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What will the world be like in 50 years.

So today, while sitting at the PSE desk, I was thinking what it would be like to be sitting here 50 years from now. So, lets teleport to the future! [Yes, teleportation has been invented]. When I woke up everything was different. Even my bed was electronic. Without even moving some chain system moves me from my bed to the restroom. Still without moving a manacle arm starts the shower and puts me into it.

Well, this is a little different then I remembered. The entire morning I didn’t even move an inch. Everything was done for me by robots. And it made me feel really lazy. Since my morning did not go as planned I went outside to get some fresh air. The fresh air was not so fresh. The air has been extremely polluted from all of the woods stoves and machinery factories. The air was almost black, It was hard for me to breathe considering that I was so accustomed breathing fresh air. The trees are gone and now the air runs through pipes in the ground.

While walking around, I noticed that everything was kept very clean. The street was shimmering in the sunlight. Instead of seeing people drive, I was watching the cars drive the people to work. And most of the people were sleeping in their back seat. This is bizarre! Nothing is the same and the humans on Earth have become so lazy. We don’t even have to move to eat our breakfast in the morning because it is fed to us by robots. Back in 2014 we actually had to make our own breakfast, eat it and clean up after ourselves. Life seemed so difficult back then, But obviously they have fixed that problem. I think they went a little too far though. Even though it is easier I don’t think it is better.

While riding in the car my stomach growled. I decided it was time to check out the local convenience store. But that of course did not go according to plan. When the self driving car got to the store all I had to do is tell the machine what I wanted. Soon after I made my order the food was delivered straight to my car. I didn’t even have to move a finger to buy food. The food was really stale, I imagine that it has been processed a lot, before making its way to the store.

How can people live like this? Don’t they see that they are being taken over by robots. People have become so lazy that they invented robots to do all of their work for them. Soon, robots will be the government of the human race. They will outsmart and outlive us. And soon humans will be extinct. The robots will become so smart that human technology cannot stand up to them. Sometimes I wonder, when it is too much. How far can the human race advance in technology before we are not even considered human?

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