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you ask… ANIONIC

Not too long ago, YOU had the chance to quiz Anionic on anything you wanted. The questions have come in and now I’ve got those all-important answers right here.

Anionic is of course Master Assistant of reporters, particularly focussed on the english speaking of us. It is as position that he has had for an incredible length of time and we all take him for granted really. He does a lot of work behind the scenes, hosts/runs the contest Real World to PS goal and is a member of Marx Brothers. He recently had an accident involving broken ribs and a collarbone, cutting his activity slightly but described himself to me as “i am ill but nothing too serious”!

Going through the archives I found that Sipwell once described him as “the most visible invisible”, whilst Haifisch included him in a history of Powersoccer legends (titled Legends come, legends go) saying:

“The 25th july 07 was the day anionic joined this game. He became CA on the 13th august 07 and MA on the 26th november 07. Since then he was always been around in the game, working like a ghost behind the scenes. anionic isn’t a competitive player, not a forumer but he has other great qualities. He is known as a great thinker and writer and also he loves to joke around.”

Here are his answers to your questions then:

Do u feel overwhelmingly extra ordinary in real life coz of the success you have attained in parameter of power soccer? (from Karunmalik33)

my bubble may burst at any time and i have never expected anything from PS, i joined for some fun and i have had plenty.

Is it true you have a teddy-sheep instead of a teddy-bear? (from S0meb0dy)

i have a sheepwell i take to bed at night and generally throw it out the window as i please.

Where did you get your username from and what does it stand for? (from Landon_Donovan)

anionic is a cleaning agent which is found in alot of products, i chose it because it was at the top of the ingredients list on my screen cleaning cloths for my PC.

What are your dreams for ps in the future? (from Soccerlord1)

i have no dreams, i am an insomniac. i just hope all goes well.

Do you work well with sippy [sipwell] in your clan? (from Desmondnew2)

who is sippy, you mean the balding belgian??? we usually get on fine, well not usually but mostly however you want to put it, nice chap 🙂

Is life different being an amputee? (from Drogba921)

being an amputee has changed my life considerably, see right, not having a leg has some drawbacks…mainly painful when you don’t wear your prosthesis.

What is your favourite cheese? (from Airfix_9)

i don’t actually like cheese, only your cheesy comments and i miss you dearly. ooops maybe should have left the last part off 🙂

Who inspired you to apply for RA and then MA? (from Chatcontest)

leedomargus and kutex approached me to apply for CA so i did, i was then asked by hogweed to become CMA, i resigned because of personal reasons. i became RMA after i returned just to help ‘police’ the RAs and help polidoro76. so you could say leedo and kutex are responsible for helping me on PS and i thank them very much.

Thanks to everyone who posted questions, I hoped you enjoyed his answers. I hope to continue this series with another user in the spotlight for you, so keep a look out in the Announcements from PSE forum!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Anionic and we wish you a swift recovery!

Thanks for reading all that,

Shaphi7 ~ RFA Editor

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A little while ago I gave you the chance to forward a question to the very busy crew member, Powdersnow, who has recently become a father but still found time to open himself to a live Q&A session in the gamerooms. Of course, he has already got many achievements under his Swedish belt. He started out as a normal user but thousands of forum posts, experience points (we should remember he was Powersoccer’s 2nd ever 99er) and more than 5 years later, he is still going strong as a vital link between the crew and the users. Those of you who asked questions managed to quiz him on a huge variety of things from his dream car to his daily tasks.

So could the working class-hero who likes to spend his money on diapers and baby clothing really might have been a hippie on a beach somewhere?

His answers to your questions are below.

Hey. Very sorry for the lateness of this reply. But better late than never 🙂

Where did you get the name SURREAL from? (from Eagle-deer)

I added SUR to Real Madrid. Then I subtracted Madrid and added Malmo. I then moved from Malmö to Linköping and changed Malmo to LKPG. Finally I got tired of those four letters and changed it to Surreal Machine, which seems like a fitting name for my team 🙂

What are you daily tasks as a crew member? (from Marci-fcm)

Very much depends on what kind of work you do. I’m not a coder so I do management tasks. As a producer I try to figure out what route to take to make Power Soccer successful, and attempt to sell these ideas to my superiors. I also monitor the coders in their daily tasks, make sure things are done in the right order by the right people etc. As a former Community Manager I also do my best to see to it that the users are happy and the admins have guidance and know what to do.

How would your life have turned out if this game had never existed? (from Bennaidu)

Really, I don’t have the first clue. I might have been a hippie on a beach somewhere. Or working for some governmental agency in Sweden. Or a novelist. There are so many sides to being me.

Who is your role model? (from Desmondnew2)

Hard question. I just became a father so trying my best to BE one for the moment. I don’t think I like the idea of having role models by the way. I think everyone should try to listen to their own heart and believe in themselves. We all have the potential to do just about anything, if we’re prepared to get gritty and dirty and really go for it.

I like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. He has the personality of a wash cloth but manages to reduce the world to the very core elements, be it high philosophy or just a video game. There is something very appealing about that. I always like out-of-the-ordinary personalities, and loathe the mundane.

 How kewl do you feel in PS, on a daily basis? (from Phanrahan)

Awesome question, but a lame answer. I felt more cool when I was an admin, and still think the admins are cooler than the crew members. Back when I was admin, we once had a guy who was really, really doing his best to mess everything up. For weeks he just spammed the whole site and was abusive to the point where we had to start threatening him with going to the police. That didn’t stop him. One of the admins (I think it was tamb83) was able to figure out what his name was and where he worked, and that his place of work had a forum of its own. I created a powdersnow-account there and started one single thread: “hello X, nice forum you got here. Hope you’re doing well”. We never saw him again. That felt damn kewl.

Now I’m a guy just doing his best to get a job done. I guess that is sort of cool actually, in a working-class hero kind of way.

When are you actually going to fix the game and stop making unbalanced stuff? (from Whazze)

We need to get the revenues up first, and we’re doing that by making sure users have a lot more reason to go club. As soon as that important step is complete we will have full time coders working with the 3D game again, and making sure it becomes BETTER, rather than prettier like we’ve focused on in the past. That means making the game more balanced, but also working with lag effects, AI issues and generally getting rid of bugs. We already have a guy working with the 3D code, but on part-time basis for now. I expect us to start rolling out patches in 4-6 weeks.

Have you ever cherished a dream car (and if so, what)? (from Qwqw6)

Hmm. I used to own a Ford Puma. A quite cool car actually. I would like to own a convertible at some point in the future. Currently my dream car is one that doesn’t break every five minutes and cost you thousands of kronor that could be so much better spent on cool stuff like diapers and baby clothing.

Will the crew invent any more player items or do you have enough money to fix the bugs? (from Marci-fcm)

I’m sure we will roll out more items in the future. But I can assure you that none of them will be  more powerful than M’bo and Sahlin.

Do you think every crew member is under-rated? (from Bennaidu)

I don’t think so. I think as a group we have done a lot of mistakes in the past, and we weren’t able to fulfil the promise of this great game so far. Now we have new people in the right positions and things are going better. We should be better at customer care as well, and as we grow I’m sure we will eventually get there.

I’d like to give my huge thanks to Powdersnow, as well as those of you who asked the questions!

If you missed out this time, don’t worry because I’ll have someone else in the hotseat for you very soon! Keep an eye out in the PSE announcements forum!

Thanks for reading all that,

Shaphi7 ~ RFA Editor


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Goodbye to the league

It was announced on the 25th March that the March 2011 season of the league would be the last. I decided to ask several members how they felt about the removal of the league.

[Reporter] nev72: Hey

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: hello

[Reporter] nev72: Can I ask you a few questions for an RA article on the removal of the league

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: sure

[Reporter] nev72: When was your 1st league season?

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: hmmm, hard question 🙂

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: I would guess, January 2010

[Reporter] nev72: Ok, did you enjoy the league?

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: every single season. Each season was different, but enjoyable

[Reporter] nev72: Will you miss the league when it is removed?

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: is that the end?

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: o

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: Yes, I will  miss the league. There is something about playing the same people league in league out, that is strangely addictive.

[Reporter] nev72: Do you have any final comments on the league?

[Forum Admin] thegreatest2: The leagues were beautiful, but flawed. However, they will always have a fond place in memory.

[Reporter] nev72: ok, thanks for your time

[Reporter] nev72: Hey mate

-janu-: Hey 🙂

-janu-: How are you?

[Reporter] nev72: May I ask you a few questions on the league?

[Reporter] nev72: And I’m good thanks, and you?

-janu-: Sure, you can.

-janu-: Go Ahead

[Reporter] nev72: You won the EAE league this month, how does that feel?

-janu-: It feels good to be at No.1 spot among such good players of Asian Continent.

[Reporter] nev72: You are also the last EAE champion ever! Will you miss going head to head with Asia’s finest?

-janu-: It was a tough month for me to attain No.1 spot, But last month I got 2nd because I missed some of the matches.

-janu-: Yeah,It’s sad that we won’t be able to compete with each other in league but Crew is way smarter and If they had closed one door they will surely open several doors and will provide us with many other components to compete with each other 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: When did you start playing the league?

-janu-: I guess it was  January.

[Reporter] nev72: Have you got any final comments about the league?

-janu-: Yeah, a guy named Yorkoh appreciated me for attaining the first spot in league this month 🙂

-janu-: It really feels good when someone appreciates you.This gives you encouragement to do well and improve with time. 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: Ok, thanks for your time

[Reporter] nev72: Hey mate

[Chat Admin] evildead3: hello

[Reporter] nev72: Can I ask you a few questions about the removal of the league

[Chat Admin] evildead3: yes

[Reporter] nev72: Ok, When did you start playing the league?

[Chat Admin] evildead3: is my sixth season

[Reporter] nev72: You came 2nd in EAC this season, how did that feel?

[Chat Admin] evildead3: I’m happy and I hope to do better next season

[Reporter] nev72: EAS sorry

[Reporter] nev72: Um…. you do know that the league is being removed don’t you?

[Chat Admin] evildead3: There really is no longer a league

[Chat Admin] evildead3: I did not know

[Chat Admin] evildead3: 😦

[Reporter] nev72: Yeah, the crew announced yesterday that it was being removed

[Chat Admin] evildead3: ah sorry I did not see

[Chat Admin] evildead3: I’m sad I felt it was nice

[Reporter] nev72: Any final comments on the league?

[Chat Admin] evildead3: no

[Reporter] nev72: Ok, thanks for your time

[Reporter] nev72: hey

[Forum Admin] monoply: Hi!

[Reporter] nev72: Can I ask you a few questions about the league?

[Forum Admin] monoply: Of course. Fire away

[Reporter] nev72: Ok, firstly, when did you start playing the league?

[Forum Admin] monoply: This season was, to my best calculations, my anniversary season… that makes it a total of 13 league seasons. You’re not superstitious, I hope? 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: Nope I’m not 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: So you finished 2nd in EANW I believe. How did that feel?

[Forum Admin] monoply: Great, seeing as it’s the first time I’ve ever finished in the top two, as well as the last

[Forum Admin] monoply: And it was a hard slog – Many of my opponents are levels above me not to talk of their coaches, player editors, etc.

[Reporter] nev72: As you said, it is the last league season, what do you thing about the removal of the league?

[Forum Admin] monoply: But it wasn’t all down to me. Luck played its role. I managed to find more games than most

[Forum Admin] monoply: It’s a sad occasion – I had fun encounters with many players in the league, such as Shaphi and rolandvargas, and now they’ve ended

[Reporter] nev72: Do you have any final comments on the league?

[Forum Admin] monoply: The league could get tense near the end, and every game counted

[Forum Admin] monoply: Keep the legend of the league’s fresh in the memories, is the best I can do at the moment. 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: ok, thanks for your time

[Forum Admin] monoply: Okay, regards to all those who’ll read this in your article (which I hope will be a success) and thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself. Bye!

[Reporter] nev72: Hey mate

zaglebie-lubin: hi

[Reporter] nev72: Can I ask you a few questions about your thourghts on  the removal of the league?

zaglebie-lubin: sure

[Reporter] nev72: 1st off, congratulations on being the final EANW Pro 1 champion

zaglebie-lubin: thanks

[Reporter] nev72: Will you miss going head to head with North West Europe finest in the league

zaglebie-lubin: yes of course it really enjoyable

[Reporter] nev72: Looking back in the past now, when was your 1st league season?

zaglebie-lubin: i can’t remember

[Reporter] nev72: What was your favourite moment of the league?

zaglebie-lubin: it always a good time play league

[Reporter] nev72: Finally, have you got any final comments on the league?

zaglebie-lubin: the league should be for everyone , because they sign up but they don’t want to play, when you invite someone for a league match then he need to play if not then it is a walkover

The view from the users I interviewed was that the league was a great asset to the game but it was time to move on from it.

I am one of the most experienced league users in the community with 26 seasons under my belt (The 1st of which in January 2009). I am personally very disappointed with the decision to remove  the league but I agree with -janu- ,  there will be a lot more to replace the league system.

It will be a sad goodbye to the league and I wish to congratulate all the users who have participated in the leagues over the last few years.


nev72 (RA)


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LA’s – The unsung heroes of PS

LA’s are one of the most important members of the xA team. Without them, you would only be able to view this site in English. The LA team translate this site into:

  • Bosnian
  • German
  • Estonian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil versions)
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Greek
  • Bulgarian

The LA team are also working on translating the site into:

  • Japanese
  • Lithuanian
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Russian

However, they don’t really get the recognition they deserve. In CA, FA and RA, you can see who has done what but for LA, you’ll never know who did what part each LA did.

To find out more about the LA team, I spoke to play42, a French LA

[Reporter] nev72: What is your role in the LA team?

[Language Assistant] play42: as a translator I have to…translate^^ (joke)

[Language Assistant] play42: in fact we translate from English in our natural language everything you read on the site

[Reporter] nev72: And what is your natural language?

[Language Assistant] play42: I’m French

[Reporter] nev72: Ok. How does the LA team work?

[Language Assistant] play42: you said the real word mate: team. I will take my language for example: we are 3 French translators and we share the job to translate both the news and every word French users can read

[Reporter] nev72: How do you submit your translations?

[Language Assistant] play42: the news are on the site as they are translated. All the other words ( ie the shop items) have to be review by one of the LA who is named “reviewer”, he has to correct the mistakes before the translation goes live

[Reporter] nev72: Anyway, How long have you been an LA for?

[Language Assistant] play42: this is almost my LA birthday 🙂 I joined the team on march 2010

[Reporter] nev72: Tell me a few things I probably wouldn’t know about the LA team?

[Language Assistant] play42: well… we are the best team of Power Soccer? but everybody knows that 😀

[Reporter] nev72: Apart from the RA team 😛

[Language Assistant] play42: I just want to tell you the improvement I have since I do the job both in English and French

[Language Assistant] play42: and how much I like being an element of this community, I’m proud to give help to other users 🙂

[Reporter] nev72: Ok. Thank you for your time

[Language Assistant] play42: it was a pleasure mate 🙂

So, do you want do join the LA team? Well, if you are fluent in one of the translated languages and aged over 14 years of age, with no bans within the last 6 months?

Well apply today at the official admin application website.

nev72 (RA)


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How often in a cup do you see start  spammed in cup chat?  I think quite often, and to most cup masters and this gets really annoying,  especially when you’re aiming for a high number of participants in your cup. In this article, I will be asking why do people spam start in cup chat and what do members of our community think about it?

I’ll start with the 1st question I put to the community, what do you think about users spamming the word start in cup chat?

[Language Assistant] psplayer4: They behave like little children. I mean, if they wait one more minute, the tournament will be starting.

footballer90: Well players want to play but it gets a bit annoying when they do it over and over.

[Chat Admin] gyx: These users do not respect the rules

skiljebo_man: I don’t like it at all. Some players should learn to be patient.

[Master Assistant] badfantas: they show childlike attitude.. When someone take more than 1 minute to start any cup… they start spamming.. if they can’t wait.. or they don’t… just leave and try get another cup.. or create their own cup.

[Crew] alvcat: Our community is mainly composed of kids, being their only purpose play as much and fast as they can. I do not blame them for wishing to play this spectacular game, but they need somehow to understand that this attitude may lead to get bans and possibly a permanent suspension from the game, and I’m sure that’s not what they want. Patience is the key. They have several ways to get some fun apart from cups if they are looking for games quickly.

jefco: it comes from immature impatience.  Inability to wait. They have no patience, and expect instant gratification all the time. Most users are very young.

dalpreet07: most of the time to get attention from big players and sometimes to show something off.

[Chat Admin] luckynillis: still annoying, but sometimes understandable when a cup master is not clear about starting his cup. But still not a reason to spam the chat rooms.

[Forum Admin] alinenko: Time is money and they are trying to force the cup master to start.

My Opinion

I have to agree with the users I interviewed, it is a case of age and maturity. Also, patience is a virtue and if you want the cup to start, you should wait. It’ll start eventually. Furthermore, the more people the cup master wants, the longer it’ll take to start so read the cup title, if it is something like 64 players start then it is clear that the cup master wants 64 players so don’t spam start when there is 16 users! If this isn’t the case then politely ask the cup master how many users he/she wants and they should probably will just tell you.

The 2nd question I asked was why do users do this and what do you think of them?

[Language Assistant] psplayer4: They have no patience.

footballer90: Some people just can’t wait to play.

[Chat Admin] gyx: many are children and they do not think about the rules.

[Chat Admin] luckynillis: What I think? that they are just guys who want to play quickly, but there are more ways to do that, for example playing an official or with CM you can make your own cups.

dalpreet07: I don’t really think that much of them I think they just do it to get attention and for fun

[Forum Admin] alinenko: They either don’t know what time means or they are inpatient and immature. And I’ll go for the second one.

jefco: I have no thoughts either way.  It’s just the age/mentality they are at.

My Opinion

I think that these users do it to try to get the cup started but this does get rather annoying. I agree with alin that they are both immature and impatient and I agree with lucky that if they are impatient, there are better ways to play.

And the final and in my opinion, the  most important question, What do you think should be done about it?

[Language Assistant] psplayer4: They should be kicked automatically. Or at last there should be a “Start child kick” button to kick them. ;P I know it’s impossible but it would be nice! 😛

footballer90: The cup master should say when to start the  cup to avoid this.

[Chat Admin] gyx: need to kick him and banned for continuing.

[Forum Admin] alinenko: nothing. Ca’s can handle it

[Chat Admin] luckynillis: Uhm, there are different ways to solve it, maybe a better flood protector, a new option for the cup master to put time on, same in official cups, more information to the players in the cup about starting with which amount players, but we always will have guys who will flood in the match so we never can solve the whole issue. The best thing is that the players can do is following the rules of PS, they never will get any probs.

jefco: mmmm. I can’t see what could be done.  It’s just the way some will act.  maybe disabling the chat feature for cups…  I find it annoying. Also, perhaps cup masters need to be given a time limit to start a cup.  Like a count down clock. Everyone knows when it will start then.

My Opinion

I agree that a clock needs to be put in place to speed up the starting of cups, also, if the cup hits its maximum participation, it should start automatically. To disable cup chat completely is a bit drastic though. Also, if you got banned, it’s a stupid thing to get banned for as your reputation would be damaged from it and you would have a reduced chance of getting into the best clans and a reduced chance of becoming an admin.

Well, that’s it for my 2nd PRA article, I hope this article will get you to stop spamming start in cup chats and gets you to be a bit more patient in the future.

nev72 (PRA)

Comment Thread in the Announcements from PSE Forum Section


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