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1 Year Clan League – a history article

It’s celebration time! With the end of June, we have accomplished 1 year of our biggest community run competition, the Clan League (CL). 11 seasons have been played since July 2013 and in this article, I want to take look back on these previous seasons and present some interesting facts and records.

In the 11 previous seasons of the Clan League a total number of 68 clans have participated. However, only 7 clans managed to stay in the competition from the beginning on. The most successful clans in the league are without a doubt Alexander the Great (ATG) and Bharat Legends (BL). These two clans are the only ones that played in the highest division in every season and the ones that have won most “Clan League Champion” titles. ATG is the record champion with 7 titles, while BL managed to beat them 3 times. Last season, the clan Chelsea – Fc – (CFC) broke through this dominance and put its name on this list, too. Besides BL and CFC, only the DiRtY SoUtH (DS) clan managed to beat the mighty ATG clan so far. DS has also a shining history in the competition. They became 3rd placed clan in the final standings of the highest division for 5 times and eventually achieved to become runner-up in the May season.

Here you can see the top 10 clans of all time according to the points that the clans have won in every season.

 1 Alexander the Great 172
 2 Bharat Legends 138
 3 Chelsea – Fc – 113
 4 Misfits 103
 5 moon star 101
 6 robines 92
 7 DiRtY SoUtH 86
 8 † Tricolor Heroes †™ 82
 9 Fratelli Italiani 69

These are the most successful clans in the first 11 seasons of the Clan League. However, as you all know, clans are represented by individuals and these are the ones we want to look at next. At the end of every clan cup, the best player wins the award for the Most Valuable Player (MVP). After 11 seasons, the leader of this ranking is ATG superstar jerseybaby with an amazing number of 18 MVP awards. He’s won 11 MVPs for his main clan, but also helped out other clans with several accounts, such as ™►We Are Legends◄™ last season. He has become global MVP twice, which is the award for the player who has won most of these awards over all divisions in one season. Behind him on the podium are two users, -blazingstar- and marsatrlu, who both have become MVP 16 times in CL. -blazingstar- is the user, who has won most MVPs for a single clan. He was the best player representing ATG for 14 times. Marsatrlu has played in CL for various clans with various accounts and is still holding the record for most MVPs won in one season. In the February season this year he was the best player in 5 out of 6 cups for his clan The whole World. A record for eternity!

In the top 10 of the users, who’ve won the most MVP awards of all time are two users who have won their titles for only one clan. These loyal users are kekulele and helpmjplz. Here you can see the full rank list.

 1 jerseybaby 18
 2 -blazingstar- 16
 3 marsatrlu 16
 4 atmosphere. 14
 5 skilly_bully 12
 6 kekulele 11
 7 caballerodraghon 8
 8 deerulz 8
 9 edu_cadillac 8
 10 qfs 8

When the admin team created the Clan League together with the Crew, they defined that the ideal cup size for a CL match should be a 5v5. We are happy that we experienced a good number of even bigger cups. After all, 26 cups (=6%) have been arranged with more than five players on each side.  Surprisingly, the biggest cups ever have all been played in division 3. In November 2013, the 4th edition of the Clan League, we’ve seen the first 8v8 in the history of the league in the match between the clans TRIBO and Legends Reborn, which LR won with a score of 59 – 32. In the March season of 2014 there was another cup, where eight players represented their clans in a CL cup. In the end, PERU-PS AMATEUR achieved the highest win ever by thrashing Perpetuum Moible with 77 – 17. However, the biggest CL cup ever was yet to be played. It took place in the following season between Heart Break Boyz and Dream Golden. Both clans had 10 players in their line-up and after 5 cup rounds, Dream Golden was victorious with an astonishing score of 88 – 49. The winner of this outstanding competition shall not stay unmentioned, it was exelenica.

Those were the most interesting facts and numbers from 1 year of our Clan League. Last month, we started into a new era with only two divisions, but this means even more intense competition for points and glory.

Thank you for reading.

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