1 Year Clan League – a history article

It’s celebration time! With the end of June, we have accomplished 1 year of our biggest community run competition, the Clan League (CL). 11 seasons have been played since July 2013 and in this article, I want to take look back on these previous seasons and present some interesting facts and records.

In the 11 previous seasons of the Clan League a total number of 68 clans have participated. However, only 7 clans managed to stay in the competition from the beginning on. The most successful clans in the league are without a doubt Alexander the Great (ATG) and Bharat Legends (BL). These two clans are the only ones that played in the highest division in every season and the ones that have won most “Clan League Champion” titles. ATG is the record champion with 7 titles, while BL managed to beat them 3 times. Last season, the clan Chelsea – Fc – (CFC) broke through this dominance and put its name on this list, too. Besides BL and CFC, only the DiRtY SoUtH (DS) clan managed to beat the mighty ATG clan so far. DS has also a shining history in the competition. They became 3rd placed clan in the final standings of the highest division for 5 times and eventually achieved to become runner-up in the May season.

Here you can see the top 10 clans of all time according to the points that the clans have won in every season.

 1 Alexander the Great 172
 2 Bharat Legends 138
 3 Chelsea – Fc – 113
 4 Misfits 103
 5 moon star 101
 6 robines 92
 7 DiRtY SoUtH 86
 8 † Tricolor Heroes †™ 82
 9 Fratelli Italiani 69

These are the most successful clans in the first 11 seasons of the Clan League. However, as you all know, clans are represented by individuals and these are the ones we want to look at next. At the end of every clan cup, the best player wins the award for the Most Valuable Player (MVP). After 11 seasons, the leader of this ranking is ATG superstar jerseybaby with an amazing number of 18 MVP awards. He’s won 11 MVPs for his main clan, but also helped out other clans with several accounts, such as ™►We Are Legends◄™ last season. He has become global MVP twice, which is the award for the player who has won most of these awards over all divisions in one season. Behind him on the podium are two users, -blazingstar- and marsatrlu, who both have become MVP 16 times in CL. -blazingstar- is the user, who has won most MVPs for a single clan. He was the best player representing ATG for 14 times. Marsatrlu has played in CL for various clans with various accounts and is still holding the record for most MVPs won in one season. In the February season this year he was the best player in 5 out of 6 cups for his clan The whole World. A record for eternity!

In the top 10 of the users, who’ve won the most MVP awards of all time are two users who have won their titles for only one clan. These loyal users are kekulele and helpmjplz. Here you can see the full rank list.

 1 jerseybaby 18
 2 -blazingstar- 16
 3 marsatrlu 16
 4 atmosphere. 14
 5 skilly_bully 12
 6 kekulele 11
 7 caballerodraghon 8
 8 deerulz 8
 9 edu_cadillac 8
 10 qfs 8

When the admin team created the Clan League together with the Crew, they defined that the ideal cup size for a CL match should be a 5v5. We are happy that we experienced a good number of even bigger cups. After all, 26 cups (=6%) have been arranged with more than five players on each side.  Surprisingly, the biggest cups ever have all been played in division 3. In November 2013, the 4th edition of the Clan League, we’ve seen the first 8v8 in the history of the league in the match between the clans TRIBO and Legends Reborn, which LR won with a score of 59 – 32. In the March season of 2014 there was another cup, where eight players represented their clans in a CL cup. In the end, PERU-PS AMATEUR achieved the highest win ever by thrashing Perpetuum Moible with 77 – 17. However, the biggest CL cup ever was yet to be played. It took place in the following season between Heart Break Boyz and Dream Golden. Both clans had 10 players in their line-up and after 5 cup rounds, Dream Golden was victorious with an astonishing score of 88 – 49. The winner of this outstanding competition shall not stay unmentioned, it was exelenica.

Those were the most interesting facts and numbers from 1 year of our Clan League. Last month, we started into a new era with only two divisions, but this means even more intense competition for points and glory.

Thank you for reading.

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World Cup Interview with PS users (Part 1)



It’s 6 days to the 2014 World Cup! It’s finally here after a long wait, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, there is a growing debate as to which team will win the World Cup title which will be held in Brazil in just a few days’ time. I managed to spend some time and have a quick interview with a few experienced users in Power Soccer regarding their view on the upcoming tournament. Credits to them for giving swift but constructive replies, and here we go:

 washeka –MA

Q: Which team do you support for the World Cup next week?

A: Well, I hate to say it but I am not that much of a big football fan as a stereotypical Englishman as I used to be, after Ronaldo left Man United, I kinda stopped watching football as a whole. But If I had to choose on the international stage, England definitely, otherwise I would be betraying my country 😛

Q: England must be proud of you 😛  So, do you fancy them winning the world cup this year? Do you rate them as the ‘underdogs’? Or are they considered as a genuine title contender?

A: Well, I think many England fans will agree when I say that we didn’t have the best times in World Cups in the recent ones at least, I don’t really expect them to be top four, maybe top eight, as I said, I haven’t really been following football, so all of this might be totally wrong. But with teams as strong as Brazil and Spain, I don’t think England has a chance, therefore I will class them as Underdogs 😛

Q: Fair answer. Are you expecting an outstanding performance from any individual player throughout the tournament?

A: Well, I think there are a fair few individuals to look out for, Robin van Persie, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q: Alright, last question for you, which English player do you like the most, and what’s the reason?

A: To be honest, I think Rooney is underrated at times but quite inconsistent, he isn’t what he used to be but still can surprise us, that’s why I would have to go with him.

 play42 -MA

Q: Bonjour play, who do you support in the World Cup?

A: I support France of course.

Q: Cool, why do you support France?

A: Cause I’m french ^^

Q: Ahh I see. Which player do you like the most?

A: I like the young players in the French team: Raphael Varane, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann etc. They are the future of French football. Generally, I like Messi very much, he’s an artist!

Q: Do you think they can win the World Cup this year?

A: No, it’s a young team you know… I just hope they will play well and do not repeat what happened in South Africa… I think they can reach second part of the competition, but it’s hard for them to even reach the quarter-final. Anyway it’s just my opinion, and if I’m wrong then I will be very surprised.

Q: Your thoughts on the potential title contenders?

A: Difficult question… I see Brazil as they’re playing at home, but there are also Germany, Uruguay, Argentina… I don’t think Spain can win again. My outsiders are Belgium, Croatia, Portugal and France 🙂

gamer009 –CA

Q: So, who do you support for the World Cup this year?

A: Since my country Turkey has been not qualified, I am supporting Spain once again. 🙂

Q:  Alright, personally do you think they will be able to defend the World Cup title?

A: Humm, it’s a bit hard to imagine it, since there are very good teams like Brazil who are playing in their own country, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay etc.. But why not, everything is possible.

yop123456 – club member

Q: Who do you support for the upcoming tournament next week?

A: I am from Serbia and since neither Serbia or Canada made it to the World Cup finals, I will be supporting Chile, Greece and also Japan.

Q: Wow, that’s an odd choice. Do you agree that they are they are the ‘underdogs’ of the tournament?

A: Yes, they are ‘underdogs’. But i find it to be more fun if they go far or even win the World Cup. The obvious favorites are Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Portugal.

Q: Right, which of the star players you think will stand out from the rest during the World Cup?

A: Ronaldo, Messi, Shinji Kagawa, Georgios Samaras, Luka Modric, Edin Dzeko, Arturo Vidal, Neymar, Luis Nani, Rooney, Iniesta, Xavi, Suarez are all examples of spectacular players that will participate in the World Cup. But, winning the tournament is a team effort, individuals can’t do it alone.

It will only get more interesting to debate and discuss about the upcoming World Cup isn’t it. In my opinion, I view Brazil (with home advantage), Germany, Spain and not forgetting the superb Belgium who have shown marked improvements as a whole as the potential title contenders. But the question remains unanswered, who will win the World Cup 2014? Only time will tell. 



To conclude this interview, this is the official song for World Cup 2014 for those who are not aware of it. Stay tuned for Part II and enjoy the song!



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Are some bad habits really that bad?

Now I think its safe to say the majority of us have a pretty big sweet-tooth for things such as chocolate and other kinds of candy, but of course we try and avoid sweets to try and stay healthy. No one wants to die young that’s a fact so we try and eat our vegetables like our parents used to tell us and live a long happy life. What if I told you the oldest person ever recorded used to eat 10 pounds of chocolate a month? Now I know that most of you already probably think I’m insane, but hear me out! Dark Chocolate actually has a positive impact on your blood vessels and some think her chocolate obsession was a big part of how she lived to be so old. Now I am not saying to go to the store and load your shopping carts with chocolate and expect to be the healthiest person alive, but eating chocolate in moderation along with exercising can have a positive effect on your health!

Imagine this, you just got home from a day of work and you are so exhausted you immediately set your alarm clock for 6 AM the next morning. You are having the best sleep of your life and that alarm starts blaring in your ear. Now I am willing to bet a lot of you (including myself) look at the alarm clock and immediately hit the snooze button. However, this is not necessarily bad. Now a lot of you are probably thinking “well doesn’t the early bird catch the worm?” Actually this can be false at times. According to some studies, sleeping in occasionally can actually help you have have a better memory and organization skills as well as not being that one person who everyone hates in the morning cause you’re always so grumpy and irritated!

So when you go into work/school and you have to sit next to that guy who decided not to shower that day, don’t you think “wow this guy needs to have better hygiene and be healthy.” Well it turns out he might just be healthier than you in that aspect and he may be helping the environment. Think about it he saved water which is a plus. Now here is how it may help him be healthier. Every day we are wiping away lots of precious natural oils that our skin produces. We are also wiping away good bacteria that helps stop diseases. Now those of you who are grinning at this  because you haven’t showered please if you’re going to do this do it on a day where other people do not have to suffer through your stench.

I want you to picture this. You are playing Flappy Bird and you are one away from your high score and you lose. Now what you’re supposedly supposed to do is smile and say “thats alright I’ll beat it next time!” and not let your anger out. Well that might not be the right thing to do. Sometimes its smart to release your anger for this reason. Think of yourself as a can ofsoda; every time something bad happens to you your shaken a little bit. Now eventually you are  at the point of exploding and you release your rage on everyone. Then after that you think how could this of been avoided? If you would of just let your anger out when you were one away from beating that high score this could’ve  been avoided. Go hit a punching bag or when your by yourself let it out. Do not let yourself explode.


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What will the world be like in 50 years.

So today, while sitting at the PSE desk, I was thinking what it would be like to be sitting here 50 years from now. So, lets teleport to the future! [Yes, teleportation has been invented]. When I woke up everything was different. Even my bed was electronic. Without even moving some chain system moves me from my bed to the restroom. Still without moving a manacle arm starts the shower and puts me into it.

Well, this is a little different then I remembered. The entire morning I didn’t even move an inch. Everything was done for me by robots. And it made me feel really lazy. Since my morning did not go as planned I went outside to get some fresh air. The fresh air was not so fresh. The air has been extremely polluted from all of the woods stoves and machinery factories. The air was almost black, It was hard for me to breathe considering that I was so accustomed breathing fresh air. The trees are gone and now the air runs through pipes in the ground.

While walking around, I noticed that everything was kept very clean. The street was shimmering in the sunlight. Instead of seeing people drive, I was watching the cars drive the people to work. And most of the people were sleeping in their back seat. This is bizarre! Nothing is the same and the humans on Earth have become so lazy. We don’t even have to move to eat our breakfast in the morning because it is fed to us by robots. Back in 2014 we actually had to make our own breakfast, eat it and clean up after ourselves. Life seemed so difficult back then, But obviously they have fixed that problem. I think they went a little too far though. Even though it is easier I don’t think it is better.

While riding in the car my stomach growled. I decided it was time to check out the local convenience store. But that of course did not go according to plan. When the self driving car got to the store all I had to do is tell the machine what I wanted. Soon after I made my order the food was delivered straight to my car. I didn’t even have to move a finger to buy food. The food was really stale, I imagine that it has been processed a lot, before making its way to the store.

How can people live like this? Don’t they see that they are being taken over by robots. People have become so lazy that they invented robots to do all of their work for them. Soon, robots will be the government of the human race. They will outsmart and outlive us. And soon humans will be extinct. The robots will become so smart that human technology cannot stand up to them. Sometimes I wonder, when it is too much. How far can the human race advance in technology before we are not even considered human?

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please leave a comment in the thread giving an example of something that will be invented in the next 50 years. You can also check out some cool futuristic inventions here: 

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Clan Focus: Chelsea-Fc-

 photo chelsea-fc-logo_zpsbf31bad5.png

Hey guys, -ar- here with a new edition of ” Clan focus”. Today we are taking a look at the current number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. The clan has been in the top spot for almost 3 weeks, and are going strong strong. The current captain and founder rick24 has been a phenomenal clan leader since the clan was founded in August 2009. The two current co captains are redway and helpmjplz. The clan achieved number one on March 30th this year. Over the 5 years since the clan was founded they have won over 31,000 Cup points and currently their rating is at 1485. Their highest ever rating was 1690, which is really impressive with our current clan ranking system. Chelsea has won a bunch of special cups and clan league seasons including: Season 4 Division two champions, Season five 3rd place in division 3. Ireland clan event 2013. Chelsea has been in 8 ” Clan League” seasons. Five seasons in division one and three in division two. At the moment, they are almost 600,000 rank points above the second-placed clan. Chelsea, like any top clan, has an academy as well.

I will be asking some of the Chelsea -Fc- members these questions: Why did you join the clan and who/ what inspired you to do so? How have guys kept the top spot for so long? How is the clan league going since you are in division 1?

Rick24:  Before I had Chelsea I actually already made a clan which was called Deadly Dark Knights. I grown to not really like the name and such so I wanted a fresh start. I was trying to think of a new name for the new clan I was going to make. After some thought I decided to name it Chelsea -Fc – because of my love for the real life EPL team.  I still enjoy cheering for and watching them. When I made the clan it was hard to get players into the clan. I was basically alone in the clan with the occasional user who would join then leave or become really inactive. Then I made a few very good friends and began getting some of them into the clan. This was the beginning of Chelsea -Fc – as we started winning some trophies and started gaining more members as time went on.

I always wanted to create a clan that people would enjoy playing on but would have a competitive atmosphere. I always strived to get this clan in the Top 100 but then we started getting more players and started really pushing and that desire to get 100 became a reality. We wanted more so we went for top 50, then top 10 and then eventually becoming 2nd. We then dropped rank and always hovered around top 15 for several months until a few months ago we really started getting active. And we got our position up.

It was an amazing feat for Chelsea -Fc – to become first place for first time in its clan history. After seeing our best rank of 2nd for so long we really started wondering, could we beat that record? Could we really get number 1 if we tried? That was the beginning of our surge to become number 1 ranked in power soccer. We started playing cups after cups, gaining cup points and trophies day after day. We had members like happy-guy who never slept and just played and played! We also had users on breaks and such during these months so we were able to keep playing and really push for the top 1 spot. I would like to thank an congratulate everyone involved in getting Chelsea -Fc – to top 1 for the first time. The hard work paid off!

Well in the very first season of Clan league we were fortunate to start in Division 1 and play the very first Clan League game in Power Soccer which was Chelsea -Fc – vs ATG. That season was really tough and we ended up getting second last and demoted to division 2.We then spent 3 season in Division 2 and finally on the 3rd season we went undefeated and claimed top spot and a promotion back to Division 1. Since we have made a return to Division 1 we had found it to be both challenging and rewarding. Of course division 1 has some of the best clan of Power Soccer but it is quite rewarding to have our player being given the chance to play against these top users and clans in Division 1. We have done quite well for ourself with our return to Division 1 having our best finish 3rd place and our worst being 5th. We have enjoyed many great wins against great clans like Bharat Legends, Dirty South and more.

Happy-Guy:  I joined Chelsea -Fc – last year near the end of February. I joined the clan because I knew Rick24 for a long time as well as other members such as Redway and Helpmjplz. These guys are fair players as well as active users and are great leaders and friends to me. Which is why I like Chelsea –Fc – so much. 

We play a lot of clan cups every day. We have a lot of members online at different hours so we tend to participate in a lot of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 clan cups. We also like playing 5v5 and bigger clan cups if we see that other clans have more players online.

The Clan League is going well; this is our second consecutive season in the first division. Our members enjoy playing in the clan league and find it very fun and competitive. Our mission is to get first place and we will accomplish this goal very soon.

Imbackandreadytofight: When I was realmadridista12, I was playing a match against dasean10 and I lost 2-3. I was level 68 and he was level 84 I remember. He believed I was good and recommended me to the clan. Ever since I stayed in the clan because to me the users make me feel part of a family especially my close friends like helpmjplz, happy-guy, rick24, redway, cristiano_ronaldo_del_ps and of course the man who recommended me dasean10.

Well, I think we have kept top spot for so long because we don’t care about rating, cup points and things like that in our mind. We just go out there in the cups and play our hardest and wish for the best to come. We work well together as a unit in 2v2 3v3 cups and such. Also, super active users like happy-guy, rick24, helpmjplz, and redway keep us there.

In my opinion, I think we are doing alright and I believe that division 1 is the right division for Chelsea -Fc -. We may lose sometimes but we take that as learning experience moving forward. Also, playing strong clans like DS and ATG strengthens us as players whether we win or lose. As far as this season, I think we shall stay in divison 1.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you learned something about the number one clan Chelsea -Fc-. Stay tuned for the next edition of ” Clan Focus”

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