Two Years of TVST

08 Dec

I decided to share with everyone information about the great clan TVST and interview Aliy38 (Captain & Founder of TVST.) This involved the two years of this clan in the game of Power Soccer. This event was planned to be back in November but Aliy38 has been busy so we had a month delay.


TVST (The Varsity Striking Targetters), is one of the most famous and popular clans on Power Soccer. This clan has celebrated its second anniversary after two years on the game.

History and Establishment of TVST:

The clan TVST went through much history before its official establishment.

The original clan establishment was TST (The Striking Targetters) started by aliy38, yoram1000 and embro11, during July 2008. During October 2008, a group of members separated from FC Shadows, merged with TST and started the The Varsity.

TST and The Varsity merged together to create a clan called TVST known as “The Varsity Striking Targetters” on November 11, 2008.

TVST Today:

The successful clan continues to gain its fame by the mature and respectful members. TVST has a good relation and partnership with the Marx Brothers and Surreal. The clan contains some admins and master assistants and brought in two crew members at one point a while ago.

Interview with the TVST Captain and Founder Aliy38:

[Reporter] eagle-deer: hello
[Master Assistant] aliy38: Hi
[Reporter] eagle-deer: first of all how did the first two original clans start off before TVST?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: My old clan mates embr01 and yoram1000 they got the idea of forming the clan back at 2008 under name the The Striking Targeters (TST)
[Reporter] eagle-deer: do you know how or why you guys came up with the name?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: Well actually i could believe they wanted to come with a strong name defining themselves in the game as how good they play and strike with their players in the field into the right target to score! 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: cool 😉
[Reporter] eagle-deer: where was TST ranked the majority of the time? Were you in the top 10 or somewhere in the hundreds or thousands?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: Well at the time when TST came to exist along with other clans in 2008 there were not clans or clan ranks in PS until Nov. 2008, at that we were just organizing basic cups and invite members from each clan and play against each other, but i can tell TST was among the top active and competitive clans!
[Master Assistant] aliy38: we didnt had ranks for clans in PS
[Reporter] eagle-deer: nice and that seems very interesting in clan history, back then I can see this. Now no ranks would be hard to imagine in how active and competitive clan cups are. 😛
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes sure 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: back then did you play alot?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes indeed, we were low levels and had plenty of time to spend in the game, we were playing daily almost about 3-4 clan cups, at that time i remember they used to name it clan wars! 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: wow! totally different from today
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: i can see back when clans started, you seemed to play like a basic cup. No ranks but kind of for fun.
[Reporter] eagle-deer: was TST still in existance in November 2008?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes it was only basic cups invite only with a protected password
[Reporter] eagle-deer: why was there a password? was it only a club member feature?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: no for every one can make a basic cup today it is called invite only, at that time we didnt had an invite only feature but we had cool feature where you can create a basic cup with a generated password of your own and no one can enter the cup unless you give him the password!
[Reporter] eagle-deer: sweet 😉
[Master Assistant] aliy38: and answering to your prevouis question TST was formed in July 2008 till late Sept. and then by Oct. 2008 we merged with another clan called The Varsity and so in Oct. 2008 TVST came to existance
[Reporter] eagle-deer: ok do you have anything to say about the varsity?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes it was formed by two great members named Kissenbarden and grandadb, they were few members in the clan and got the chance to know us and then we liked each other and brought the idea to unite together until this day carrying the name TVST.
[Reporter] eagle-deer: omg wanna know something cool? i joined the league with 4 seconds left on the count down and 0 days 0 hours and 0 mins
[Reporter] eagle-deer: can you tell explain how tvst united together?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: but unfortunately non of them are active now, the only last member survived is razvi_the_best which is still he is some how active from time to time
[Reporter] eagle-deer: amazing xD
[Reporter] eagle-deer: i heard about powdersnow or a crew member merging and joining this clan together. Can you explain this if you know?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: well the leader or captain of The Varsity kissenbarden spoke with our leader embr01 at that time and discussed the idea of merging the two clans together so we can be one bigger and powerful able to challenge with other clans in the game.
[Reporter] eagle-deer: hehe i see TVST coming
[Master Assistant] aliy38: powdersnow had his own clan at time which is actually he is in it now called Surreal
[Reporter] eagle-deer: so tvst was created and both clans vacated?
[Reporter] eagle-deer: am i right?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: TVST was made from those two clans TST and The Varsity, and become TVST! as The Varsity Striking Targeters.
[Reporter] eagle-deer: ok
[Master Assistant] aliy38: was formed in beginning of Oct. 2008
[Reporter] eagle-deer: was tvst created seperate or did you just change the name of one of the clans? I swear someone told me it was requested a name change.
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes by Nov. 2008 we were integrated in power soccer as they brought up the new clan features in the game and so when we wanted to register our clan name into the system unfortunately it couldnt take the whole name it was limited to 25 characters especially in the clan forum, so we had to request from powdersnow to change our clan name again and write it in a short term – TVST and in the clan forum is name Varsity StrikingTargeters
[Reporter] eagle-deer: ok
[Reporter] eagle-deer: can you describe how tvst gained its popularity?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: well thanks to some of our old clan members and especially to yoram and embr01l they were playing so many clan cups and winning against other popular players and clans higher in level and ranks, their playing style was amazing and gained lot of fans for them and then to our clan with the help of me and some others we reorganized the clan in the way how it looks in our clan page, made our own Blog website…etc.
[Master Assistant] aliy38: we were also matured and respected members in the game, some of us became quickly admins like elnino and bladesman and helped the clan to bring it, into a new level of its members devoted for the game
[Master Assistant] aliy38: and then gradually it attracted more and more members, popular members and admins to join the clan
[Reporter] eagle-deer: sweet
[Reporter] eagle-deer: one last question before we are done
[Reporter] eagle-deer: what do you think of the new clan rank system?
[Master Assistant] aliy38: until two crew members also joined us alvcat and powdersnow and that was our peak! 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: the new clan system i have seen has helped you guys alot 😉
[Master Assistant] aliy38: ok the new clan rank system is definitely smart made, telling who wants to be in the chart has to keep playing alot and all time, i think its logical clans will be based upon their activity of playing the game! 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: it is also more fair and decreases the chance of cheating which is good
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes true
[Reporter] eagle-deer: i am glad the crew installed it, i love it better
[Reporter] eagle-deer: well thank you for your time and happy 2 years tvst
[Reporter] eagle-deer: stay active! =)
[Master Assistant] aliy38: yes sure, we too, i think all are happy and satisfied about it
[Reporter] eagle-deer: same in CSXI
[Master Assistant] aliy38: well it was a pleasure for me also, and thank you too for the time making the chance to have this wonderful interview with me, thanks again hope so we will do stay active! 🙂
[Reporter] eagle-deer: thanks for your time
[Reporter] eagle-deer: glad we can talk 😀
[Master Assistant] aliy38: your welcome, anytime my friend! 🙂

eagle-deer RA 

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