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Clan Focus: Chelsea-Fc-

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Hey guys, -ar- here with a new edition of ” Clan focus”. Today we are taking a look at the current number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. The clan has been in the top spot for almost 3 weeks, and are going strong strong. The current captain and founder rick24 has been a phenomenal clan leader since the clan was founded in August 2009. The two current co captains are redway and helpmjplz. The clan achieved number one on March 30th this year. Over the 5 years since the clan was founded they have won over 31,000 Cup points and currently their rating is at 1485. Their highest ever rating was 1690, which is really impressive with our current clan ranking system. Chelsea has won a bunch of special cups and clan league seasons including: Season 4 Division two champions, Season five 3rd place in division 3. Ireland clan event 2013. Chelsea has been in 8 ” Clan League” seasons. Five seasons in division one and three in division two. At the moment, they are almost 600,000 rank points above the second-placed clan. Chelsea, like any top clan, has an academy as well.

I will be asking some of the Chelsea -Fc- members these questions: Why did you join the clan and who/ what inspired you to do so? How have guys kept the top spot for so long? How is the clan league going since you are in division 1?

Rick24:  Before I had Chelsea I actually already made a clan which was called Deadly Dark Knights. I grown to not really like the name and such so I wanted a fresh start. I was trying to think of a new name for the new clan I was going to make. After some thought I decided to name it Chelsea -Fc – because of my love for the real life EPL team.  I still enjoy cheering for and watching them. When I made the clan it was hard to get players into the clan. I was basically alone in the clan with the occasional user who would join then leave or become really inactive. Then I made a few very good friends and began getting some of them into the clan. This was the beginning of Chelsea -Fc – as we started winning some trophies and started gaining more members as time went on.

I always wanted to create a clan that people would enjoy playing on but would have a competitive atmosphere. I always strived to get this clan in the Top 100 but then we started getting more players and started really pushing and that desire to get 100 became a reality. We wanted more so we went for top 50, then top 10 and then eventually becoming 2nd. We then dropped rank and always hovered around top 15 for several months until a few months ago we really started getting active. And we got our position up.

It was an amazing feat for Chelsea -Fc – to become first place for first time in its clan history. After seeing our best rank of 2nd for so long we really started wondering, could we beat that record? Could we really get number 1 if we tried? That was the beginning of our surge to become number 1 ranked in power soccer. We started playing cups after cups, gaining cup points and trophies day after day. We had members like happy-guy who never slept and just played and played! We also had users on breaks and such during these months so we were able to keep playing and really push for the top 1 spot. I would like to thank an congratulate everyone involved in getting Chelsea -Fc – to top 1 for the first time. The hard work paid off!

Well in the very first season of Clan league we were fortunate to start in Division 1 and play the very first Clan League game in Power Soccer which was Chelsea -Fc – vs ATG. That season was really tough and we ended up getting second last and demoted to division 2.We then spent 3 season in Division 2 and finally on the 3rd season we went undefeated and claimed top spot and a promotion back to Division 1. Since we have made a return to Division 1 we had found it to be both challenging and rewarding. Of course division 1 has some of the best clan of Power Soccer but it is quite rewarding to have our player being given the chance to play against these top users and clans in Division 1. We have done quite well for ourself with our return to Division 1 having our best finish 3rd place and our worst being 5th. We have enjoyed many great wins against great clans like Bharat Legends, Dirty South and more.

Happy-Guy:  I joined Chelsea -Fc – last year near the end of February. I joined the clan because I knew Rick24 for a long time as well as other members such as Redway and Helpmjplz. These guys are fair players as well as active users and are great leaders and friends to me. Which is why I like Chelsea –Fc – so much. 

We play a lot of clan cups every day. We have a lot of members online at different hours so we tend to participate in a lot of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 clan cups. We also like playing 5v5 and bigger clan cups if we see that other clans have more players online.

The Clan League is going well; this is our second consecutive season in the first division. Our members enjoy playing in the clan league and find it very fun and competitive. Our mission is to get first place and we will accomplish this goal very soon.

Imbackandreadytofight: When I was realmadridista12, I was playing a match against dasean10 and I lost 2-3. I was level 68 and he was level 84 I remember. He believed I was good and recommended me to the clan. Ever since I stayed in the clan because to me the users make me feel part of a family especially my close friends like helpmjplz, happy-guy, rick24, redway, cristiano_ronaldo_del_ps and of course the man who recommended me dasean10.

Well, I think we have kept top spot for so long because we don’t care about rating, cup points and things like that in our mind. We just go out there in the cups and play our hardest and wish for the best to come. We work well together as a unit in 2v2 3v3 cups and such. Also, super active users like happy-guy, rick24, helpmjplz, and redway keep us there.

In my opinion, I think we are doing alright and I believe that division 1 is the right division for Chelsea -Fc -. We may lose sometimes but we take that as learning experience moving forward. Also, playing strong clans like DS and ATG strengthens us as players whether we win or lose. As far as this season, I think we shall stay in divison 1.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you learned something about the number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. Stay tuned for the next edition of ” Clan Focus”

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Clan Focus: Bharat Legends.

Hey guys, -ar- here with a new edition of ” Clan Focus“. The clan Bharat Legends is currently number 2 in the ranking table. They were top not too long ago, but they have just been passed by Alexander The Great. The clan was established in February 2013 and has been around for little over a year. The captain/founder is skilly_bully, And the 2 co captains are:  kekulele and newhklegend. I think they will be able to retain the top spot, as long as they stay active.

I will be asking some of the Bharat members these questions: Why did you join the clan and who/ what inspired you to do so? How have guys kept a top spot for so long? What is it like contending in Division one, in the clan league?

Dxdj2: I decided to join the clan because of the big activity and also I have a lot friends in the clan. I had been invited some time ago, but I decided to join shortly. skilly_bully invited me and also inspired me to join. We play for fun, but we have a very strict policy regarding clan organization and cups played and sometimes we could give some rewards to the members who stood out. I think this should be a great motivation for us to be always on the top. We are in Division 1 in the Clan League but there are many great clans competing with us… ATG, ROU and many others, and this has been a great honor and a challenge for us.

James1253: I joined Bharat Legends because it is a legendary clan which contained the combination of all the countries in as a friendly team with enjoyment. So it was the reason behind my reason in joining BL no one inspired me but the clan Bharat Legends itself inspired me to join. It is really nice that Bharat Legends has never left the top 10 spots for nearly a year and it is a really a feel of  happiness to have such a milestone for this much long time.Contending in division one , brings us some energy ,that we face some top clans and put pressure on them as a group and it helps us to show our unity.

Theja3: I joined the clan because I had a few friends in it, James1253 and newhkleged inspired me to join. Keeping our top spot was about understanding. We got some super guys in our clan who keep clan high rank and lame guys like me just support them. Actually I’m not a great fan of CL ,I have only played 1 CL match from the start of the league , sigh.

Newhklegend: I was back to PS after a short departure in May 2012, and found out that I was clanless. So when skilly noted my arrival, he invited me to join BL. I took a look at the clan and think that it is quite active and have lots of players with a great potential in becoming a top clan, so I joined BL and stayed till now. I think it’s the great activity of our clan mates. We have built a sense of belonging to BL and we play lots of cups for it. And our clan members have talents and they play well in many cups and so we win lots of cup points and stay on top spot. I’m really nervous and tough in every match I play. All the clans in it are tough and they have selected their best members in playing every of the cups. When we are losing, I feel worried but in many times we make beautiful come backs. When we are winning, I have faith in our clan that we can keep the lead.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something new about this historic clan. Stay tuned for the next edition of ” Clan Focus”.

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Clan Focus: DiRtY SoUtH

Hey guys, -ar- here with another edition of  “Clan Focus”. This edition will be about DiRtY SoUtH. The clan was established in May of 2009 by electric_power, the current captain is -ar-.  The two co captains are Wildestship and Evolucion99. DiRtY SoUtH has been in existence for almost 4 years. This clan has been in a slump for a while but their activity has been increasing recently.

Today, the clan has 32 members from 13 countries and as of press time, they are 18th in the clan rankings. Their massive trophy room holds an impressive 3037 trophies, including 1168 Noble Clan Prizes, 909 Regal Clan Trophies and 481 Noble Clan Trophies. Their biggest trophy yet is the Magnificent Clan Trophy, won in the “RPA cup celebrate 3 years 4v4” just last year.

Over the years DiRtY SoUtH has had some other iconic achievements. Including:

A highest rating of 2105

2nd clan to 1800RP, 1900 RP, 2000 RP, and 2100 RP

Here are some Celebration cup wins.:

TVST 8000 Points Cup

Dirty South Celebration Cup.

 Here are some of the DiRtY SoUtH member’s answers to these questions:

1.  What is special about your clan, compared to other clans?

2.  Why did you join DiRtY SoUtH and who/ what inspired you to do so?

3.  If you had to choose one partner to play a clan cup with, Who would it be and why?

Kodaky: “I think the special thing about DS is we are all treat each other like family and whether we win or lose we always give each other feedback on how to be better and encourage each other to be better. I think that the clan was a little inactive but now it’s getting better.

Ok well the Reason I joined DS is because when I was a beginner in this game I saw this clan called “DiRtY SoUtH”. I could not help but think “Wow I wish I was good enough to play with them” And ever since I was a beginner I have wanted to join. I tried multiple times but got turned down. Then I met this user named “-ar-” {DS captian} we started talking and I told him how I had always wanted to be in DS. He said you know what i am going to give you a chance in DS.

I would choose -ar- due to the fact that it would not of even been possible for me to get into DS without him, and I think that we work good as a team. My final reason is well… lets not lie he is a beast he pretty much beats anyone who is in his way :)”


“What’s special, It’s unique! Not many can or have the requirements to make it to the clan. It takes skill, maturity, and respect. First off you prove yourself on the field, secondly you show your level of maturity, you either accept the loss and/or you take the win in the most humble way possible. Last of you gain the respect of your peers with time.You can be yourself, instead of trying to imitate others, you play your own way without having to worry about other peoples opinion, hate is just appreciation.

I joined DS because it was one of my goals, after attempting with ATG, I decided It wasn’t worth it, I deserved better, a clan where it was okay to be normal and simple. Unique you can call that. Who inspired me? I don’t really have someone I looked up to except the one who occupied the number one rank. I have always wanted to reach the top one in the world, till this day I have not.

One partner, that’s easy! I always want to play with -ar-, a talented young player, whom after multiple attempts on trying to be better than me, he finally managed it. -ar- has been my competition and it’s fun messing around every now and then. I still have to say there is much more game to me if I put more effort into it. I’m just a little too busy, but I can prove myself on the field, adapt to new patches, but all I need is practice. Practice is the key to success.”

Danzrek.: “I think there’s a unique thing special to me, we’re like a family, we don’t fight between us, we support everyone even when we aren’t in good moments .. and the most important, we play just for fun.. we don’t care about winning or losing.

Well, I was playing clan cups, and the co-captain of DS in these times asked me if i would like to join DS, and I say, well its a good clan why not join? Then -ar- send me the invitation and I  accepted. I’m so grateful with him for gaving me the opportunity to join this fabulous clan..

I’d like to say with biggy but he’s kinda inactive xD.. Then I think with -ar- or maybe with mr.helpul, because when I play with them I have more chances to win the cups.”

This clan is not considered a clan from the clan member’s perspective. They consider it as a family. This is one aspect that has been holding this old clan together.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next edition of Clan Focus.

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