To Write

19 Jun

What does it mean: “To Write”?  Is it to pour your heart into something, or rather to just create a piece you hope others will like (the term used in the music world would be “sell out”).  From my position in the game, I have seen many examples of each.

Some threads, (for example, the winner of the latest SOTWB contest) come straight from the heart and couldn’t have been written by anybody other than the author who wrote it.  But what does it take to write something so deep and philosophic-like?  Here’s a quick list of what I think takes to write something this way:

  1. You must have a topic that you care about.  The greatest writers can make themselves look like fools if they pick a bad topic.  That is where it all originates, and your writing must have a great foundation
  2. Think>Write>Revise
    • If you combine all the steps into one big mess, you will never have fluency in your work. Plan first about what you will write, and then you can get into the work of the actual writing.
    • When you are crafting sentences, they must have a good flow. The best way to do this is to just write. Don’t think: write.  Do NOT worry about spelling mistakes, as constantly going back to fix them only stop your train of thought.  Open the gates of your brain and let it all come out.
    • Go back after you finish writing and fix everything that looks wrong.  This is where you will fix the spelling mistakes.  You can also mess around with your sentence structure: change sentences around, and put the thoughts where they belong.  In this stage, you are really just making small tweaks to the final masterpiece.
  3. People can sometimes make a new face for themselves when they write, so to keep your identity true try to write how you would talk.  Say the words in your mind as you are writing them, and it can bring life to your paragraphs.  That way you are speaking from your heart.
  4. Don’t be so monotone!! Add some “!”s, a few rhetorical questions (questions that do not actually call for an answer), some hyperlinks, possibly a Heading or two, and as a wise man once said, “There is never the wrong time for a quote.”
  5. Mix it up! If you wrote a poem last time, try writing in paragraphs.  Swirl in a couple of one-liner-interviews and you’ll have a melting pot in no time.
What will you do to make a difference in the writing of the community?  Start today, and make an identity for yourself in the forums.  Each writer has their own style, and yours may be the missing link in the world.  Now is your chance to find out.

Thanks for reading!


Comment Thread in the Announcements from PSE forum section.


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