Tips and Tricks Never Hurt

19 Dec

Hello guys, let’s drift away from talking only about the experienced players, and what’s happening in power soccer. Let’s now focus the spotlight on tips and tricks for newer not as experienced players. After all, these guys (with a little help) will get to higher levels, and aspire for the same principle; level 99.

Prestigious level, but you can’t get there with no help. You can’t get there fast enough by loosing 100% of the matches, which is why I’m here to help 😛 I don’t consider myself an expert, but I do believe I know some information 😀

Saving your sprint

Many people start the game, and have no idea what to do, which is obvious. But sprint is a very interesting thing in PS. It gives you an extra boost and gives you an advantage to run against other players, and try and get the ball. The important thing though, is saving it until you really need it. If you’re alone with no defenders in sight, don’t use your sprint, use it until you need it. Having said that though, sprint is needed in some circumstances. For example, whenever a defender is close to you, and there is no one to pass it to. Remember, sprint takes a while to reload completely, so use your sprint wisely!

What is the best tactic?

This is one of the hardest topics that we can cover, especially since every tactic contains it’s own advantage and disadvantage. This is why I’ll only go over the tactic I use, it’s disadvantages and advantages. Allright. I use 4-3-3. The good thing about that one is that you have enough defenders to stop a player, and you have enough forwards to pass it to. Having said this, defenders always need more help, which is why in some cases the 5 defenders tactic works well. The down side in this, is that the amount of forwards is little. So, start with some training wheels (4-3-3), and whenever you get enough confidence, move on to the big bicycle (5 defenders)

Club Membership

Another good advantage to have, this is more of a tip than a trick though. Club membership gives you many advantages, including helping you to level up faster. Who wants to have to go through years of playing instead of getting to level 99 a lot faster? Club membership also allows you to get into clan cups, which are very fun and sometimes interesting to play in. You play for glory, you play for fun, you play for whatever you want! Club Membership is a win-win, for more information please look at “STORE” button in Power Soccer 😉

Use your Practice

Practice makes perfect. Without practicing, it’s impossible to become perfect (if perfection even exists). There is a great tool called “Practice” in which you can play against the Easy team, Medium team, or the Hard Team. You can also play against no one, so you can either practice your shooting, passing, etc. These are great tools that are here to use for your advantage, so use them. Failure to use this, would require more luck on your part. And you must know that luck doesn’t always balance your way.

Skills points

What to use skill points on? There are many things. Let’s start with the goalie. The best thing to add on in skill points is the goalie’s reaction. With little reaction, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll get owned a lot more :P. Try to also add on grip to the goalie. What use would it be to have a goalie with good reaction, but a goalie that lets the ball go? Now, the defense. For these, I recommend improving their tackles. Why? Because you need tackle to defend the goal. After all, that’s what defense is here for. Another thing that you should add could be passing. Sometimes you need to get the ball out of the box ASAP, therefore having good passing abilities help, to get it out of the way successfully. Midfield. For these I recommend passing and technique. Passing because mid fielders have to get the ball to the forwards, therefore passing help. Technique to also, get the ball to the forwards, and to get away ASAP. Forwards. For these guys I really recommend shooting, and technique. Shooting, because obviously they want to get the ball into the goal, therefore shooting is a MUST, not a should, but a MUST. Technique, because they want to get past the defense of the opponents, therefore having good dribble would be nice.

With this, I end my monthly “Tips and trick” article. I hope that you liked this, and I hope it helped!!!!

~Radicalguy44 (CFLRA)
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One response to “Tips and Tricks Never Hurt

  1. gifmekatn

    December 19, 2009 at 22:27

    I agree on everything but for a tactic formation I would consult top 10 players, also I’ve been top 10 for long with 4-3-3 but the mainidea of it is that its destined for people with a bad passing game and more kick and rush…


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