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Are some bad habits really that bad?

Now I think its safe to say the majority of us have a pretty big sweet-tooth for things such as chocolate and other kinds of candy, but of course we try and avoid sweets to try and stay healthy. No one wants to die young that’s a fact so we try and eat our vegetables like our parents used to tell us and live a long happy life. What if I told you the oldest person ever recorded used to eat 10 pounds of chocolate a month? Now I know that most of you already probably think I’m insane, but hear me out! Dark Chocolate actually has a positive impact on your blood vessels and some think her chocolate obsession was a big part of how she lived to be so old. Now I am not saying to go to the store and load your shopping carts with chocolate and expect to be the healthiest person alive, but eating chocolate in moderation along with exercising can have a positive effect on your health!

Imagine this, you just got home from a day of work and you are so exhausted you immediately set your alarm clock for 6 AM the next morning. You are having the best sleep of your life and that alarm starts blaring in your ear. Now I am willing to bet a lot of you (including myself) look at the alarm clock and immediately hit the snooze button. However, this is not necessarily bad. Now a lot of you are probably thinking “well doesn’t the early bird catch the worm?” Actually this can be false at times. According to some studies, sleeping in occasionally can actually help you have have a better memory and organization skills as well as not being that one person who everyone hates in the morning cause you’re always so grumpy and irritated!

So when you go into work/school and you have to sit next to that guy who decided not to shower that day, don’t you think “wow this guy needs to have better hygiene and be healthy.” Well it turns out he might just be healthier than you in that aspect and he may be helping the environment. Think about it he saved water which is a plus. Now here is how it may help him be healthier. Every day we are wiping away lots of precious natural oils that our skin produces. We are also wiping away good bacteria that helps stop diseases. Now those of you who are grinning at this  because you haven’t showered please if you’re going to do this do it on a day where other people do not have to suffer through your stench.

I want you to picture this. You are playing Flappy Bird and you are one away from your high score and you lose. Now what you’re supposedly supposed to do is smile and say “thats alright I’ll beat it next time!” and not let your anger out. Well that might not be the right thing to do. Sometimes its smart to release your anger for this reason. Think of yourself as a can ofsoda; every time something bad happens to you your shaken a little bit. Now eventually you are  at the point of exploding and you release your rage on everyone. Then after that you think how could this of been avoided? If you would of just let your anger out when you were one away from beating that high score this could’ve  been avoided. Go hit a punching bag or when your by yourself let it out. Do not let yourself explode.


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