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The Winning Attitude

To win a game on Power Soccer you need a variety of distinctive and crucial elements.  A few being skill and tactics but a very influential one, that sometimes people forget, is the right mind-set.  If you go into a game with the wrong attitude you can’t possibly play your best, and so getting the results you strive to achieve is a lot harder. So what is the right attitude?  What’s the winning mind-set to win games?  When you sit down at your computer what are you thinking? Are your emotions controlled? Or let loose? Are you focused or more laid back?

Let’s look at it this way:  The right mindset for an exam is to be cool, calm, collected and optimistic.  You could be a top student who had studied endlessly and knew everything but if you go into an exam with the wrong mind-set: agonizingly worried, positive you’re going to fail, jumpy and flighty…so on so forth; you’re going to lose concentration, make silly mistakes and end up getting a grade that is less superior to the girl or guy who had gone into the exam with far less work but the right attitude.

Now let’s look at it this way: A musician finds it exceptionally easier to perform when their emotions are wild and flowing through the music.  You can’t play a piece of music completely detached.  You have to feel each note of the melody, support the harmony and let your heart sing the lyrics.  To create that magic that musicians strive to achieve they must put their heart and soul into their music.

As you can see, this attitude is a pole apart from someone’s who is entering an exam, but these two attitudes both work wonders in their own case.

On the 6th of September 2009, the All-Ireland hurling match, Tipperary vs. Kilkenny, took place in Croagh Park, County Dublin.  Kilkenny’s manager saw how poor Kilkenny were playing during the 1st half so he asked for punch bags with the Tipperary jerseys on them to be placed in the warm up room.  When the players then came in, despairing and exhausted from the strenuous  1st half, the manager told them to “Beat the living daylights,” out of the punch bags.  The players did so and then went out to the 2nd half pumped on determination, anger and adrenaline to win the All-Ireland final.

In these 3 very different cases, three very contrasting attitudes were needed to get the best results in their own category.  So what’s the Power Soccer winning attitude?   Should you start a game cool, calm and collected?  Should your emotions be let loose or should the blood be rushing through your veins, pumped on the determination to win?

Unfortunately I can’t answer this, as the few times I do manage to win are so rare and so once in a blue moon, that I have absolutely no idea how it happens!  But I would love to hear your opinions so comment below and let me know what you think the winning attitude is.

Pinkpixie ~ PRA


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Addicted…..or not?

As we all know, there are many users who really like to play Power Soccer. Some of them play of an hour, and some just might play the whole day. Most users play Power Soccer when they’re not busy, some who are addidcted to Power Soccer might take a day off of school or work just so they can play Power Soccer.

So I caught up with some users who play the game to answer three questions. Those there questions are 1) Are you addicted to Power Soccer? 2) How long do you play Power Soccer a day? 3) Is Power Soccer easy to get addicted to?

Raphy84(Chat Admin): 1Yes 2)At least 3 hours a day, 3)Yes, for me it was east to get addicted.

Mr.Famouz 1)Yes 2)I lost count 3)Yes it is.

Saglikolsun(Chat Admin); 1)Yes 2)5-6 games, but I spend time in forums too 3)Yes, a little, if I wasen’t an admin I wouldn’t be playing much.

Lenar 1) Yes it is, it’s the best soccer game out there. 2) On average 1-2 hours a day 3) Yeah, Power Soccer is addicting, you get to play people and gain new friends fro, all over the world.

So as you can see the game of Power Soccer is addicting to most users playing it, but is it addicting to you?

bosnian000 (reporter)


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Top 10

Top 10
We have all talked about the top 10 in Power Soccer but, what is going on in the top 10. Let’s start we all remember when Thibramar used to be 1st in the rank until one day when hes rp started to drop he dropped down from 1st place to now in 15th place with 2173 rp. Now, lets go to Blip_tobbe909 who maybe 2 years ago was in 2nd place until he dropped down to 9th place then he played a league match and guess what happened, he lost and now he is in 17th place with 2173 rp.

He and two other users have the same rp so 1 rp can make a whole lot of a difference. Another great start NIkotina000 who recently got to lvl 99 had changed from 4th place to 3rd place because F.C Barcelona lost a few ranking points and he and Nikotina000 switched places. Now lets not forget about Italy’s Jackshadow who went from the top 10 to nowhere in the Top 100 which was an big difference, he is now tied with 3001j1 in 35 place so he is making a come back.

Lets keep hoping people win or lose rp so that the game can become interesting. Alot of things have changed from the start of this game to now and lets keep on hoping that things change in the top 10 so that it will be more interesting and the more interesting the more better.

Usually the top 10 stays the same for a large amount of time :(. The top 10 seem to be playing offical games in the gamerooms because they have the the busy sign which usually mean there playing offical or as most of them are busy. So let’s keep on hoping that the top 10 will change so the game of Power Soccer will become better for every one in the Power Soccer Community.



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The Taste Of Glory

Success and domination are no strangers to the two top ranked players of the Untied States,  Sc0obie and Mr. English. Although their mutual high marks of over 2020 rp was short lived when each stumbled below the 2000 mark, they are in now way now an opponent to underestimate. Mr. English quickly regained the 2000 mark and Sc0obie’s unfortunate disconnection loss to HTBK made the reclamation less easy. He has settled into the 1950s.

 As every user dreams of achieving the top rank of their country, both these remarkable competitors have stood upon the mountain peak more than once. What makes these dynamic duo special though is not just the rp, but the friendship that formed between the two as they moved up the ranks.

Often seen hidden in either USA 2 or NA 6, these two have played against each other over 100 times. The battles of such exchanges have given them the advantage of sharpening their skills and keeping their focus. And it might be no coincidence that they now lie atop the US top 100 at 1 and 2.

Both beginning their careers in the power soccer community during September of 2007, each player has learned to adapt to the game in his own fashion. Possessing the team name of “Posh Pass,” Mr. English has become known for his exclusive back passes. Once asking Sc0obie what his feelings were towards his opponent, he replied, “”Mr.e is a coward, he usually runs away from real competition, he swears all of the time, and he’s always sulking after he loses or his connection dies…”.

 While much of  Power soccer’s community obsesses over their rank, Sc0obie wishes RP would be eliminated. Thus to create a better game and not force people to resort to bad behavior once losing rank. Within the short week, 3001j1 (the current U.S. leader) has been suspended for using “speed hack,” and Sc0obie remains the man to beat holding an astonishing 2016.

Mr. English closely follows with 2005. I would personally like to send out a congratulations to both users on their accomplishments including holding the title of Football Gods.



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The Ļєġєиđs leader Dangersen

Today, we will take a look at the legends leader Dangersen. He is the leader of the L egends clan and he is working to make the clan as best as possible. Dangersen is a chat admin from Canada. His ranking points right now are 1623. He is ranked 26th best in the country of Canada and 502 in the whole world which isn’t so bad.

Dangersen works really hard as a chat admin in order to make the Power Soccer community better and safer for all of us. He doesn’t really care if he wins or looses a game. He also works very hard to help the legends. He made almost the whole website of the legends which is very nice an you can check it out at and it is very well organized and well done and all thanks to this man here Dangersen.

In the website there is a chat room and every day when his favorite hockey teams the Montreal Habs (which I like to call the “abs”) play, he would all ways get in the chat room and change his name so it has something to do with him loving the Habs and he would always shout “GO HABS GO” and it would get annoying because I really don’t like Hockey.

Dangersen is a very friendly guy, he will always accept a challenge no matter who it is, as long as he is not busy and he will always work hard to win the game. In any case he will always find a way to get into the game and play it because he know hows good this Power Soccer game is.

Dangersen’s player statics are:

Player’s name Sp.Spr.Pas.Sh. Tec- Tack-

Everett Francoeur 200 103 64 25 54 200
Forest Ritter 200 117 56 24 49 200
Cedric Hammond 200 102 46 50 48 200
Arien Roy 200 105 86 134 51 70
Cleo Bullard 200 104 84 136 54 68
Remi Traylor 200 97 120 116 43 70
Abraham Gosselin200 124 74 124 64 60 
Duane Harmon 200 97 27 200 97 25
Milo Braden 200 110 22 200 90 24
Jessie Riquet 200 88 48 198 72 40
Laverne Sprague 200 90 61 45 50 200G


Players name Speed Passing Reaction Grip

Franklin Rivas 114 40 173 113

As you can see, Dangersen is a very good player and a very good leader his players have excellent skill I hope a lot of you guys can become just like him.

bosnian000 (reporter)


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