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What will the world be like in 50 years.

So today, while sitting at the PSE desk, I was thinking what it would be like to be sitting here 50 years from now. So, lets teleport to the future! [Yes, teleportation has been invented]. When I woke up everything was different. Even my bed was electronic. Without even moving some chain system moves me from my bed to the restroom. Still without moving a manacle arm starts the shower and puts me into it.

Well, this is a little different then I remembered. The entire morning I didn’t even move an inch. Everything was done for me by robots. And it made me feel really lazy. Since my morning did not go as planned I went outside to get some fresh air. The fresh air was not so fresh. The air has been extremely polluted from all of the woods stoves and machinery factories. The air was almost black, It was hard for me to breathe considering that I was so accustomed breathing fresh air. The trees are gone and now the air runs through pipes in the ground.

While walking around, I noticed that everything was kept very clean. The street was shimmering in the sunlight. Instead of seeing people drive, I was watching the cars drive the people to work. And most of the people were sleeping in their back seat. This is bizarre! Nothing is the same and the humans on Earth have become so lazy. We don’t even have to move to eat our breakfast in the morning because it is fed to us by robots. Back in 2014 we actually had to make our own breakfast, eat it and clean up after ourselves. Life seemed so difficult back then, But obviously they have fixed that problem. I think they went a little too far though. Even though it is easier I don’t think it is better.

While riding in the car my stomach growled. I decided it was time to check out the local convenience store. But that of course did not go according to plan. When the self driving car got to the store all I had to do is tell the machine what I wanted. Soon after I made my order the food was delivered straight to my car. I didn’t even have to move a finger to buy food. The food was really stale, I imagine that it has been processed a lot, before making its way to the store.

How can people live like this? Don’t they see that they are being taken over by robots. People have become so lazy that they invented robots to do all of their work for them. Soon, robots will be the government of the human race. They will outsmart and outlive us. And soon humans will be extinct. The robots will become so smart that human technology cannot stand up to them. Sometimes I wonder, when it is too much. How far can the human race advance in technology before we are not even considered human?

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please leave a comment in the thread giving an example of something that will be invented in the next 50 years. You can also check out some cool futuristic inventions here: 

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Clan Focus: Chelsea-Fc-

 photo chelsea-fc-logo_zpsbf31bad5.png

Hey guys, -ar- here with a new edition of ” Clan focus”. Today we are taking a look at the current number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. The clan has been in the top spot for almost 3 weeks, and are going strong strong. The current captain and founder rick24 has been a phenomenal clan leader since the clan was founded in August 2009. The two current co captains are redway and helpmjplz. The clan achieved number one on March 30th this year. Over the 5 years since the clan was founded they have won over 31,000 Cup points and currently their rating is at 1485. Their highest ever rating was 1690, which is really impressive with our current clan ranking system. Chelsea has won a bunch of special cups and clan league seasons including: Season 4 Division two champions, Season five 3rd place in division 3. Ireland clan event 2013. Chelsea has been in 8 ” Clan League” seasons. Five seasons in division one and three in division two. At the moment, they are almost 600,000 rank points above the second-placed clan. Chelsea, like any top clan, has an academy as well.

I will be asking some of the Chelsea -Fc- members these questions: Why did you join the clan and who/ what inspired you to do so? How have guys kept the top spot for so long? How is the clan league going since you are in division 1?

Rick24:  Before I had Chelsea I actually already made a clan which was called Deadly Dark Knights. I grown to not really like the name and such so I wanted a fresh start. I was trying to think of a new name for the new clan I was going to make. After some thought I decided to name it Chelsea -Fc – because of my love for the real life EPL team.  I still enjoy cheering for and watching them. When I made the clan it was hard to get players into the clan. I was basically alone in the clan with the occasional user who would join then leave or become really inactive. Then I made a few very good friends and began getting some of them into the clan. This was the beginning of Chelsea -Fc – as we started winning some trophies and started gaining more members as time went on.

I always wanted to create a clan that people would enjoy playing on but would have a competitive atmosphere. I always strived to get this clan in the Top 100 but then we started getting more players and started really pushing and that desire to get 100 became a reality. We wanted more so we went for top 50, then top 10 and then eventually becoming 2nd. We then dropped rank and always hovered around top 15 for several months until a few months ago we really started getting active. And we got our position up.

It was an amazing feat for Chelsea -Fc – to become first place for first time in its clan history. After seeing our best rank of 2nd for so long we really started wondering, could we beat that record? Could we really get number 1 if we tried? That was the beginning of our surge to become number 1 ranked in power soccer. We started playing cups after cups, gaining cup points and trophies day after day. We had members like happy-guy who never slept and just played and played! We also had users on breaks and such during these months so we were able to keep playing and really push for the top 1 spot. I would like to thank an congratulate everyone involved in getting Chelsea -Fc – to top 1 for the first time. The hard work paid off!

Well in the very first season of Clan league we were fortunate to start in Division 1 and play the very first Clan League game in Power Soccer which was Chelsea -Fc – vs ATG. That season was really tough and we ended up getting second last and demoted to division 2.We then spent 3 season in Division 2 and finally on the 3rd season we went undefeated and claimed top spot and a promotion back to Division 1. Since we have made a return to Division 1 we had found it to be both challenging and rewarding. Of course division 1 has some of the best clan of Power Soccer but it is quite rewarding to have our player being given the chance to play against these top users and clans in Division 1. We have done quite well for ourself with our return to Division 1 having our best finish 3rd place and our worst being 5th. We have enjoyed many great wins against great clans like Bharat Legends, Dirty South and more.

Happy-Guy:  I joined Chelsea -Fc – last year near the end of February. I joined the clan because I knew Rick24 for a long time as well as other members such as Redway and Helpmjplz. These guys are fair players as well as active users and are great leaders and friends to me. Which is why I like Chelsea –Fc – so much. 

We play a lot of clan cups every day. We have a lot of members online at different hours so we tend to participate in a lot of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 clan cups. We also like playing 5v5 and bigger clan cups if we see that other clans have more players online.

The Clan League is going well; this is our second consecutive season in the first division. Our members enjoy playing in the clan league and find it very fun and competitive. Our mission is to get first place and we will accomplish this goal very soon.

Imbackandreadytofight: When I was realmadridista12, I was playing a match against dasean10 and I lost 2-3. I was level 68 and he was level 84 I remember. He believed I was good and recommended me to the clan. Ever since I stayed in the clan because to me the users make me feel part of a family especially my close friends like helpmjplz, happy-guy, rick24, redway, cristiano_ronaldo_del_ps and of course the man who recommended me dasean10.

Well, I think we have kept top spot for so long because we don’t care about rating, cup points and things like that in our mind. We just go out there in the cups and play our hardest and wish for the best to come. We work well together as a unit in 2v2 3v3 cups and such. Also, super active users like happy-guy, rick24, helpmjplz, and redway keep us there.

In my opinion, I think we are doing alright and I believe that division 1 is the right division for Chelsea -Fc -. We may lose sometimes but we take that as learning experience moving forward. Also, playing strong clans like DS and ATG strengthens us as players whether we win or lose. As far as this season, I think we shall stay in divison 1.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you learned something about the number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. Stay tuned for the next edition of ” Clan Focus”

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Perfectly timed photos

Hey guys, -ar- here. Today I thought we could have some fun, So I’ve gathered some images of perfectly timed photos. The people who take these photos must be either really skilled or extremely lucky, because they need to be timed perfectly.

As you can see above, the squirrel is catching up on his current events for his social studies class. It looks like he’s really surprised by the article, Because his eyes are as big as watermelons.

This bald eagle is a little late for work, so he turned the turbo on. Warp speed! He could of drank a few cups of coffee before his morning fly. Maybe he drank just a little too much. Or maybe his crush called and wanted to go on a date with him.

Best selfie ever.

This monkey is obviously a movie star. It looks more like a one man show though, because he is filming while acting. I hope he gets paid over minimum wage.

Monkey: Mom! Are you in there. [Looks at his reflection in the lens} MOM!!! I see you! Stop hiding and get out of this box.

As you can see, this cat has always wanted to be a fashion model. As long as it’s not a swim suit shoot I think he will do fine. If you didn’t already know, most cats hate water.

People really need to feed their camels better, it looks like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. Or, It could be a zombie camel. “I want to eat your brain”. The young lady in the photo is obviously having a good time getting her head bit off.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a dog like this? You would never need a match again. Maybe this dog is part dragon, It doesn’t look like he’s putting a lot of effort in it.

Grandparents. This granddad was having a little too much fun. But, the kid could be practicing his limbo skills.  Like they say “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”.

Grandfather: Let me take a turn on the swing.

Grandson: Fine

Grandfather: Wow I haven’t done this in ages

Grandson: That’s because your old.

Grandfather: What did you say young man? [BAM! The swing hits the grandson right in the face]

This is the famous 3 deer dancing group. Their choreography is very on point. Although, It could also be the famous 3 headed deer that lives in Vermont. [ This is actually a myth]

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed the images. Sometimes I wonder, how many photos does it take to get one as perfect as these. It could just be luck, but I think it takes a lot of skill. If you want to see some more perfectly timed photos, click here.

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First of all, I know some of you are wondering: What is up-cycling? Up-cycling is when you turn something old into new, like a old table or chair. You can put some new fabric on it to make it better. These items are usually salvaged from dumps.

Humans are always looking to adapt and get better. We always want the greatest and the newest. What we are leaving out are those special items that helped us adapt and grow. Those items lay forgotten and uncared for.  All of these old gadgets and toys go to landfills and lay to rot, Why can’t we reuse these forgotten items to make new items? There doesn’t need to be as much food and waste in our landfills. Soon enough all of that waste will be so compiled that it will take up a lot of our earth.

Humans are always looking towards the bigger and the better, but why not use what we already have, instead of putting so much waste on our earth. Recently, I have been reading a lot about up-cycling. Up-cycling can be something where you use old furniture toys to make something new and useful. Like, someone made a new ski-rack out of some old pallets. This person got those pallets for free, and he sold the ski-rack for a 50$ profit. With the only cost being screws.

Up-cycling can do a lot for the world. Why not do it? Also, people make a living off it. This is not a problem currently, But it can easily become one. Some of you might be wondering: What are some benefits to up cycling over recycling? Or over using raw materials? The landfill does not have to process the recycled materials, Making it easier for them. Also, with Up-cycling you can make something cool out of nothing. Even if it was a piece of junk once.  You can use something in your garage that you don’t even use. Make something useful out of trash. Up-cycling can also be used to bring back some old classic music, and make it your own.

You can turn nothing into something! This weekend I made a hunting tree stand out of some pallets. I got the pallets for free at the local hardware store and the screws at the dump near my house. The stand was fairly easy to build, and I didn’t have to pay a dime for it. Maybe you could try a project like this. It’s cheap, easy, and it helps the world.

Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more!

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The Morning

This morning, I woke up at 6:30 the normal time. Once I was out of bed, I got my clothes for the day ready. Today I decided to wear my “Green Lantern”  shirt and some jeans. The “Green Lantern” shirt is one of my favorites because my aunt brought it back from California for me. I went downstairs and ate my normal breakfast – some “Captain Crunch” cereal. I suppose I fell back asleep while eating it, because I woke up with my face in the cereal bowl. After I finished eating, I had to get my lunch ready. Today, I decided to take an orange, some peanut butter crackers and leftover spaghetti from last night’s supper. After getting all my stuff into my bagpack and checking to make sure I had all my books, I went into the living room to watch some TV before the school bus came by my house. On TV, I watched a sports center to catch up on the latest highlights and scores from around the world.

I went back upstairs after the episode of sports center ended because I forgot to grab a pencil to use for the day. When I went upstairs I was startled by my cat. I stepped on him, because I couldn’t see him in the dark. He meowed and ran down the stairs. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked again. I’ve ran into a lot of mysterious things this morning, I even stepped in a puddle of gooey liquid which I later figured it was the glue on my little sister’s project. Also, I walked straight into a wall and that wasn’t good for my face.

After all of these mishaps I got my shoes and jacket on to walk down to the bus. Once I was on the way down the long driveway, I remembered that I needed to bring my backpack to school. The backpack was still inside and as such I had to walk all the way back up the driveway to get it. After getting it, I made my way back down the driveway. I have to walk a half mile, Just to get to my bus stop. After waiting there for about 30 minutes I knew something was wrong, The bus normally comes about 15 minutes after I get to the bus stop. Today it didn’t. I made the tiring trudge back up to my house once again.

Once at my house, I took out my iPhone to check and see if school has been canceled. I got to the school page, and sure enough school had been canceled. After all that exercise walking back and forth, I can’t go back to sleep now, so I guess I would just have to sit on the couch and watch some TV. Although I have had better mornings, this one was still normal. School was canceled so, I don’t have to go to any classes! My cat is still mad at me and he won’t come near me. I guess he’ll figure it out soon. Thanks for reading, now i need to wipe the milk off my face.

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