About PSE

PowerSoccer Extra In The Past

PowerSoccer Extra got started by polidoro76 as he wanted the users to write articles and news for the community. It should be an addition to the news of the crew and be more user focused. What a success it turned out to be, so much that a new group of admins were introduced, the RAs, (Reporters) that we have now.

PowerSoccer Extra Today

PSE is still following these values. The users decide what we will write about. Sure we have some topics that we write about that maybe is not requested by users, but you can make a lot of influence on what will be published here. You have the option to give us ideas, to request articles, or to be a guest-writer for us.

To get more info about being guestwriter check the infos here “Your option to help”

To give us feedback, how we can improve or to request articles use the form below.

PowerSoccer Extra in the future

For the future we hope that our team will grow, that we provide more different articles in different categories and that we can satisfy our readers. We will also keep up organizing contests, keep you updated about changes in the game and much more.


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