Contests & Projects

PowerSoccer Extra is involved in many contests and always will be. But we want to help you as well.
Do you want to make a contest and need help with the planning, advertising or anything else? You can contact us and if we think the concept is good, we will help you.
Are you planning a contest, but have no idea how to get that done? Contact us and we will help you with it and will plan it with you together.

We are always open and looking forward to getting new ideas and inspiration. So if you have an idea or want to help us with contests, you are always welcomed.
To get in touch with us related to contests, please fill out the form below.

Our contests

This section will show and describe you several contests that we had in the past, that we still have and which we are planning to have in the future.

Goal of the Month

In this contest users are asked to submit their best goal that they scored in the current month. The contest starts at the first of a month and ends at the last day of the month. A jury will judge all the submissions and vote for the best goal, the goal of the month. The prizes vary every month depending on the number of participants.

To find out more, go and check the rules and winners thread here.

Quiz contest (August-September 2013)

This contest will seek the user who knows most about our site. As not everyone is long enough in the game the questions will be that way, that everyone can find the answers in our articles and on the site. We will also provide help where you can find the answer.
Every week we will publish 1 article with 2 questions which need to be answered. The answer to the questions can be submitted till the new article gets published, which will be exactly 7 days later. It will be 4 articles that makes a sum of 8 questions. Some will be easy, others hard, some will be tricky and some might look too easy.

You can win:
1st – 1 month CM
2nd – 1 month supporter
3rd – 1 pair of Einst41n Shoes
Article contest (will start in the future)

We are looking for the best article of the month. All articles that got published on PSE are qualified. The users will be the judges.
From all users that gave a vote we will draw 1-3 random users that will receive a little gift for voting.

The winning article will be presented and featured in the official news from the crew and also the winning RA or guest-writer will get recognized there.

If you want your name in the news and your work getting praised, then our guest-writer program might be the right for you. To get more information, check it out here (link)

Real life to PS goal (Not Continued any more)

Here we wanted users try to score a goal from real life football in PS. Every month we picked a goal from real football and users could try to redo it in the game. At the end of every month a jury judged which goal is closest to the one we gave.

Old contests

In this section we will list contests we held in the past, give a short description and present to you the winner.

Here you can find some ideas of the team, which contest will come in the future and what contests are running now.

Our other projects

  • Guest writer
    PowerSoccer Extra offers every user to help us as a guest writer. Guest writers will receive a small reward, getting added on our site “Guest-writers” and can make theirself a name in the community. To find out more, please check this page: Your option to help.
  • Youtube
    As some of you know PowerSoccer Extra has has cooperated with the crew and made a Youtube channel. It is planned to create our own videos for articles, to make helpful videos for users and more. As you all know creating a video is not that easy and takes time. So we didn’t made many videos so far as building up the RA team and bringing PSE back to old success was the main priority. You still shouldn’t miss out the videos there, as also Powdersnow uploaded/uploads his videos there.
    Check out our channel here.

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