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What’s With This Game?

Alright so I’ve been doing some thinking lately about the game. Obviously, as a Master Assistant, I have something of an upper tier view of the community and I see the good, the bad and the ugly of Power Soccer on any given day. From the random forum rants to the guest book taunts to the playing styles in official and cups, the ugly seems to get highlighted frequently. Must it always be that way? I say it shouldn’t and here’s 4 reasons why you should agree:

1) Longtime users still play. Now, before you go off on some tangent about how they perhaps don’t play officials as regularly anymore or don’t participate in some cups because of who else is in attendance, the fact that they still support the game by purchasing Club Membership even if only to play friendlies still says something positive. Now, I am aware that many of the longtime users are currently Admins or Assistants, but even the ones who aren’t still contribute to the community with forum posts and clan activity. This should be commended more often…perhaps someone could start a “Legends Spotlight” to help newer users learn more about these longtime players in the PS Community.

2) There are still a LOT of 5 star sportsmanship caliber players and posters. It seems to have become second nature to everyone to assume that the game is overridden by players with less than 3 stars sportsmanship. I, however, still run into 3-5 star users quite frequently in the queues and in cups. I think we should appreciate these users more than we seem to, maybe even leaving posts on their guest book more often to highlight how admired they are for their fair play and their attitude.  Make complimentary replies to great forum posts and help motivate these great posters to continue their efforts. A kind word goes a long way.

3) The Crew does still listen to you even if you don’t buy items.  Now, I’m likely to get hate mail on this point, but read me out…I know for a fact that Crew takes very seriously the suggestions offered by many of you in the forums.  Yes, the Crew does want to generate a profit from Power Soccer users.  Yes, the Crew does release items at an astounding pace sometimes and yes, I know there’s a large portion of you who feel those items often offer arcade-like boosts that threaten the realism of the game itself.  However, consider that Crew has regularly listened to your feedback and implemented changes such as limiting M’bo and Sahlin (by far the 2 most discussed market players) and reinstating the 99er Cup that many of you clamored about losing.  Does this mean Crew is doing a perfect job?  No, but at least they are taking the time to read your suggestions.  The real question for you is this — are you proposing suggestions in a courteous professional manner with research to back up your claims, or are you simply foaming at the mouth demanding that you speak for all of PS in your concerns?  The way Crew responds to you depends almost entirely on this question.  Notice how Powdersnow has replied to several threads with suggestions that were rational and with evidence to support the claim.  Notice, also, how no one from Crew has replied to the threads that are unfounded and simply tirades against all things in the PS Store.

4) Ignorance is bliss.  Allow me to explain this point, if you will.  See, when you or I are playing against a player whose methods would be considered unfair or worthy of a 1-1-1 rating, what’s our most common mistake?  Letting them know our displeasure.  It only serves to get you in trouble, doesn’t it?  After all, those players simply take a screen of what you say and report it to an admin and YOU get punished, not them.  Posting on their guest book seems to result in the same result of you getting punished, not them.  Therefore, it’s really in your best interests to try your best to ignore them during matches if you can.  I’m not suggesting you compliment them as that’s counter-intuitive, but recognize that if they’re a 1 or 2 star player, they don’t really care what you think about their playing style anyway, so why waste your thoughts on them?  One of my clan mates even said he turns on a particular brand of music when he meets these players in the queue in order to keep his calm and prevent himself from typing something derogatory. Good advice, if you ask me.

So there you have it, my 4 reasons why the ugly shouldn’t be the only thing we pay attention to in the PS community.  I hope you’ll make an extra effort to find the good in this game and community and spotlight it from time to time.  I think the good can prevail over the rest in time if we work together.

KeepItLoose ~MA / former RA

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It seems clear to me that most people do not follow any sort of netiquette, tome, some game rooms seem as if civil war has broken out in them because the standards is so bad so in this article, I will look at what is netiquette is and what the rules of netiquette are.

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is the online equivalent of etiquette; they apply when you use chat rooms like our game rooms and the forum. It is also listed in the rules of PS that you follow the rules of netiquette. The word originated between 1980 and 1985 and is made up of the words Network (Net) and etiquette (Etiquette) so there’s a bit of history for you.

What are these rules you keep going on about?

There are many different interpretations of what netiquette are. They normally are something like this:

  1. Refrain from abuse (Swearing, Insulting ect…). You may disagree with their views but please don’t hurl abuse at them or a ban may come your way from our admins.
  2. Don’t spam! I don’t really need to go into too much detail for this but just don’t repeat things over and over again, the users saw it the 1st time. This is probably the most commonly broken rule in PS and is normally awarded with a kick and a ban if you continue once you come back into our gamerooms.
  3. Don’t talk like dis bruv cos itz bad manz brrrap! We’ll, in gamerooms like Europe 1 anyway. It may be hard for users to whom English isn’t their 1st language to understand. You can clearly see I don’t do a lot of text talk can’t you? 🙂
  4. Your posts are public so don’t be racial or abusive.
  5. Stay on topic especially in the forums, don’t talk about Barbie in a help thread (Unless they want help with playing with their Barbie in which case it’s ok 😛 )
  6. Don’t plagiarize! This basically means, don’t copy stuff from Wikipedia or anything like that, make it up yourself.
  7. The admins have the final say! If they tell you to stop talking about a particular subject then stop and don’t argue with them unless you want a kick or a ban in which case, you’re very stupid.
  8. Stay out of arguments unless it is fine to debate about. Don’t debate about things that could be abusive, racial or insulting to someone but it’s fine if your debating about who has the best badge for example.
  9. Be forgiving. If someone makes a mistake like having caps on and they apologise, accept it, we don’t need an argument about it!
  10. Don’t do stuff that you wouldn’t talk in real life. Would you swear to your brother/sister? Ok, bad example, let me rephrase that, would you swear at your best friends mother? I didn’t think so!

What if I don’t follow these rules cos I is badmanz?

Quite frankly, you will be kicked or banned by the admins. Simple bruv, Oh, and I’d advise you go and learn some proper English before you come back.

Well, they say you learn something new everyday so there you are, your learning for today is done! You’ve learnt how to follow a standard netiquette so remember, keep it clean and civil in the future.

Nev72 (PRA)

Disclaimer:  Before I get accused of breaking rule number 6, this is my interpretation of netiquette written by me so I don’t want any PM’s saying I plagiarized. Thank you

Comment Thread in PSE Section of Forums.

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3 Clans To Watch For…

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages (check me out, I’m a ringmaster!), welcome the circus that is the Clan Rankings on Power Soccer…..

***I’ll pause for your boisterous applause to die down***

…..with its death-defying climbs and free-falls and amazing stunts that will leave you breathless!

***record scratches to halt***

Okay, hold it right there. Yes, this is getting out of hand, isn’t it? So let’s instead take a moment to focus on three clans that I feel are on the up and coming rise in PS and one clan that deserves somewhat of a special recognition for a champion’s ascent…first, let’s take a look at BIALO CZERWONI.

Many longtime users of PS, especially the Polish contingent, may recognize this clan. It was established prior to the “official” implementation of clans on PS. It has 100% Polish members, with byron1982 serving as its capable captain. This clan has made a renewed commitment to activity and it has truly shown. Here’s the statistics:

On October 7th, BIALO CZERWONI was ranked #1093…yeah, that’s right, one thousand and ninety-three, people. On December 7th, they closed the day ranked #22. SAY WHAT?!?!? Yeah, number 22…that’s 1071 spots in 60 days. Suffice it to say that these guys are back and better than ever and have their sights on being in the top 10. Keep your eyes open for their progress.

Dark Dominion
Yet another “old” clan making a mighty comeback, Dark Dominion is a European-based clan with some heavy hitters known to many, including the co-captain, robbie.o. (Forum Master Assistant). It’s primarily German membership, but the lone Swiss user likely knows German since it’s the primary official language of Switzerland, so we’ll go ahead and count that. With the shift of clan rankings no longer rewarding them solely for RP status, the clan decided it was time to revive and start competing again, which they’ve been able to do very rapidly. Check the statistics:

On October 10th, Dark Dominion found themselves at #610. On December 7th, they closed the day ranked at #46, a nice climb of 564 spots! Another nice feature for this clan is they have more than 50% membership who are also admins…a true testament to their dedication to the PS community. I got a feeling they will continue to reload and reconquer.

Now, let’s transition to a new clan that’s on the rise. Founded by italian.stallone, this clan has added a solid, active core, and they have a consistent presence in cups. jordan-jfp currently serves as the clan captain for this mostly North American-based group (one French member currently). Check these stats:

On October 7th, Brigade found itself closing the day at #479. When December 7th came calling, they sat at #44, a rise of 435 spots! I think it’s safe to note this is one of many new clans who are taking great advantage of the new rankings format.

NNBS family
I want to take a moment and call attention to a clan family that is truly reinventing itself. After falling down to #105 the day the new rankings system was implemented, drogbakaya and his NoNamedBrothers clanmates had to take a step back and re-evaluate their approach. It took some time and a lot of focus, but on December 4th, they had regained their #1 ranking they routinely competed for in the old rankings. And now, they’ve unleashed a new monster in NNBS Academy. Let’s go to the stats!

On their first “recognized ranking” day of November 3rd, NNBS Academy was #611. On December 7th, they closed the day at #40, a remarkable 571 spots in 34 days! And to boot, these are guys who are destined to be part of the main NNBS group before too long…something tells me NNBS is BACK and is more than capable of reloading with fresh new talent to keep themselves in the top rankings.

Well, this concludes my insight on 3 (okay, 5) clans to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks. I apologize if any of my information isn’t 100% accurate, I tried the best I could to gleam the right information from the right sources. My statistics were collected based on the rankings at the close of the day on December 7th, CET, so it’s possible some of these clans are in a different place as you read this.

Next month’s article: The Delicate Art of Hosting a Large Clan Cup

~KeepItloose – CFRA

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Every single person in the world has a responsibility, whether it be Bill Gates or a person living in poverty somewhere, whether it be somebody about to lose a job or the president, whether it be a new user on Powersoccer to a crew member.

Personally, I think that if everybody carries out every responsibility that they have fully and perfectly, the game would be perfect. As the game is not perfect as much as we would like it to be, not everyone is doing their responsibility. What is your responsibility? If you’re an admin, it is more obvious to figure out than another user, obviously you need to serve powersoccer by doing your job to the best of your ability. If you are a normal player, it may at first seem as though you have no responsibility but when others are involved you always do. The crew have a responsibility to maintain the game, improve it and keep their players, in particular those who are paying, happy.

After a bit of thought I think that yours, and everyone’s responsibility is to ensure that the other people on here have fun. The other players have the same responsibility as you, which means they should ensure that you have fun. I think that when every single person in the game follows this correctly, we will have a perfect game.

Obviously this isn’t and probably never will be the case. what happens when people don’t complete their responsibility is that society breaks down. People start to argue, others start to pick up bans. The game does not get improved as fast, players have to be removed from power in the admin team. All these are because somebody didn’t to what they should have done, they did not follow their responsibility. Obviously, the range of consequences varies greatly. If you quit a match, it may just slightly annoy the other person whilst giving yourself a match ban. However when an admin fails with his responsibility the consequences could potentially be quite bad.

At the end of this sentence responsibility will have been used 12 times so far. One for every month of the year! What I am saying is that while you are online here you always have a responsibility. Probably more than one too. Basically, you are a small but very important part in the way the powersoccer community works. If you post a good thread, it may not make a huge difference, but it will make some difference. If you get a ban, it may not make a huge difference but it will make some difference.

Your responsibility is not just on your shoulders. Your responsibility is shared with everybody else who it applies to, possibly thousands of people. You may only need to play a small part but that is indeed vitally important in completing your responsibility and as I said at the start, if all responsibilities are completed, then we will have a perfect game.

Responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, responsibility. 24 times now. 1 for every hour of the day. I don’t think I’ll bother with one for every day of the year though.

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

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Intra-Clan Musings…

Although clans are primarily in existence for the opportunity to compete in clan cups, there is more to clans than just playing cups. No, seriously, stop laughing…there really is more to clans than just clan cups. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing at me………….OK, ready? I’ll explain.

Clans are typically competitively based, I’ll agree on that. However, clans are also a great chance to just form good friendships within the PS community, even if the likelihood of you ever meeting a clan mate in the real world is very small. I want to point out some of the ways that clans can foster those bonds, using my clan, Misfits, as the base example for most of these facets. I want to disclaim that none of the ideas I’m about to list came from my originality, so this means my clan is not the only one who does things like this. Nonetheless, I can only speak from my clan’s experience.

1) Member of the Month – this is, I think, a really good way to give special recognition to clan mates who go above and beyond in a certain month. This can either be decided by the captains, or in my clan’s case, it can be voted on by the entire clan. I suggest posting the winning clan mate’s card on the clan page for all to see, or even considering some other kind of reward (without violating PS policies, of course).

2) Clan League – whether you clan is very competitive or just likes having fun, having a clan league is a fun way to keep your guys sharp at their skills. In many clans, this also can give your non-CM members the chance to “experience” league play even though they cannot access the official PS leagues themselves. Matches are done through friendlies and can either be scheduled in advance or impromptu. Having an updated results page (either a forum post or an external site) can add to the excitement.

3) Clan Forum – it might surprise you to know that not every clan uses their clan forum to its fullest potential. Many clans, I have heard, rarely communicate on their forum, choosing to use the clan guest book as their sounding board. The clan forum is a great place for you to brainstorm about ideas, set your policies, or just shoot the breeze and goof off. One forum thread trend Misfits started was to post random video links in various categories setup by separate forum posts. There’s one for songs we like, sports highlights, comedy clips, and even just random silliness. See how creative you and your clan get!

I think what it boils down to, really, is whether your clan only exists to play cups…or whether there’s a chance for something deeper to be established. I personally feel like a clan can be a great place to form a brother(and sister)hood of players who really take interest in each other to find common ground and share interests and ideas with one another. See what kind of things your clan can do to improve this and I can almost guarantee your clan will grow closer and compete better together as a result.

Next week’s article: Clan Leadership, Redefined

KeepItLoose ~CPRA


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