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1 Year Clan League – a history article

It’s celebration time! With the end of June, we have accomplished 1 year of our biggest community run competition, the Clan League (CL). 11 seasons have been played since July 2013 and in this article, I want to take look back on these previous seasons and present some interesting facts and records.

In the 11 previous seasons of the Clan League a total number of 68 clans have participated. However, only 7 clans managed to stay in the competition from the beginning on. The most successful clans in the league are without a doubt Alexander the Great (ATG) and Bharat Legends (BL). These two clans are the only ones that played in the highest division in every season and the ones that have won most “Clan League Champion” titles. ATG is the record champion with 7 titles, while BL managed to beat them 3 times. Last season, the clan Chelsea – Fc – (CFC) broke through this dominance and put its name on this list, too. Besides BL and CFC, only the DiRtY SoUtH (DS) clan managed to beat the mighty ATG clan so far. DS has also a shining history in the competition. They became 3rd placed clan in the final standings of the highest division for 5 times and eventually achieved to become runner-up in the May season.

Here you can see the top 10 clans of all time according to the points that the clans have won in every season.

 1 Alexander the Great 172
 2 Bharat Legends 138
 3 Chelsea – Fc – 113
 4 Misfits 103
 5 moon star 101
 6 robines 92
 7 DiRtY SoUtH 86
 8 † Tricolor Heroes †™ 82
 9 Fratelli Italiani 69

These are the most successful clans in the first 11 seasons of the Clan League. However, as you all know, clans are represented by individuals and these are the ones we want to look at next. At the end of every clan cup, the best player wins the award for the Most Valuable Player (MVP). After 11 seasons, the leader of this ranking is ATG superstar jerseybaby with an amazing number of 18 MVP awards. He’s won 11 MVPs for his main clan, but also helped out other clans with several accounts, such as ™►We Are Legends◄™ last season. He has become global MVP twice, which is the award for the player who has won most of these awards over all divisions in one season. Behind him on the podium are two users, -blazingstar- and marsatrlu, who both have become MVP 16 times in CL. -blazingstar- is the user, who has won most MVPs for a single clan. He was the best player representing ATG for 14 times. Marsatrlu has played in CL for various clans with various accounts and is still holding the record for most MVPs won in one season. In the February season this year he was the best player in 5 out of 6 cups for his clan The whole World. A record for eternity!

In the top 10 of the users, who’ve won the most MVP awards of all time are two users who have won their titles for only one clan. These loyal users are kekulele and helpmjplz. Here you can see the full rank list.

 1 jerseybaby 18
 2 -blazingstar- 16
 3 marsatrlu 16
 4 atmosphere. 14
 5 skilly_bully 12
 6 kekulele 11
 7 caballerodraghon 8
 8 deerulz 8
 9 edu_cadillac 8
 10 qfs 8

When the admin team created the Clan League together with the Crew, they defined that the ideal cup size for a CL match should be a 5v5. We are happy that we experienced a good number of even bigger cups. After all, 26 cups (=6%) have been arranged with more than five players on each side.  Surprisingly, the biggest cups ever have all been played in division 3. In November 2013, the 4th edition of the Clan League, we’ve seen the first 8v8 in the history of the league in the match between the clans TRIBO and Legends Reborn, which LR won with a score of 59 – 32. In the March season of 2014 there was another cup, where eight players represented their clans in a CL cup. In the end, PERU-PS AMATEUR achieved the highest win ever by thrashing Perpetuum Moible with 77 – 17. However, the biggest CL cup ever was yet to be played. It took place in the following season between Heart Break Boyz and Dream Golden. Both clans had 10 players in their line-up and after 5 cup rounds, Dream Golden was victorious with an astonishing score of 88 – 49. The winner of this outstanding competition shall not stay unmentioned, it was exelenica.

Those were the most interesting facts and numbers from 1 year of our Clan League. Last month, we started into a new era with only two divisions, but this means even more intense competition for points and glory.

Thank you for reading.

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Monthly Recap – March 2014

Hey guys! It’s me once again for another Monthly Recap, so let’s look back at what happened in March this year.


It was an amazing month for various users in terms of achievements, as many achieved milestones never or rarely reached before.

CFA: nev72

CLA: lewpiotr

FA: difranc

LRA: nicolito909

100000 Cup Points: Alexander the Great

15000 posts: someb0dy

10000 posts: haifisch87

7000 posts: marci-fcm

5000 posts: zy.

3000 posts: dxdj2

1000 posts:, chocolate_10

500 posts: jerseybaby

99er: -.number88.-, xphoenix


Happy birthday to all who celebrated theirs in March!

3: pmystic60, ecuador92

5: gordonst4

6: scorcherbg

8: sir.alex.ferguson, la_vinotinto007, acidman123

9: syetro, Italyl

10: nousnous

12: gaziantepbld

13: gamer009

17: pravin17

18: keston3

21: gaziantep27, kinkazma

25 varadarajankrishna

27: yashnaruto


  1. Maniek6941
  2. Polishplayer71
  3. Leonardogarrido9
  4. Ramot
  5. Rick24
  6. Kodaky

User Rankings

  1. _aleksandra_
  2. Atmosphere.
  3. Mellowdrone
  4. Xolt
  5. Ali711
  6. Rob.zombie
  7. Rafalbe
  8. Ian.vinicius
  9. Jerseybaby
  10. deerulz

We have a new number one, _aleksandra_ had been a constant face in the top ten, but finally this month, he has taken the helm.

Country Rankings

  1. Brazil
  2. Poland
  3. United States
  4. Romania
  5. India
  6. Turkey
  7. Argentina
  8. Italy
  9. Colombia
  10. France

Clan Rankings

  1. Chelsea –Fc –
  2. Robines
  3. LKS ZUL
  4. Bharat Legends
  6. DiRtY SoUtH
  7. Alexander the Great
  9. Dream Golden
  10. Olympic Gods

FIFA Country Rankings

  1. Spain (-)
  2. Germany (-)
  3. Argentina (-)
  4. Portugal (-)
  5. Colombia (-)
  6. Uruguay (+1)
  7. Switzerland (-1)
  8. Italy (-)
  9. Brazil (-)
  10. Belgium (+1)
  11. Netherlands (-1)
  12. England (+3)
  13. Greece (-1)
  14. USA (-1)
  15. Chile (-1)

PS News

Cup fees/rewards balanced

Club members can now create and join cups for free, while non-Club members need to pay 75 tickets. The prize for winning a cup has been reduced from 150 to 100 tickets.

Gifting returns

It is now possible again to hold your own prized competitions, as the crew has brought back the highly-popular gifting system. Users can gift Club Membership, Skill Packages and the 3 Day Pass.

Olympic Relay ends

Leonardogarrido9 and atmosphere. won the Olympic Relay in style by raking up 4285 points, with both of them ranked third and fourth in the user rankings. They win themselves 6 months of the Club Membership package, and if that is not enough, the Skill Package lasting just as long. Coming in second is kodaky and -ar-, ranked 8th and 10th in the world. They win 3 months of both packages.

Goal of the month February

Nicolito99 beat off competition from 101 other highlights to win the Goal of the Month of February 2014 competition. This is the comment from the jury.

The midfielder passes the ball to the striker who makes a wonderful fake to avoid the defender and be face to face with the goalkeeper. The action ends with a powerful shot under the top left corner of the goal. Great action.

That’s all for March. What’s in store for us in April?

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Monthly Recap – February 2014

Hey guys! It’s time for another Monthly Recap. Let’s look back at what happened during an exciting February.


New Admins

FRA: arsenal0619.

CA: girl8888, kodaky

RA: -ar-, telepizza

LA: titi3699, michnej

Forum milestones

6000 posts: powdersnow

5000 posts: play42

3000 posts: -.number88.-, gamer0009

500 posts: eletro_power.

We apologise if your achievement has been missed out. If you would like to see your achievement here, do inform us and the relevant information will be edited in immediately.


  1. Fast.hands
  2. Dianapo87
  3. Diegoroberto01
  4. Jestem_ninja
  5. Kjhg1234
  6. ahlywe

It was fast.hands who won in February, beating off stiff competition from dianapo87 and diegorobero01.

User Rankings

  1. –blazingstar-
  2. _aleksandra_
  3. Eletro_power.
  4. Atmosphere.
  5. Electro_italy
  6. Skryld0ll
  7. The_stranger
  8. Bennaidu
  9. Importival_lee
  10. –ar-

-blazingstar- and _aleksandra_ both retained their spots in the top two of the user rankings.

Country Rankings

  1. Brazil 
  2. Poland
  3. United States
  4. Italy
  5. Argentina
  6. Romania
  7. Turkey
  8. Colombia
  9. Mexico
  10. Peru

This month we saw a new face at the top of the country rankings, with Brazil finally managing to overtake Poland and take the pole position. Argentina rose three rungs, while Peru managed to sneak into the top 10.

Clan Rankings

  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Bharat Legends
  3. Robines
  4. LKS ZUL
  5. The whole World
  6. League of Legends
  8. Perpetuum Mobile
  9. Top Players
  10. Dream Golden

Alexander the Great leapt from fourth place last month to top the clan rankings in February. Bharat Legends settled for second spot while Robines retained their third spot.

FIFA Country Rankings

  1. Spain (-)
  2. Germany (-)
  3. Argentina (-)
  4. Portugal (+1)
  5. Colombia (-1)
  6. Switzerland (+2)
  7. Uruguay (-1)
  8. Italy (-1)
  9. Brazil (+1)
  10. Netherlands (-1)
  11. Belgium (-)
  12. Greece (-)
  13. United States (+1)
  14. Chile (+1)
  15. England (-2)

This month we saw more activity in the FIFA country rankings, although the top three of Spain, Germany and Argentina retained their positions. Portugal overtook Colombia for fourth spot, while Switzerland amazingly climbed to sixth spot, above the likes of Uruguay, Italy and Brazil.

PS News

Exciting 3 Day Pass released

Do you feel like going on a Power Soccer marathon? Feel like playing this game for hours straight? Then the 3 Day Pass is for you. Costing only 5 tokens, this Pass gives you Club Membership and the Skill Package for 72 hours. Also, you can join club member-only tournaments which extend beyond these three days.

Romanian Patriots win Clan Arena

Most Valuable Player dragosh1993 led his clan Romanian Patriots to the Clan Arena title, beating TVST and Goal Makers. He went through eight tedious and testing rounds, knocking out a massive 216 other users in the process. All members of Romanian Patriots have now won three permanent customable items, the Marseille Roulette dribble, the Playoff beard facial hair and the National Acrobat goal celebration. Congratulations Romanian Patriots!

Power Soccer Olympic Relay

Team up with one other user from your country and join the newy-launched Power Soccer Olympic Relay! Components of this race include the Olympic Flame tournament and Shootout cups, among others.

Goal of the Month (January) Winners

Pmystic60’s wonder goal beats 80 other participants and wins him the January Goal of the Month contest.

Tour of India begins

India, one of only 16 countries to have their own local tournament, sees the Tour of India kick off.

That’s all for February. Let’s look forward to an amazing March!


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99 Cup, Edition 42 Cup Report

99-er cup is an exclusive cup for all users of level 99, the highest level any user can reach in powersoccer. The winner from this exciting cup would be awarded 10 tokens, 200 tickets and a “Champions Mark” tattoo which cannot be obtained from any other manner.

This time, the 99 cup had 32 players and it was really interesting to watch the game’s top players compete with each other.  So the 1st round has started after 10 mins of waiting.

Figure 1 : Round 1

The 1st round comes to an end, with leading the pack with a 7-0 win over marci_fcm, ashkap in 2nd place, after winning ruiffillipe 4-1 and leonrdogarido9 in 3rd. This is starting to get interesting. Can retain his top spot? Let us see!

Figure 2 : Round 2

As the results for the 2nd round are rushing in, wins ashkap 3-1 and joeasr won leonardogarrido9 2-1. Thus, is still leading the pack with 6 points. joeasr and atmosphere coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively, losing out on goal difference. After the 2nd round, only 4 users have won both games! Good luck to everyone for round 3!

Figure 3 : Round 3

With playing joeasr and atmosphere. playing -blazingstar- , this could be the cup decider. Users anxiously wait for the round 3 results to be reported.

And, the results are out! wins joeasr 4-0 and –blazingstar- got to better of atmosphere. winning by a scoreline of 2-0.  This means that is now in the lead with 9 points, followed by –blazingstar-, trailing behind on goal difference and resurrection, who has 7 points. Now, only these 2 players have a 3 win streak, 3 players having 7 points. This is getting close!

Figure 4 : Round 4

Round 4 ends. came out with a shocking 1-1 draw with the rank 1 in PS, -blazingstar-. In the other game, resurrection won ian.vinicius 4-2   The current standings after the 4th round : 1st, having 10 points and in 2nd place -blazingstar-, who is still trailing behind due to goal difference  and in 3rd  place is _iamforeveralone_ who beats ashkap 3-2

Round 5 (sorry I do not have print for this round) was the last round in this editions’ 99 cup. With playing _iamforeveralone_ and -blazingstar- playing joeasr, it will be a close fight to be crowned champion.

And the final results are in! narrowly wins _iamforeveralone_ by a scoreline of 1-0 and -blazingstar- won joeasr 2-1! But it will not be enough to overtake and emerge as champions. lovelovelovelove came in 3rd by winning his last game against resurrection. on walkover.

The final standings can be seen below!

Figure 5: Final standings

This edition of 99 cup was interesting and exciting for all the participants as well as the spectators. It was a surprise for me to win this edition. Stay tuned for next season’s report!

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Day in PS – Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

As an avid and experience player of Power Soccer, I have learnt and seen many different techniques used in the game. What is vital however is figuring out what technique suits you most to become successful. “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

The Tough Guy – “He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?” – Have you ever found yourself on the end of a witty user that is giving you a bit of lip in the lead-up, waiting stages of a cup? “I’m not the greatest, I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ‘em out, I pick the round”. Almost a sniff of arrogance in the air? “I’ll beat him so bad he’ll need a shoehorn to put his hat on”. That player that tries digging into you to get you a little bit frustrated and mess with your head, with each little snigger making that vein on your forehead begin to pop out. “If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize”. There you are being antagonised, making you unsure of whether to retaliate in fair spirit or to sit there quietly. I have one piece of advice, spoken from the champ himself. “Silence is golden”, let your gameplay do the talking. The part that is more satisfying than winning itself, is to sit back on your chair, find a comfortable position, pull off a cheeky, chuffed looking grin and just gaze at the desktop screen, waiting for a reply from the opposition.. But remember you may have won the fight, but have you won the war? Here marks almost a rivalry between the two members. At the commencement of each of your battles from here on in, you will remember your first encounter, and each successive encounter with head to head stats on who has the better record against each other.

The Nice Guy – “At home I’m a nice guy, but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far”. Ok. Let’s stop right there, playing a game of power soccer is a tad different to being in a boxing match, but regardless we are playing PS at home, so it is ok to act humble.  I’ve found that the humble approach, opposed to the tough guy approach seems to work wonders. The small talk at the start of each game, “Hey, have fun and good luck”,  mid game chit chat, saying good half, good try and bad luck all seem to work wonders.. Not only for those looking to increase their sportsmanship star rating, but for those who believe in karma.

The Unorthodox Approach- I will give you all a little insight on a technique I use that has allowed me to be successful. Let’s just say, it isn’t mainstream. I’ve taken the “indi” approach, something a little different to most, unorthodox. Firstly I use only 1 tactic, 4-2-3-1 with some players more attacking and others defensive. Secondly I only use keyboard, something a little abnormal in the current day and age. Thirdly my secret weapon, sit back and relax.. “It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up”. All I simply do is get a midfielder and slot him into my defence, trying to cut off intercepts. 1 of 2 things either happens. The computer automatically tackles my opponent, or 2 I Intercept the ball.. “It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself”.  I advise, for those looking for that extra edge over the rest, to try something a little bit different like I have, experiment. I have not only used this tactic myself but I have taught others and they seem to have had success and enjoyed using it. “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.

Finally a motto you should all draw from, that I think relates all too well to the Power Soccer game scenario. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Tune in next week for the second part of this series!

~ mr.helpful (Guest Writer)

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