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8000BC: Chapter XII – Final Hour

Nowadays, many people look back and laugh, study and discover with interest what they think we were like 10000 years ago. However, as with most things in the past, it is largely unclear as to what life was like back then. 8000BC was actually very different to what anybody imagined.

Last time: As Nev fell off the side of the bridge and was thought to be dead, they had actually survived but they destroyed the bridge as they pulled themselves up causing Dainsanefh and Drogba along with two Misfits members to fall into the hot magma. With the deaths fresh in their mind, the team now must chase Powdersnow down, but will they stop him?

Chapter XII

 Final Hour


Amontiliadito was worried. Until he had tried to save Drogba, he’d had Powdersnow in his grasp, literally. Now, the king, who was intent on completing his plan, was gone from sight.

The group of eight entered the machine room. The heat was still just as intense as before, despite the chilling deaths that had happened at the bridge.

“We could just destroy it” suggested Gialappo.

“No use.” Bladesman stated, “it will have been designed so that we can’t. Powdersnow is not stupid. He will leave nothing to chance.”

“Do you know anything about this technology Polarkid?” asked Nev.

“No. Well, I know a little, but nowhere near enough to stop a machine of this scale” Polarkid answered.

Areyoukiddingme came running back from the tunnel.

“We’ve found a new way across the gap!” He shouted to Keepitloose and the person who had entered with Dainsanefh.

“Good.” That person said. “It is essential I am able to get over there.”

Keepitloose rounded up his clan, now two members down due to Pangolingx and Phanrahan’s deaths and they headed away down a tunnel, to emerge over the other side.

 “They’re moving!” shouted Gialappo who had been watching the Misfits clan.

Jefco said, “I know where they’ll be going. There is another route across, not far from here.”

“I’ll go,” said Haifisch, “you need to stop Powdersnow here, Jefco can guide me and I’ll reason with them. They probably don’t know what they’re doing. We can get them on our side.”

Jefco moved to the door, while Amontiliadito hugged Haifisch,

“Haifisch, I just want you to know, that I,” Amon started but then he paused and said, “no it’s, stupid”

“Save it for when we’re done here, Amon,” Haifisch replied.

“Just make sure you come back alive,” Amontiliadito said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and then she and Jefco sprinted away out of the machine room and down the tunnel.

“What was that all about Amon?” asked Gialappo.

“Nothing,” Amon replied.

Haifisch and Jefco turned a sharp corner and almost ran into The Monsterking.

“Please, help us stop this,” Haifisch said to him.

The Monsterking turned to the Misfits clan who were following him through the tunnel.

“Stop!” he shouted.

Keepitloose stepped forward.

“Out of our way. We have something more important than any of this.”

“And what is that?” Jefco asked.

“Him.” Keepitloose said, pointing at the person who had arrived with Dainsanefh, he stepped out of the shadow and Jefco recognised him instantly.

“Jefco, my friend,” the person said


Meanwhile, Amontiliadito and Bladesman had left the others at the machine room to hunt for Powdersnow and they had found him.

“You think this plan is evil, crazy and mad I know.” said Powdersnow to them.

“It is,” said Amontiliadito harshly.

“Do you actually know what this plan is all about and will do?” Powdersnow asked and continued, “As leader of this world, there are two horrible options and I must choose between them. I can either let the world we know fall into ruin for many years to come, as has been predicted by many people of our future or I can activate this, which will bring us back to a time of peace and unity. When Hogweed decided to choose the latter, he chose it not out of madness but out of love for his world, to save what he could. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask someone who would know?”

Desmondnew was speaking to Gialappo, Polarkid and Nev.

“Yes, I was at that table, with Hogweed and Gowolves when it was decided. I was young then but in all the years of my life, I have seen the predictions from Gowolves begin to come true. There is now more war in our world, more suffering, it has started to fall apart. Even after both Gowolves and Hogweed died, due to old age, I do not regret this decision we made and even now, I am confident that this must go ahead.”

In the tunnel, Jefco and Sipwell were still speaking.

“I left you and the rest of our clan Jefco because I could see something important that I needed to do.” said Sipwell.

Jefco said, “After you left, our clan worked more and more for Powdersnow, Dainsanefh and myself saw this, he was removed from us, cast out into the Plains. That was when I knew something had to be done. I escaped with Haifisch and Amontiliadito,”

“As I was on my way here I found Dainsanefh left lying, barely alive in the Plains and we made our way together here. He explained to me what had happened since I was gone. Powdersnow did not know a lot of what Drogba did. I know that if Powdersnow had known how Drogba had cast Dainsanefh out into the Plains, Powdersnow would have stopped it.”

“How can you say that?”

“Because I have spoken with Powdersnow. I have helped make one final change to his machine and I have it here,” Sipwell produced a small data chip, “This will ensure that  in the future, the world around us will live on. It will be different but no matter what, we will not be forgotten!”

“And you are sure about this?”


“You always were the cleverest among us.”

“I only wish Dainsanefh could be here to see this. He was convinced that Drogba was evil and wanted to protect the Misfits clan from the same fate we had undergone. In the end, he must have thought the only way to stop him was to kill him.”

“Killed him just as Drogba might have been about to reveal his true self. Now, we will never know whether Drogba was for good, or for bad.” said Jefco.

“Now I must get this data chip to Powdersnow.”

“We can take you to him,” said Haifisch, “the third and final prophesy of Desmondnew has come true, ‘the power, the choice and the burden all resting in the hand of the least important of you’, it’s all down to you Sipwell. You haven’t been here for any of this, you’re unimportant but so important!”

They led Sipwell to the machine room.

“So we just stand back and let this happen?” asked Polarkid as Amontiliadito and Bladesman also entered the room with powdersnow.

“It’s as Desmondnew predicted,” said Amon, “his 3 prophesies came true. I don’t like the thought of this plan but I think we need to let it go ahead.”

Bladesman said, “It takes a strong person to fight for good things, it takes an even stronger person to do nothing and let the good things happen.”

“We have no choice” stated Gialappo, “But to see this through” said Nev.

“All this time, we’ve been fighting against the good cause. It seemed evil at first sight but perhaps it truly is the better option. How is it so easy to make such a big mistake?” wondered Haifisch.

“I’ve finished what you’ve started,” Powdersnow said to Desmondnew stood next to him, looking up the huge machine that had been constructed over 60 years inside the volcano and Desmondnew just smiled.

They stood there and watched as Sipwell added his final data chip to the machine to ensure that his world would live on in some form. He activated the machine and from that moment, the world was never the same again.

The author wishes to thank the following users (order of appearance): Nev72, Dainsanefh, Drogba921, Powdersnow, Amontiliadito, Gialappo, Bladesman1, Polarkid, Areyoukiddingme, Keepitloose, Pangolingx, Phanrahan, Jefco, Haifisch87, Themonsterking, Sipwell, Desmondnew2, Hogweed, Gowolves.


Epilogue: 10000 years later, 2005AD

In 2005, a certain website became active on the internet for the first time. The world had changed completely since the events of 8000BC. There was not a single trace left of there being an advanced civilisation 10000 years ago. Instead, it just looks like primitive settlers live on Earth during that time to us. However, Sipwell’s final data chip ensured that the population of his world could live on. It is no coincidence that the names of the characters were the same as some of your usernames. The world of 8000BC lives on through Powersoccer. The plan was successful in keeping the world united and peaceful and now, they live on through our usernames. The events of 8000BC really did happen and although there is so far no trace of their civilisation, who knows what we might discover in the future?

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

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8000BC: Chapter XI – Confrontation At The Bridge

Nowadays, many people look back and laugh, study and discover with interest what they think we were like 10000 years ago. However, as with most things in the past, it is largely unclear as to what life was like back then. 8000BC was actually very different to what anybody imagined.

Last time: Powdersnow revealed to Amontiliadito his plan to wipe out everything that was heading to ruin for a fresh start and Drogba and the Misfits clan attacked our heroes.

Chapter XI

 Confrontation At The Bridge

King Hogweed was sitting around a table with two other people. They were possibly the most important people in the world right now.

They had just listened to Gowolves, the leading psyco-socio-scientist (or so he called himself), who had told them that the world as they knew it was falling apart. The world was currently united but this unity was slowly being ripped apart.

“Something must be done.” Gowolves had ended simply.

It was then that the 3rd person at the table spoke, “If this is as bad as Gowolves says, then we need to completely start afresh!” he said enthusiastically, probably because he was so young and was seeking attention from the world, noted King Hogweed. Yet he had already made a big impact in the world and he was a very popular figure.

“What do you suggest then?” King Hogweed inquired.

“I suggest that we put my plan into action. It will take 60 years to build a machine complex enough to completely renew the planet and prevent our fall into war and suffering. It is the kinder way.”

“And you Gowolves?” King Hogweed asked.

“It is the only way.” Gowolves replied.

“Then so it shall be.” King Hogweed concluded.

The third person sitting at the table was the young Desmondnew and 60 years later, the plan he had created was almost complete.

“Drogba!” Powdersnow called, “now!”

Drogba responded by turning to the Misfits clan and calmly uttered, “Get them.”

The Misfits clan were armed with spears, they ran forward to where the AD team were standing. It was clear they were aiming to kill anyone who opposed them now. Powdersnow’s plan was so close to completion, it could not be risked.

Haifisch shouted “Everyone across the bridge!”, Polarkid and Gialappo were the first to dash across, being careful not to fall into the fiery pit below the bridge, which was not very wide (2 people would struggle to stand side by side) and had no barriers to prevent anybody from falling.

Without waiting a moment, Bladesman and Jefco followed him, helping Desmondnew to keep up the pace. Haifisch and Nev followed them across but Desmondnew’s age meant he was slower than the others. Pangolingx, the Misfits member who was in charge of keeping Nev under capture was the first to cross and he caught Nev and Haifisch.

Haifisch spun around, producing a perfect roundhouse kick, which caused Pangolingx to lose his balance. Pangolingx grabbed onto the closest thing to him to avoid falling off the side but it was too late. Pangolingx had grabbed onto Nev.

“No!” shouted Haifisch as everyone else looked on helplessly. Nev couldn’t keep his balance and the two of them fell off the side of the bridge.

Haifisch crouched over the side, oblivious to the Misfits clan who were still coming, now more slowly, towards her. There was no sign of either of them, Jefco ran onto the bridge and pulled Haifisch, kicking and screaming back to the side of the bridge, where they all stood, except for Nev, facing the oncoming Misfits members.

Phanrahan was still leading them across the bridge, despite what had just happened but he looked up and stopped suddenly.

“Retreat.” commanded Amontiliadito, who had King Powdersnow around the neck at his mercy. The Misfits did so, allowing Drogba to stroll to the centre of the bridge. On one side, Powdersnow was a hostage, with tears streaming down Gialappo’s face, in the week that he had known Nev, they had grown incredibly close and now he was gone. Haifisch too was struggling to hold back tears.

Behind Drogba was the Misfits clan. Armed and ready. Nervous but not showing any emotion to the tragedy that had just happened.

Drogba was standing in the centre of the bridge, directly between the two groups either side of him. His safety all relied on the plan for the confrontation going well. If it went wrong he was in danger. Big danger.

He would probably end up falling too, if either side lost their cool and ran at him.

Polarkid was the first to break the silence,

“What is your purpose here Drogba? First, you joined our team and then betrayed me, leaving Dainsanefh to die in the desert. Then you call yourself a double agent and help unite us. Now, you led an attack to kill us. What are you playing at?”

“I- I don-”

“You can’t decide can you?” said Amon, “You have seen Powdersnow’s plan. Powdersnow completely trusted you, he placed you in our team to keep us distracted because he was worried we would not like it and would try to stop his plan.”

“But it wasn’t us who didn’t like it was it Drogba?” chipped in Bladesman. “You saw what Powdersnow was planning and had second thoughts. You tried to help us but then couldn’t bring yourself to betray your king.”

“I- Er-”

Jefco spoke, “You’re going to have to make a choice, Drogba. Are you with him and seek to destroy everything ever made or are you with us? It’s your boss and king, or your friends.”

Before Drogba could answer, two new arrivals emerged from the tunnels, standing next to The Monsterking, one of them shouted at Drogba, “You destroyed my clan! Y-You will pay!”

“Dainsanefh” hissed Polarkid, “how he is still alive, I have no idea.”

The Misfits clan swarmed into action blocking Dainsanefh’s way through. He was dirty, wearing little more than a rag. He had been alone in the plains and looked extremely weak because of it but he was still determined. It took 4 Misfits members to hold him still.

Even then he shouted, “Drogba! You tore the Marx Brothers apart! Now they slave away in the city for you! You will pay!”

He threw 3 of the Misfits members off him. Only Phanrahan still held him. He tried to pull Dainsanefh back but Dainsanefh pulled forwards, stepping closer to Drogba. The person who entered at the same time as him had also broken through the Misfits clan.

Drogba had his back to Dainsanefh. Instead, he was looking directly at Powdersnow.

“Powdersnow. I’m sorry but-” Drogba never got a chance to finish his sentence.

Nev knew that now was the time. He let go of the length of rope he had been holding during the whole confrontation. He looked up at what the other end was attached to. Suddenly, the words of Desmondnew all made sense.

When Nev and Pangolingx had fallen off the side, they had both grabbed something, anything, dangling down, it was a strand of rope and it must have been strong because it supported both their weights and had presumably been above the boiling heat that came from below for a long time.

With no choice but to work together, Nev and Pangolingx had pulled themselves up, beneath the bridge, the heat was intense, either of them barely able to breathe, never mind letting out a cry for help.

The rope was not made to hold their weight and they had severely weakened the structure that it was holding together. Nev and Pangolingx let go of the rope and clung to one of the large rocks that made the bridge. The rope had been attached to holding the newest stone in place on the bridge and it was the one behind Drogba, the one that Dainsanefh was stood on.

The rope was too weak to hold the newest stone and it fell. A huge gap in the bridge appeared. Dainsanefh shook himself free of Phanrahan who fell backwards through the gap that had emerged. Dainsanefh leapt forwards grabbing Drogba’s leg as a final yell from Phanrahan chilled the air as he hit the heat beneath the bridge and was gone.

Amon released Powdersnow from his grip and ran forwards, diving forward and grabbed Drogba’s hand. Haifisch screamed and Gialappo and Polarkid ran forward as Nev and Pangolingx tried to pull themselves up.

“You’re coming down with me Drogba!” Dainsanefh shouted, hanging above the fiery pit as Drogba’s hand slipped from Amon’s. Drogba tried to grab anything in one last desperate attempt but only managed to find Pangolingx who couldn’t hold on either.

They fell, Dainsanefh, Drogba and Pangolingx and with only a small splash into the hot magma sealing their cruel fate, they were gone.


Nev was lying on top of Gialappo and Polarkid, who had just pulled him up.


Amon sat looking over the edge of the bridge, “he was about to say sorry to Powdersnow, he was on our side, I’m sure of it,” he said.

“I guess we’ll never know what he was going to say or who’s side he was on,” said Bladesman.


Haifisch spoke next, “that is what you meant, Desmondnew, in your prophesy, when you said ‘Beware of the new one at the bridge’, when we first met you. We’ve been looking at this all wrong, it wasn’t a person you were talking about, but the bridge itself, the newest stone was not secure and now it has caused those 4 people to-to-”

Again, there was silence.

On the other side, to which there was now no way of crossing, the person who had entered with Dainsanefh was talking to Keepitloose, Areyoukiddingme and The Monsterking.

Areyoukiddingme, turned to the Misfits clan and said “Your captain has asked you to find a new way across. Do so now.”

Amon turned around to his friends, who were looking across at the Misfits clan scurrying about to find some way of crossing.

“Where’s Powdersnow?” Amon said.

Nobody replied.

“Where’s Powdersnow?” He said again. “We need to find Powdersnow fast. Otherwise, he’s going to unleash his plan upon the world!”

Amontiliadito, Haifisch, Bladesman, Gialappo, Polarkid, Jefco and Nev, picked themselves up and prepared for their final challenge, to find and stop Powdersnow before it was too late, while the old Desmondnew sat there, smiling.

To be continued…Next time…The final Chapter! Who entered with Dainsanefh? Will Powdersnow be stopped?

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

The author wishes to thank the following users (order of appearance): Powdersnow, Amontiliadito, Drogba921, Hogweed, Gowolves, Desmondnew2, Haifisch87, Polarkid, Gialappo, Bladesman1, Jefco, Nev72, Pangolingx, Phanrahan, Dainsanefh, Keepitloose, Areyoukiddingme, Themonsterking.

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8000BC: Chapter X – Edge of Forever

Nowadays, many people look back and laugh, study and discover with interest what they think we were like 10000 years ago. However, as with most things in the past, it is largely unclear as to what life was like back then. 8000BC was actually very different to what anybody imagined.

Last time: Drogba is cornered on the bridge, claiming to be a double agent. He says this time he can prove that he is telling the truth… 

Chapter X

Edge Of Forever

 “Follow me.” Drogba said, walking off the bridge and began heading towards the tunnels that would take them back up to the surface, where King Powdersnow was. Amon, Haifisch, Gialappo, Nev and Jefco all followed him.

They reached the bottom of the steps, where the heart-shaped stone lay.

“I’ll have that again” said Nev, who scooped it up. Drogba turned to them.

“Nobody here knows I am acting as a double agent. Nobody knows you guys are here apart from me. It looks like the Misfits clan seem to have forgotten about Nev and Gialappo disappearing. We need to get to that craft over there without being seen. It’s probably best if you go one by one. Keep your heads down.”

“What about you?” Jefco asked.

“They know me as loyal to King Powdersnow, I can just walk from one side of this camp to the other.” Drogba replied. He stood up and walked across the camp to the craft he had pointed out.

“I’ll go first,” said Haifisch, she crouched up the stairs and skirted her way around the outside of the camp. Jefco followed. Everything was fine. Nev and Gialappo recognised one of their guards, Phanrahan speaking to Drogba but Haifisch and Jefco were hidden beneath the craft. Phanrahan left without suspecting anything so Nev and Gialappo soon made it to the craft. Everything was fine. Amontiliadito was the final person to cross the camp. He made his way round the back of a tent, the same route as the others.

“Amon” said a low voice. Amon spun around to see a figure beckoning him to come. It was King Powdersnow.

Drogba looked on from the craft.

“What’s he doing?” hissed Haifisch.

“I don’t know, perhaps someone caught him.” Drogba replied.

“You better prove yourself soon, Drogba. If you’ve managed to trick us into being captured…”

“Calm down! We can’t wait for him. I’m going to open the door the craft. You all need to hide in here quickly. Then, we’ll see if we can make our way back into the volcano. That is where we need to be,” Drogba said, “right one, two, three!”

They all sprung up and jumped inside the craft.

“Argh!” cried Nev, somebody had jumped on him and pinned him to the ground. Gialappo grabbed the person who had Nev pinned down to throw him off, then stopped.

“Bladesman?” he said.

“Gialappo. How great it is to see you again after so long in this dark container”, the AD-team leader said, hugging Gialappo.

There were two others in with Bladesman. One was an elderly man, who Haifisch instantly recognised as Desmondnew. The other, Haifisch ran towards and hugged shouting “Polarkid!”

Polarkid hugged her back. He then turned to Drogba. “You betrayed me. You left Dainsanefh to die!”

Drogba replied, “I’m really sorry but I had no choice. I couldn’t blow my cover. Anyway, just imagine that we gave you a lift.”

“Amontiliadito. Professional crime solver. Graduated top of class. Successful in maintaining order in the Southern Seas for a number of years. Seen as the field leader of AD-team operations. An impressive record.” Powdersnow told him.

“My king.” Amontiliadito said instinctively. Hardly anyone saw the king, let alone spoke to him. This was no time for pleasantries, he changed his tone.

“Tell me what is going on.” Amon said.

“Are you sure you really want to know?” Powdersnow asked.

“Yes.” Amon replied confidently.

Powdersnow motioned for him to follow, they went down the steps into the volcano and arrived at the bridge.

“Watch your step” Powdersnow said as Amon tripped up on a rock (by this I mean a huge boulder, 12 of which formed the bridge), that looked newer then the rest.

Powdersnow took Amon deep into the volcano, where they eventually went through what looked like a small doorway in the wall. On the other side, was a huge metal room. The metal, Amon saw, was part of one huge machine. The heat in the room was immense. Every spare space seemed to be taken up by metal parts, dials, screens and more that made up this huge machine.

“But what for?” wondered Amon.

“You know I lead this world, Amon,” said Powdersnow, “it has been a united world for a long time now. United under the rule of the kings. However, 60 years ago to this day, my successor, King Hogweed, noticed that this world was falling apart. Nations were starting to fight for independence from us. The system was breaking, we would be a united world no more. That is why he started this. For 60 years, the kings have been dedicated to constructing this. 5 kings later, I am here and I get to see it’s completion.”

“So that is why you were stealing from the bank then? I would never have thought you would be the bandit.” asked Amon.

“The final part to this machine was in the bank. It was only small, so myself and Drogba arranged for me to steal it. This would then distract people like you from what was really going on, incase you tried to interfere. Drogba joined your team, so he could lead you in the wrong direction.”

So Drogba knew more than what he had just told them, Amon then asked, “But what does this machine actually do?”

“It will completely change our world. It will bring to an end out failing world and provide us with only the basics to start anew. If we don’t do anything. The world will descend into turmoil and disaster in another decade. This machine is so powerfully constructed it can completely wipe out our population so we can start again.

“What! Powdersnow! Do you have any idea what you are saying? You’re going to kill your entire world to take us right back to basics? Like what we were like in 23000BC?” exclaimed Amon, he thought Powdersnow must be insane.

“If you had seen the world for my point of view, you would understand why I am doing this. 60 years it has taken, you have been involved in this for a week. It is much bigger than this.” said Powdersnow.

He paused and then continued, “You are standing on the edge of forever, Amon, you should make sure you are standing on the correct side of it because forever is a very, very long time.”

They left the room to find a huge crowd at the other side of the bridge.

“It stops now Powdersnow!” shouted Bladesman. Behind him, the rest of the AD-team, Nev and Jefco were stood. Before anything else could happen, footsteps were heard. The Monsterking entered, he was followed by Drogba and Keepitloose, who were followed by the Misfits clan.

“Drogba!” Powdersnow called, “now!”

Drogba responded by turning to the Misfits clan and calmly uttered, “Get them.”

To be continued…Next time…Has Drogba really double-crossed our heroes? Does Powdersnow really know what he is doing or is he a very dangerous fool?

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

The author wishes to thank the following users (order of appearance): Drogba921, Powdersnow, Amontiliadito, Haifisch87, Gialappo, Nev72, Jefco, Phanrahan, Bladesman1, Desmondnew, Polarkid, Hogweed, Themonsterking, Keepitloose.

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8000BC: Chapter IX – The Bridge

Nowadays, many people look back and laugh, study and discover with interest what they think we were like 10000 years ago. However, as with most things in the past, it is largely unclear as to what life was like back then. 8000BC was actually very different to what anybody imagined.

Last time: Drogba said to the Monsterking, “The King of Linköping, Powdersnow.” The bandit, who was King powdersnow, walked forward and shook the hand of the Monsterking. Now, Drogba has spotted our 5 heroes, Amontiliadito, Haifisch, Gialappo, Nev and Jefco hiding, forcing them to run down deep into the volcano…


Chapter IX

The Bridge

“Down, down down,” hissed Amon as they ran down the steps into the volcano.

Drogba followed them down the steps. They didn’t know where they were going, there was a series of passageways through the earth. They ran past where the heart-shaped stone now lay, they had followed the heart-shaped stone. First a left, then a right. Sprinting now. It seemed they had quickly lost Drogba. They stopped, panting for breath. There were so many things going on in Amon’s mind.

“How…who…what is the king doing here?!” he blurted out.

“Protocol #6.” said Gialappo, “That is why it was protocol #6. Other people were involved. The king is the one we’re fighting.”

“But the king can’t be doing anything that bad! There must be a reason for the good of the country as to whatever he is doing here” argued Nev, “perhaps he is sorting it out-”

Haifisch interrupted, “What is Drogba doing with him? I thought he was with Polarkid. Now we’re stuck down here with the mad clans of the North above us and Drogba coming after us apparently fighting King Powdersnow who is up to who knows what. Amon, what do we do?”

Amon thought for a moment and then made a decision that may just have changed the course of history. “Look, he said, “We’ve got too many questions that need answering to solve them all now. One thing at a time, we’ve got Drogba down here with us. Alone. There are 5 of us and 1 of him. Jefco, you know your way around here I gather?”

“Yes, how did you know?” asked Jefco.

“I just assumed you had been down here with Marx Brothers and guessed you knew the routes well. You need to take us to where Drogba will have gone. Then, we’ll need all of the knowledge about this that you have to find out what is going on.”

“I know exactly where he will have went to,” said Jefco, they moved off down the tunnel deeper into the volcano, ” all these routes lead to the same place. It is a bridge, which everyone must pass over to enter the main chamber. He will know that we can’t go back up the steps because we’ll be outnumbered and we can’t go further in without passing across the bridge so if he waits there, we’ll come to him.”

Sure enough, Drogba was standing in the centre of the bridge. It was about 20 metres long and not very wide. It was made of massive rocks connected together. It looked safe, but one of the rocks had clearly been recently replaced. Also, there were no barriers on the side to prevent people falling.

“I wonder how many people have fallen off there over the years…” wondered Amon. Then he looked down.

“Haif,” he said.

“Yes?” she replied, turning to look at where Amon was looking. She also looked down, saying “Oh.”

Below the bridge, a long way below the bridge, was hot magma, the inside of the volcano. Put one foot slightly to the side of the bridge and you would fall into the boiling pit of fire and molten rock below and burnt to death the moment you got anywhere near hitting it.

“What is it Amon?” Gialappo asked.

“My dream, Haif, my dream. This is the exact bridge I fell off in that dream.”

“I know Amon, I remember it exactly too. This is why we went back to the city to find Desmondnew and where we eventually met you Jefco.”

“So what does this all mean?” Jefco asked.

“I don’t know! But I know who does!” she screamed at Drogba who was sitting halfway along the bridge, as though he had not a care in the world. He looked up when he heard Haifisch shouting. Haifisch would have ran across the bridge but Amon and Gialappo grabbed hold of her and stopped her running.

“Haifisch calm down,” Amon whispered in her ear, “now isn’t the time, one mistake and we could be down there.”

“But he’s done something with Polarkid! He has been betraying us and him all this time!” Haifisch said, still shouting.

“Come on Haifisch we’ve got him cornered here, now isn’t the time for stupid moves” Gialappo pleaded.

Haifisch seem to calm down.

“Fine” she said.

Amontiliadito and Gialappo released their grip on her but she instantly spun round towards them.

“You!” she shouted at Nev, “get in front over here!”

Nev obeyed without question moving slightly away from the group, closer to the bridge, where Drogba was still sat with a bemused look on his face.

“And you Jefco!” Haifisch shouted again.

“Haifisch what do you thi-”

“Amon. Don’t you see! This is what Desmondnew warned us about! He told us to follow the heart-shaped stone. A heart-shaped stone was dropped down the volcano steps and then we had to follow it. We done so! It came true and what did Desmondnew say next?”

“Beware of the new one at the bridge…but Haif, that could be Nev, Jefco or someone not new to our team at all. It might be Drogba or the new one might not even be here yet!”

“Better safe than sorry” Haifisch said stubbornly. “They stay over there.”

She pointed to where Nev, looking a little emotionally hurt and Jefco, with a serious expression on his face were standing together. Amon didn’t know what to do and it was Jefco who spoke next.

“It seems to me, that if you must beware the new one, that does not imply we will harm you intentionally. We might just do it by accident. It makes sense then, that I should move away from Nev”, he stepped further backwards towards the direction of the bridge, “so that we don’t harm each other by accident too.” he stopped a few steps away from the edge of the land.

“Sorted now?” Drogba called from the bridge.

“I was getting to you,” said Amon, with a fierce glint in his eyes now.

“Sorry but you don’t know how daft you look arguing over what an old man’s words mean”

Amon interrupted, “Drogba. Tell us what is going on. You’re stuck down here. You can’t take 5 of us on by yourself.”

“Well,” started Drogba.

“I wasn’t asking. Tell us or you may find yourself down there” said Amon, pointing at the magma beneath the bridge.

“Oh threatening me now are we?”

“That wasn’t a threat. That was a promise.”

“Fine, I’ll tell you everything I know. We’re all on the same side in this. You’ve just got to trust me.” Drogba started, but once again he was interrupted, this time by Haifisch.

“Trust you?” she shouted, “Trust you! Why should we trust you? Polarkid trusted you and he could be dead for all we know!”

“If I would be allowed to finish what I am saying,” Drogba said irritated at the constant interruptions, “I know you people don’t trust me. I am used to it. That is what life is like when you’re a double agent. I was placed with you so I could get even closer to Powdersnow. My…organisation knew he was up to something and they managed to get me in there as his right-hand man. I go everywhere he goes, I know everything he knows, apart from what he is doing here. He has kept that secret even from me. He alone knows. You’re going to have to trust me if you want to stop him, whatever he is up to it is bad, that is why he is so secretive. He must be stopped! If we’re going to be able to stop him though, you’re going to have to trust me!”

Haifisch didn’t look surprised, “Amon” she said, “I don’t trust him one bit. How do we know he isn’t working with Powdersnow to trick us!”

Amon looked at Drogba and said “Haifisch is right, how do we know you can be trusted? Prove to us you can be trusted.”

“I don’t know what I can do to make you guys believe me” Drogba said, “Actually, yes I do, I can do one thing and then you will have to trust me…”

To be continued…Next time…Is Haifisch right to worry about Desmondnew’s words? What is Drogba planning to do?

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

The author wishes to thank the following users (order of appearance): Drogba921, Themonsterking, Powdersnow, Amontiliadito, Haifisch87, Gialappo, Nev72, Jefco, Polarkid,

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8000BC: Chapter VIII – Revelation

Nowadays, many people look back and laugh, study and discover with interest what they think we were like 10000 years ago. However, as with most things in the past, it is largely unclear as to what life was like back then. 8000BC was actually very different to what anybody imagined.

Last time:  Nev and Gialappo hidden from Keepitloose. Amontiliadito and Haifisch tricked into being taken into a craft to who knows where. Polarkid captured with Bladesman and Desmondnew rounded up, Dainsanefh left behind, and Drogba working for the bandit but all is not lost as Nev and Gialappo see three people fall from a craft…


Chapter VIII


Amon and Haif had been in the back of the craft of for some time when their guard got up.

“We should be low enough to jump now.” he said.

Haifisch and Amontiliadito just stared at him blankly.

“Come on, quickly this is the chance to escape” their guard insisted. He opened the back of the craft. The ground was whizzing past under them. It was still a very long way to jump. The three of them stood on the edge. The noise of the craft was so loud, Haifisch could only lip-read what the guard said next.

“Well come on!” he shouted, grabbing their arms, he jumped, and dragged both of them out with him. They fell fast and just about managed to land safely, they rolled some distance and picked themselves up.

“You could have killed us!” Amon shouted.

“He would have killed you!” their guard shouted back pointing at the craft flying away, oblivious to the fact he had lost 3 passengers.

“Where are we?” asked Haifisch.

“Right, let me explain. My name is Jefco. I am a member of Marx brothers. Our leader is taking us in league with people from the city. We’re working more and more with them but now we’re doing their work. Myself and a few clan mates were sent to come and get you and take you up there. We’re standing on the side of a volcano. I have decided enough was enough. It is time for them to be stopped. There is something inside that volcano. I don’t know what it is but I want to get in and find out because I have the impression I’m not going to like whatever it is in there.”

“So what does that have to do with us?” Asked Amontiliadito.

“You’re investigators right?” Haifisch nodded in confirmation, “Well,” Jefco continued, “You were investigating something they don’t want you investigating”

“The bandit. He must be behind all this.” Haifisch said.

“Drogba! He must have been sent to watch us all this time!” Amontiliadito exclaimed.

“Now what do you say we get moving? There seems to be something happening at the top of this volcano.”

At the top of the volcano, Nev and Gialappo were watching the craft land. The people who had fell from it were nowhere to be seen. The Monsterking was shouting instructions. Telling the craft to land over the other side. Shouting even more when it tried to land on what was apparently sacred ground. They stayed hidden and watched what was going on for a while.

“Psst! Gialappo!”

“Did you here that?” Nev asked Gialappo.


Haifisch sprang up behind them. Gialappo turned up and threw a punch, stopping just short of Haifisch’s head.

“Got ya.” Haifisch laughed and embraced Gialappo, as Amon and Jefco came up behind her.

“This is Jefco.” Amon introduced him.

“Yes this is Nev, Nev, these are Haif and Amon, I work with them. Now what is going on?”

They exchanged stories and knowledge and soon the place was once again deserted. Nev and Gialappo took the other three to the see the entrance to the volcano.

“Where to the steps lead?” Amon asked.

“Pangolingx didn’t say, but I think they lead quite deep inside.” Nev said, he stepped closer to the edge but tripped up on a rock. He clutched for something that fell out of his backpack, but missed it and it fell down the steps. It was a heart-shaped stone.

“Damn” said Nev. “I found that when crossing the Plains, I was planning to take that home.”

Haifisch looked at Amon and nodded. “Follow the heart-shaped stone” she said.

Amon continued “That is what wise old man, Desmondnew told us, we thought he was crazy at first but now we see a heart-shaped stone fall down those steps.”

“We’ve got to go down into that volcano.” Haifisch finished.

In the end they didn’t have much choice. Another craft landed. The 5 of them crouched down and peeked over the top of the steps.

Drogba got out of the craft shortly followed by the bandit.

“I knew he was with the bandit” whispered Amon.

Drogba and the bandit went over to The Monsterking, who was standing dangerously close to where they were hidden.

Drogba said to the Monsterking, “The King of Linköping, Powdersnow.” The bandit walked forward and shook the hand of the Monsterking.

“Of course, I knew I recognised him, his face is on everything.” Nev said. Drogba quickly looked over towards where they were hiding.

“Do excuse me” Drogba told the bandit, who was King Powdersnow.

Drogba started to walk over to their hiding spot.

“Down, down, down,” hissed Amon as they ran down the steps into the volcano, past the heart-shaped stone, which they had now followed and away from Drogba, who was running after them, working for King Powdersnow!

To be continued…Next time…What can the King possibly be up to here? What happens when Drogba meets the team inside the volcano?

Thanks for reading all that,

ShaPhi7 ~ RFA Editor

The author wishes to thank the following users (order of appearance): Nev72, Gialappo, Keepitloose, Amontiliadito, Haifisch87, Polarkid, Bladesman1, Desmondnew, Dainsanefh, Drogba921, Jefco, Themonsterking, Powdersnow.

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