: ok , thanks for interview and your time

In addition to this “its a nice achievement for Polish community and shows how we love this game and how we are supporting it :)” ~Lokmen05

Poland are currently ranked 4th in the top country rankings, less than 1000 points off current leaders Mexico, USA and Brazil. I wonder if they will once again reach the top spot soon and go on to even greater things as a nation. Will Gucio300 (also a CA) be able to expand on his huge record of having 4 account at level 99? Will the other players be able to join the 99er club, how many will reach this target in the future? Poland is certainly a very exciting place to be right now.

Dzięki za przeczytanie całości,
ShaPhi7 ~ RA editor


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