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Weekly Recap

Welcome to the 1st recap of 2012! Well almost !!


Congratulations to the following users for their achievements this month.

CA: aguante-azul

RA: drogba921, xx-yack99-xx

8,500 forum posts: lol18

7,500 forum posts: desmondnew2

4,000 fourm posts: michaelblake

PS News

New Year Cup Winners:

Congratulations to the following users for winning the New Years Cups.

New Year Cup, December 31st

Lucky user: 12cristian
Check full final standings here

New Year Cup, January 01st

Lucky User: alcaleu
Check full final standings here

New Year Cup, January 02nd

Lucky User: tyssia
Check full final standings here

But what did they win? The top 3 users won Armando for 30 days and  for 30 days and the lucky users won a Guitar tattoo each.

Also, the 1st 4 users that posted new year greetings (Based on CET) won a months CM each. The winners were: pasqualino7bellezze, muditoitaliano, 21_guns. and corbulescu.

Congratulations to all that won something and thank you for taking part!

You can congratulate the winners at this thread: /?p=forum&sub=topic&forum_id=106733&topic_id=283908


We want to wish the following users a happy birthday:

  • 1st – footmad3 (FA)
  • 6th – maria171 (CA)
  • 7th – azairek (CA)
  • 8th – powerful124; arsenal278

Happy birthday to you all!

If your birthday is not in the Birthday list of the community thread, you can add it at the following thread and you’ll get a nice shout out on your birthday :)


World Rankings

The following statistics are correct at 10:53am BST, Sunday 8th January.

User Rankings

 Team Rating
1 bennaidu 2303
3 fitao. 2216
4 icizimo. 2200
6 lol18 2177
7 saw_3d 2158
8 ♥sanranas 2167
9 la_vinotinto007 2140
10 troy_power 2125

Country Rankings

1 Brazil 163485
2 United States 156122
3 Poland 155998
4 Mexico 144503
5 Italy 142676
6 Argentina 140049
7 France 134170
8 Romania 133259
9 India 133051
10 Germany 132397

Clan Rankings

# Clan Rank points
1 robines 5818332
2 Rota Mortal 3423750
3 Fratelli Italiani 3403260
4 Skenderbeg 3362488
5 Alexander the Great 2851026
7 RUSSIA2018 2386425
8 The Brotherhood 2333992
9 TRIBO 1964866
10 † SATYAMEV JAYATE †™ 1934404

That’s it for this edition of the Weekly Recap, hope you join us next week!

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SOTWB Weekly Recap (November 2011)

After a month off, I am back with another SOTWB recap! There has been a huge amount of  changes and action in the board so please read on!

Before we tell you about the changes, we have news of Coilz entitled “Gone.” In this emotional thread, Coilz says goodbye to the game that he’d been a fond member of for 3 years. He left tributes to his best friends in PS and and he also talks about the lessons the game has taught him and why PS has the best community on the internet. The board were unanimous in giving this thread a star and the board said he left with a bang and it was a quality thread. Coliz will be missed in the forums.

Unfortunately, the board lost 4 members this month: TheMonsterKing, born-to-try, Skryllex and Desmondnew2. TMK and BTT chose to resign from the board, Desmond and Skryllex became CA’s so they were no longer able to stay on the board.  Because of BTT’s resignation as VP, we needed a new VP and gunmasterg9 was chosen to become the new VP.

We have also welcomed revengers123 to the team.

Finally, we have the results from last month’s riddle contest from board member Karunmalik:

1) 2 seconds ( accurate)
2) 231 handshakes

Winner: no one….

Two more riddles:-

1) If 5 flies can catch 5 spiders in 5 mins. how many flies can hundred spiders catch in 100 minutes?

2) A family has several children . Each boy in the family has as many sisters as brothers both, each girl has twice as many brother as sisters. How many brothers & sisters are there in the family?

a) 3 brothers,4 sisters
b)4 brothers,4 sisters
c)4 brothers,3 sisters
d)cannot be determined

That is all for this month, we look forward to the last recap of 2011 next month!

nev72 (RA and SOTWB Member)

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Weekly Recap

Welcome to this week’s weekly recap!


This is where we look at YOUR achievements over the last 7 days in PS!

CA- Skyrellex

FA- Bladesman1

RA- nev72

99ers- Def1, Norwegian

10,500 Posts- Dainsanefh

2,500 Posts- Bennaidu,  Themonsterking

1,500 Forum Posts- psplayer4

Congratulations to you all for your achievements!

Power Soccer News:

GOTM is back!

The goal of the month contest is back with new features  and of course prizes!  One of the new features is the highlight compilation which will be posted on Youtube at the end of the month!

The best goal, as picked by a board of XA’s, will receive an  item from the store so good luck!

Check out This thread for more info: /?p=forum&sub=topics&forum_id=4

99er Cup #30!

The 99er cup is back for its 30th edition. The last 29 editions have thrown up some phenomenal competition and there is also the small matter of the rarest prize in PS, the “Champions Mark Tattoo.” If you are a 99er, it is a great chance for you to play users of the same level and for the many of us that are not,(ahem….) it is a perfect chance to watch some of PS’ most iconic player take to the field of play.

The cup will be held on the 19th November at 8pm CET, check out the PS Homepage for more info.

Spooky Story Winners!

The ghosts and ghouls were out recently and the results of the Spooky Story Contest are now out, congratulations to andreiradan who won the contest with the story “Petition of Mercy”

The runner up sports went to the 2 Trinidadians, Lol18 and Keston 3 for their stories “The Hijack of Powersoccer” (lol) and “The Protector” (Keston). Read the stories in PSE!


We wish to wish the following users a happy birthday from the last 2 weeks.

  • 5th – redcountry; tyssia (CA)
  • 6th – fux44; kelogs_cornflaks
  • 9th – kreisliga
  • 10th – ronaldostyler9
  • 13th – parkermonster81
  • 14th – salvesh
  • 16th – supra.
If your birthday isn’t currently in the birthdays thread, you can get it added at this thread: /?p=forum&sub=topic&topic_id=262879&forum_id=9
The following Statistics are correct as of 10:06pm GMT Thurs 17th Nov.
 Top 10 users!
Top 10 clans!
# Clan Rank points
3 robines 4565814
4 XAVIER 2010 3910053
5 Nopor-GoDs 3609376
6 Extreme Force 3534280
7 ┼Sangr€ Inĸa™┼ 3406698
8 Fratelli Italiani 2939628
9 Sons of Anarchy 2788220
10 NEW BALANCE 2656962

That is the end of my 1st recap, I hope you enjoyed it and we all look forward to another action packed week of PS action!

nev72 (RA)

Do you have a suggestion for the weekly recap that you would like seen in future editions? Comments on a recap? Notice a Mistake? Drop us a line in the forum, or PM a Reporter or email We’ll reply to it A.S.A.P. Suggestions will be voted on by All Reporters.

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Timeless forum threads

Some forum posts are good and feature here. Others are great and receive SOTW’s but then some are timeless. They win stars and polls galore and find themselves in this special edition of Great Forum Posts. They are truly timeless.

I am the best player here! by Bigdaddyat

Why is this timeless? Because the MA would still claim the same thing today! This forum post from him captivated the forum for nearly 3 weeks, despite his many hundreds of losses. Also including a look back at some older users in our forums and the sacking of the SOTW board.

Powersoccer is similar to real life by Revenge25

More than half a year later the message still stands true. As henry9876 said back then: “This thread is full of clever connections and is definetly worth a read”, the same is still true now.

SponsorPay Tutorial by drogba921

So the layout was different back then but this simple and concise thread is basic effective and easy to understand if you have never used sponserpay before. Complete with a video, this will be timeless as long as Sponserpay remains a feature here of course.

What do RP (rating points) really mean? by kyle-11

“If I win, I win, if I lose, I lose”. Not the longest post but that didn’t stop it racking up 17 votes in the monthly poll. This will be timeless in my eyes until RP leave the game, something I don’t think will happen any time soon.

Why Cheat? by Johnrojo

Now time for our forgotten thread, this masterpiece received just 11 replies, 4 votes and no SOTW. I really do wonder how we have let this pass without giving it more recognition. Johnrojo explores the reasons about why people cheat in a thread which henry said quote “the best thread I have read this year I think.” You should certainly read it!

A permanent solution by Michaelblake

Your world produces great quality but none more so than this, the now MA prompted the SOTW board to comment with “All we can say is thanks for writing this thread” by writing about his own real experience of the topic of suicide. Seriously, this takes the term “must-read” to a new level.

Discovering Yourself by Swedeswede

Another perfect thread from Your World now, this is what I could call a revelation that still has a big impact even all these months on since I first read it. Short, concise but amazingly inspirational no matter what you believe. It can be all summed up by the author signing of as “a changed man”

The Magic of Positive Energy by Claud_speed

Yet another timeless thread from the Your World forum, it didn’t receive much attention at the time (despite picking up a SOTW), however I can assure that after you have read it, you’ll see why I have included it as a timeless thread.

PS History from another view by Haifisch87

The epic 5 in 1 series from a user who has spent a lot of time looking at the history of Powersoccer through forum threads. Haifisch looks right back to 2005. The great thing is about this timeless thread is it is quite simply that. A timeless thread about the time that has passed and with each day that passes it never can really be finished.

Those are 9 threads that I have picked from the past year of 2010 that really are in my opinion timeless. Anyone on Powersoccer then, now or in future could read them and still take a lot from them. There is no formal poll this time but please use the comment thread to tell us about your favourites.

I can reveal that the result of the previous poll was actually a draw between Formation advice (Non-CM formations) by Parkermonster and PS history from another view by Haifisch (above).

Enjoy the next couple of weeks,

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

Threads are in a mostly chronological order. Please remember to not bump forum threads whilst reading. Comment in the PSE Announcements section of the forums.


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5 extra super forum posts

I’m back with 5 more super reads for you all. First, I can now announce that the winner of last months poll is…..The Magic of Positive Energy by Claud_speed! I remember that as a great post. Here are this month’s 5:

Formation Advice (Non-CM formations) by Parkermonster81

Found in Aid Kit, there is quite a lot of detail about those all important standard formations that all players have access to. Although this is just one user’s view, I think this thread could be useful for any new players in the game, which for me, is what Aid Kit is all about.

10 Types of forumers by Thegreatest2

I had a feeling this would be a SOTW as soon as I saw it and the board didn’t disappoint me in giving a star to this fantastically amusing thread. It’s abrupt and straight to the point, which is guaranteed to entertain you. The fun hasn’t stopped in the post either, read some of the replies there for added extras. Which type are you?

Why are we dissatisfied? by Gunmasterg9

A slightly overlooked thread by gunmasterg9 that is complex and detailed without being too long: “When our foundation is weak , we suffer an eA water cycle diagram.motional collapse , and the result is mental rubble…We lose inner contentment when we contaminate our mind with images of false hopes and expectations”.

Pattern Power? by Monoply

I’ll be honest, this thread only just scraped in, however only as I noticed it as I was finishing up this article. Including water cycles, user patterns and ultimately the pattern of Powersoccer, this thread is one of the most interesting I have read in a long while. Monoply, that is a lovely writing style you got there.

PS History from another view by Haifisch87

This is the wildcard as it is actually 5 threads in one! Starting in 2005 and going up to the last day of 2008, Haifisch writes a history by going back in time to old threads in the general discussion forum. (Please follow the title link to the first part, with links to the next parts at the bottom of each thread).

If you enjoyed reading any of these posts, please vote for your favourite one in the poll! (you must go to PSE ( to see the poll!)

Thanks for reading all that,

Shaphi7 ~ RFA Editor

Comment Thread in the Announcements from PSE Forum Section

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